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Ryan at new school

@ 45 months 3 weeks 5 days

Hubs and I attended Ryan’s school orientation on the 2nd Jan 2010. Eventhough Ryan had attended a 10 months of school during our stay in Singapore, we were still worried about how he’ll cope in a new school new environment new teachers and friends.

The orientation lasted about 3 hours during which all parents were seated in our respective class during the whole session. The kids were losing patience and it was getting a tiny bit too hot for everyone. Being heavily pregnant, I was sweating from head to toe. We couldn’t be more pleased when the session ended.

The first 3 days school hours ended at 10.30am (2 hours), the 4th day onwards the school finishes at 12noon. During the first 3 days I never left Ryan’s sight more than 15 minutes. With such arrangement, he had no problem participating in the activities and was evidently enjoying school. On the 4th and 5th day, I began distancing myself. Expectedly he cried. Big sigh.

The following week, I left Ryan with the teachers after bidding goodbye. Eventhough I had gone through worse separation anxiety when Ryan started school last year when he was barely 3, this time round it was neither easy. It was heart breaking, very.

The 3rd week (week 18th Jan), Ryan only attended school for 3 days during which he was all a-okay. To my relief he did not cry. Since I had an appointment with my obgyn on Thursday, Ryan skipped school that day. On Friday, mommy gave birth to lil Darren. Therefor he skipped school another day and for the rest of the following week.

New school new environment

Ryan ‘muka sepuluh sen’ during orientation 

The classroom


First day at school


Never to be missed after school activity


Enjoying a story book in class

Funny conversation this morning…

@ 45 months 3 days

Ryan came back from school with a slight runny nose  yesterday. Therefor I decided to keep him home today. Furthermore, I’m expected to go into labour anytime. I cannot imagine running around fetching Ryan while enduring labour pain.

We woke up around 8.30am. After his milk, he turned to me and asked:

Ryan: Mommy, what can we do now? (He always ask the same question in the morning)
Mommy: We can rest on the bed, do nothing. 
Ryan: Can we play Wii?
Mommy: No. Not early in the morning. 
Ryan: Mommy.. are you tired?
Mommy: Yes, I’m veryyyyyyyyyy tired.
Ryan: That’s because you never exercise.
Mommy: What????? (*roll eyes*).
Ryan: See mommy, your arms (he held up my hand). Don’t have muscles. Got a bit only. You must exercise then you’ll be strong.
Mommy: So what must mommy do now?
Ryan: We can play driving game mommy. It’s fun and it will make you strong.
Mommy: *S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S*


Ryan insisted on getting this book when we were in Kinokuniya last Sunday. I was a little hesitant to buy as the book is quite costly in my opinion but we try make it an effort not to say no when it comes to books that he likes to read. There goes RM65. So far he’s still enjoying the story.. We’ll see how long that will last. :D

Last Pre Natal Check Up

@ 45 months 
(38 weeks 5 days – based on the EDD given by my current obgyn)

This morning we went for my last pre natal check up at GlenE. Ryan tagged along as I do not want to leave him at home with my super blur, unreliable, stubborn Cambodian maid who has been with us for 7 months but produce work as if she’s only been here for 7 days. Even my FIL who seldom complain commented this maid makes him ‘tor huet‘ (Hokkien: vomit blood). It was just this evening, this blurcat poured all the ‘you tiao’ into the bak kut teh soup before heating them up. Bak Kut Teh without crunchy ‘you tiao’ simply spelled disaster. A mistake we could not understand and tolerate when she probably prepared the same food for the umpteenth time. 

Anyway, back to my pregnancy. Although this is my 2nd, undeniably I’m still terrified to the bone when the thought of labour creeps up. When I officially hit 38 weeks few days ago, I got even more anxious, more impatient, constantly checking for any possible signs of labour. Unfortunately there was none apart from the pelvic pain which intensified in the last few days due to a pressing baby on my pelvis.

We got to the clinic on time this morning for my 10.45am appt. I took my weight.. shocked at an alarming 67kg (+2kg from last 2 weeks) shown on the scale. Just when I thought I slowed down my on food intake I gained 2kg in 2 weeks. Must be the red bean ice cream potong that I’ve been eating every night. When Ryan saw my reaction, he asked me what was my weight. After I told him, he asked if that was ‘light’ or ‘heavy’. I told him ‘mommy is very heavy now’. He asked again.. ‘so are you heavier than Daddy now?‘, to which I had to embarassingly answer ‘YES, I’m heavier than Daddy now‘ in front of many other patients who were sheepishly smiling at us.

The first thing my obgyn asked me when he saw me was ‘how was the baby’s movement‘. I told him, baby kinda slowed down a bit especially during the day. He suggested I go for CTG but really, I knew that was no such a need. Anyway, I just kept my silence. My mind was simply too pre occupied with questions on when I’m going to deliver.

I was then asked to lie down on the bed for the usual scanning. As my obgyn was squeezing the lubricant on my bump, he said ‘yvonne, your tummy is very smooth, no stretch marks. Very good‘. LOL. My obgyn sure knows what to say to make my day. During the scan, we observed a very active baby. So, true enough the CTG scan was deemed unnecessary.

Upon checking, baby’s head is not fully engaged but the good news is I’m already 2cm dilated so ‘d-day” is really anytime. Baby’s weight is 3.4kg now (+/- 500g). My obgyn would not expecting to see me again at his clinic. Instead, he asked me to get myself admitted on 21st Jan if I do not deliver in the next few days. So, we’ll see.

While Daddy was making payment, Ryan asked me funny questions again. He wanted to know if the pillow I lay my head on during the scan was soft and comfy. How about the bed, was it hard? How about the blanket? Sometimes I wonder why he wants to know all these information. Pure curiousity?

Considering the moment would be here anytime, I indulged myself in all the sinful food I crave for, which would soon be prohibited in my diet for at least a month. I asked hubs to drop by Chow Kit to buy my fav Pan Mee, finished half a can of fried seaweed that my SIL fried for me last night, had Bak Kut Teh, drank half a bottle of Miranda strawberry, ate a whole slice of Hot Fudge cake and snacking junk food here and there…..

Tonight I also allowed Ryan to sleep late.. very late indeed at 11.45pm. We played Wii together as a family of 3. Who knows, we may be a family of 4 by tomorrow. :D. Back to the little boy, he obviously had the most fun. If I did not insist bed time, he would stay awake for at least another hour or so happily playing. However, despite feeling so sleepy, he still insisted 2 bottles of milk and 4 bedtime stories from me to which I happily obliged of course.

So little b… we are all ready when you’re ready. See you soon.