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Ryan’s ambition, Formula 1 and the parents teacher meet

@ 47 months 3 weeks 5 days

Daddy has always been a F1 aficionado for as long as I can remember. Ryan must have inherited the thrill for fast cars from Daddy. Just the other day he told us he wants to become a doctor so he could earn lots of money to buy a Ferrari. It’s funny when I eventually found out he also said the same to his teacher at school, just a different version. At school, he told his teacher this.. ” My mommy said I must go school to learn so I can buy a Ferrari”. Huh.. did I say that? I remember telling him doctors can earn a lot of money though .. mmm.. but then I also did say the same about singers, lawyers and yadda yadda.

Just now I asked him again.

Mommy: What do you want to become when you grow up?
Ryan: A doctor first then an astronaut (no.. I definitely did not mention a thing about our so called Malaysia’s first astronaut)
Mommy: No.. you can only choose one profession.
Ryan: A doctor!! (he screamed in delight)
Mommy: OK.. that’s good. What kind of doctor you want to become? There’s doctor who treats children, animals, ….
Ryan: I want to become a doctor who treats the aliens and monsters from outer space, and the sea creatures under water.
Mommy: How about a doctor who treats human?
Ryan: I don’t want.
Mommy: Huh??? O-o-o…


Back to Formula 1. Daddy has gotten 2 grandstand tickets for this year’s Malaysia F1 Grand Prix, 2 – 4 April. We didn’t miss the two races in Singapore but this time round I was quite hesitant to leave the kids at home, esp little B.

I told Daddy I’ll give it a miss but after much consideration and with my MIL’s blessing, I agreed to go for the race day and will give qualifying a pass. Knowing Ryan is also a fan of racing cars, we toyed with the idea of bringing him along. I remember how he would nag us to bring him along when he saw the lights and benches being setup during race period. As much as we wanted to, kids age 7 and below are prohibited from the race due to the noise level. Of course we could sign some indemnity and purchase the earphone et al, but it’s really not worth the risk.

Since we have one spare ticket, Daddy decided to bring Ryan along for the qualifying race. We skipped the Friday practise session. It’s not the first time the Daddy and son went out alone (the first time was when Daddy brought Ryan to the KL Tower back in February so I wasn’t too worried if Daddy could handle. Having said so, little did I expect 4 hours later, I saw father and son came home all drenched. Daddy’s side of story was, apparently Ryan had insisted to go home and Daddy had to carry the 16kg boy to the parking lot 20 minutes away, all under heavy rain. I really don’t understand. Why can’t they wait for the rain to stop? Luckily Ryan had a raincoat on but heroic Daddy refused to wear one. ….. When I questioned Daddy, the ever good daddy said ‘BB wants to go home and how to carry BB with raincoat on, it’s slippery’. *chuckled* Silly nya excuse dia. :P

Visit to KL Tower, Feb 2010


Ryan likes tall nice building. His fav building is the Telekom building along Federal Highway. Somehow he finds that fascinating.


Notice the same smile? Thanks to Aunty Jane for the Ultraman tee.

Same smile part 2


Ryan with the RM100 earphone. Super ex!


Ryan with the Ninja raincoat. No wonder daddy refused to put on one.


Day 2 Race Day. My total 7 hours break away from the kiddos.


We saw this babe on our way home. So suaku but can’t resist to take pic as I wanted to show it to Ryan. Thanks to the bumper to bumper jam, we managed a good pic. It’s his favourite Ferrari, the F430. Of course his latest craze is now F458

While the boys were out, I went to Ryan’s school alone for the teacher parent meet.


I reached Ryan’s school at 1pm for the parents teacher meet. I spent about 30 – 45 minutes with his teacher discussing about Ryan’s overall progress. Frankly I have no doubt about the school’s excellence in character building but so much cannot be said when it comes to academic. I did not reserve my bluntness and told the teacher frankly how the school failed my expectation. It’s frustrating to hear from Ryan all they did in school was play bubbles, sing songs, art and craft, stories, as compared to other kids his age are learning who are already catching up on writing, counting, phonics etc.

