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Sad, Sum Toong, Shing Toong, Sakit hati……

Kena ripped off!!!! We were back in KL last weekend. It was a short stay and I didn’t manage to buy a lot of stuff. Nonetheless, I made a point to check out the bookstore as I was hoping to get some new books for Ryan. I found some interesting Barney books. Fliped through the pages of the display copy and decided to buy them. So I picked those nicely wrapped in plastic of course. Kiasu ma. Not suspecting anything amiss, I went straight to the counter and paid for the books and hurriedly proceeded to the next destination (shopping shopping… :P )

Aaahh.. when we got back to our home in Singapore, I gawked in shock when I was greeted by these ‘horror’ sights…

The title of the book should say ‘I DID NOT See Barney’ to reflect the actual condition / story of the book!!!

Moral of the story: Alwaysssssssssss check the goods before payment. The display copy is definitely in better condition than the one I bought. Luckily the rest of the Barney, Elmo books I bought were okay.. not in perfect condition but at least the hands, body and head are all intact. Maybe I should write a complaint email to bookstore in hope they will do an exchange for me in Singapore. You think that will work? Heehee…

Ps: Oh, if you’re curious to know which bookstore is soooooooooooooooo &%%#%(* , it’s the one at Mid Valley. Don’t want to mention name la…. u know I know.

Shichida’s School of Thoughts

Would like to share some of the info I gathered from the parent-teacher discussions had at Ryan’s Shichida class this morning. You may already know all these but if you don’t, may worth some thoughts:

- Mozart music is the best music for your child amongst all the other classical music. Mozart has the frequency that is able to activate one’s brain thus stimulating a better learning process. So instead of playing the music alone, you may complement mozart music in the background when initiating flash cards, or any role play activities with your kids. (I think most parents would have already know this). However for more relaxing activities such as reading time, Mozart music is not recommended. I could not remember the name of the music but is is definitely one of a softer and more calming tune.
- TV is a big NO-NO for children under 3 because that apparently slows down the speech development. They say, children who are esposed to TV at a young age may know a lot of things but they are poor in expressing themselves because no.1 TV is a one way interaction and its output frequency range is far greater than human voice. So if a child is esposed to that high range of frequency most of the time, inevitably they get immuned to the frequency thus a signal will be sent to their brain telling them to tune it at that level. And that probably explains why when you try to distract a child who is concentrating on the TV programme, s/he tends to ignore you. Chances are they are not ignoring you, they seriously could not hear us!
- Try to avoid feeding your anything sweet (incl fruits) if you do not want a fidgety and restless child esp when s/he is due for a class later (like my case!)
- Always talk to you child, regardless they are listening or not.
- Generally morning is the best learning time for children as they tend to absorb better after about 10-12 hours’ sleep.

That’s about all for now. Will share more when I learn more… :D