I’m not trying to be overly competitive.. okay, maybe a little kiasu but I’m just being a realistic mommy. I’m not hoping to groom my kids into a genius with extraordinary achievements but I do have a set of realistic expectations that I think all preschool/kindergarten must achieve in terms of behavioural and academic. As much as I’m pleased with the behavioural improvement in Ryan since he attended this school (he’s more independent, more considerate when it comes to sharing), there must be a strike of balance on both enrichment. Unfortunately I’m not seeing that in Ryan’s current school. The most ironic thing was when I brought my concern up with the teacher, she totally agreed with me that the school’s focus is not academic. For examle. Ryan was already learning to write chinese ‘pi hua’ but in Ryan’s current school, they felt age 4 is too young to even hold a pencil. They will only learn proper writing at age 5.  She supported her point with a piece of research article that emphasises children of age 6 and below should not practise writing. Children age 6 – 7 should not write (hold a pencil) for more than 5 minutes. All due to the hand’s bone structure. I was dumbfounded and simply, I just kept my silence.

Anyway, Ryan’s overall feedback was good. He was above average and notably an all rounder. Teacher also commented there were occassions he imitated the Ultraman pose. When I heard that I bite my tongue trying hard not to laugh. Ryan does that at home all the time so I’m not surprised he did the same in school. Before wrapping up, I told the teacher my concern on Ryan being overly competitive when it comes to play (the cannot lose attitude). Well, since the school received so much rave on character building, I guess I’ll give them the task to help me out on that. Teacher assured me she will look into that and help change Ryan’s mindset on winning and losing. We’ll see how it goes in the coming months but likely we’ll send Ryan to a different pre school next year if we want him to have a better foundation for P1.

Happy Family

@ 47 months 3 weeks

Ryan loves art and craft, particularly drawing. He also likes to paint but he can draw better.

Some of his drawings on his wall of fame :P

Left: Yeh Yeh and MahMah. Right: Daddy, Mommy and Ryan (that was in Nov before the arrival of lil b)

The other day he told us he wanted to paint. So we dug out all his crayons, color pencils etc. In the end he chose the water color. This is his work of art.  

It isn’t state of the art painting but I thought that was really sweet…….. It definitely melts my heart knowing his family now includes lil b too. :D

The first two months

@ 2 months 1 day

Everyone couldn’t be more happier now that the worse seemed to over. Lil b is finally home and everyone gets a mission to adjust and adapt a lifestyle with a newborn at home. We all have to learn to speak softly, play moderately, the interupted meals, the baby’s cries, etc. 

After what lil b had been thru is his first 7 days of life, we were sure protective. It was mostly Ryan whom we had to control and manage.

Ryan loves his lil b to bits. He would get teary eyed when the CL carried lil b away for naps/sleep. He’s such a loving kor kor; with only the occassional over the board affections which he’s still learning to adjust.  We are extremely grateful for that despite us being protective over lil b, Ryan showed no signs of jealousy. When we sounded him for patting the lil b too hard on the head, he would oblige and slow down. When we ticked him off for being too loud when lil b was sleeping, most of the time he would lower his volume. There were occasions when he would just slip into a rebel, irritating everyone and breaking all the forbidden rules. There was a time when I was tucking him in bed at night when he said to me ‘Mom, having a baby is not so fun’. I chuckled at his statement. I guess reality finally striked him and he finally realises he’s no longer the king of the house.

A week after lil b was discharged, we brought him back to the paed for check up. Iwas pleased to know the trauma lil b experienced the week before, he gained some really good weight (3.9kg @ 2 weeks; +0.5kg in a week).


The 1st month

It’s always not easy to pick a name, not to mention a good name. Traditionally MIL would give us a few options after seeking some advise from sifu. The names that were initially given for us to choose were so so.. and I really mean, just so so. So MIL went back to the sifu and was given another variation. After pondering with the limited options available, we finally decided on one. Likewise with Ryan’s name, mommy came up with the spelling. I’m so proud of myself. Imagine they have to live with that name the rest of their life. What an accomplishment. So on the 7th Feb we finally register lil b’s name with the Jabatan Pendaftaran negara at Maju Junction.

Full Moon

We had the full moon ceremony on the 11th Feb. It was just a simple ceremony. Daddy was at work and it was just the grandparents, kor kor, me and the CL. Customary it’s a tradition to trim a bit of the newborn’s hair. I remember daddy was the one who did it for Ryan 4 years ago. This time round, mommy was given the honour.

After prayers and a short walk outside the house (part of the tradition), everybody got back to our normal routine. We should have had it the day before when daddy was around. Somehow without daddy around, I felt the ceremony kinda incomplete.

After CL left on the 12 Feb (she had requested to go earlier for CNY) I took over the full mommy role. Lil b was barely a month old. It’s a totally different experience. I remember I had enjoyed a complete two months confinement during Ryan’s days. With the CL around the entire two months, I only started taking care of Ryan on the 3rd month and that not even full time as I was still a FTWM then. This time round, my confinement period was shortened to literally only 3 weeks.

 It was such astounding experience caring for a baby. I didn’t know they can groan and whimper so much; or maybe after 4 years I have already forgotten how to care for a newborn. It was tough during the initial weeks especially the night feeds. I would wake up at lil b’s every single swish. Sometimes it would be nothing but a fluke shot and he would go back to sleep after a few pats. Other times, his whim signals his desire for a milky fix. It would normally take about an hour or so before I could go back to my sweet dreams. Eventhough he hardly cries, he is sure a loud  groaner. Most of the time once lil b make his gesture middle of the night, I would pick him up, go to the next room, nurse him, burp him, change his diaper and go back to my own room once he asleep. He’s much better now. He no longer groans nor whimpers as much. He also doesn’t pass explosive gas as often as he did during the first month. He’s definitely growing up… *smile*

Chinese New Year

Lil b had  his official first trip outside home (actually he had been to nearby Jusco earlier) on the first day of CNY when we went to Uncle’s place to pai nin. All the relatives gave the same comment and that lil b has an uncanny resemblance of daddy; to which I am not surprised. Just like his kor kor, he definitely has daddy’s eyes; the unmistakable single eyelid, luckily not sepet.

When it comes to lil b’s source of milk, he takes on the combo meal (BM, formula, EBM) and we started training him with the bottle since he was back from hospital. But because this baby is such a boobie baby, giving him the bottle is never a success without a ‘battle’. He would twist and turn his head, wail pitifully until I give in. The same happened on the 2nd day of CNY. We were having dimsum at MO Hotel when lil b needed a fix. Despite all efforts he just turned a blind on the bottle. Such a stubborn boy. I was so disturbed that I didn’t even get to eat their famous durian pancake. At that moment, I just want to get out of there and be home. KL, simply annoyingly baby unfriendly.

@ MO Hotel. He was a week shy from 1 month old. So tiny!!!

With cousin Ni Hui

Nappy Rash

Ryan had bad nappy rash when he was younger. Little did I expect lil b’s nappy rashes were much more serious than Ryan’s. You could see bloody red patches on his bottom. I read from the book, rashes that appears near the anus are an indication of allergy to protein. I quickly cut down my milk intake (I was taking Anmum Lacta) and his formula (he was on Similac). It was futile. I put him on cloth diaper and clean his bottom with clean water after every diaper change. Again, the efforts showed no remarkable improvement. On the  8th Mac I brought him to Dr Yek. He was prescribed some medication and moisturiser. We also changed his formula from Similac to Isomil. I fed him more formula in the next few days so his poop would be less watery. Combined with the cream, it worked miraculously. His bottom is finally rash free and is silky smooth. :D

Taken @ 1 month plus