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Surprise Gift for Ryan

@ 4 years 2 months 1 week

We decided to get Ryan his very own laptop.

Before he left for school yesterday, I told him I will give him a surprise when he comes home from school. So when he came home, he dashed up to my room and asked me about it. He was evidently excited and kept searching around the room not knowing I had left it in the play room.

Gotcha. Found it!

Lucky boy


Yet to warm up to his new toy …….
He said he wanted to go buy a mouse NOW (coincidentally his mouse spoiled on the same day after Loida washed it under running water due to pile of ants on the mouse. So smart right). Nevermind. When Daddy found out, Daddy got him a new Microsoft mouse in his favourite green color that very same night


We bookmarked all the Disney games and learning sites for him so he knows how to operate and get into the sites all by himself. Seen here playing Handy Manny games. No choice, he had to use the touchpad until the new one arrives when Daddy’s back.


I asked him if he knows who gave him the gift. He screamed in delight “Daddy”!!!!!!!!!! Then he insisted he must draw a thank you card for his beloved generous Daddy.


Awwww… how sweet. *I gave him a helping hand with the colouring of the pink heart. The rest were not my credit*
This boy sure knows how to ‘kiwi’ the Daddy.

Ryan actually asked if we bought him the laptop so he wouldn’t be using Daddy or Mommy’s :P. Well , partly yes.


Father’s Day Celebration

Ryan @ 4 years 2 months 1 week

This year’s father day celebration was a quiet one for us. Nothing to should about.

We decided to bring Ryan to watch Toys Story 3 (not the 3D) on Saturday night.  It was a last minute decision so tickets are limited. We tried to book Garden’s Premier but they too are full house. So I tried Jusco Cheras Selatan, very near to our home. Surprisingly tickets were still available for the couple seats. I quickly made the booking.

That afternoon I summoned him for a good nap. Expectedly he refused. After threatening we will not bring him to the cinema if he miss his nap, he collapsed immediately. That shows how tired and sleepy he was.

I had book 2 sets of couple seats for the 3 of us. It proved to be a wise choice. The seats were very comfortable and Ryan did not complain about not being able to sit close to me enough (When I brought Ryan to watch Princess Frog, this little fella kept complaining he can’t get to me near enough and the divider is a great nuisance)

Toys Story movie sure has come a long way. The first Toy Story was released in 1995. I did not watch it. I can’t remember why. It probably does not appealed to me then. Many years later in 1999, Toys Story 2 was released. Again, I missed it. I still don’t get the idea behind the whole hype over some silly animated story about toys.

Then……. 2 years ago, we came across the first Toys Story 1 on DVD. We bought it and watched it together with Ryan. He loved it, and I too began to enjoy it. Much later on when we visited Hong Kong for holiday, we combed the local HVD shop and bought whole lot of DVDs, Toys Story 2 included.

Now came the 3rd installment. I may say this time the story is slightly more mature. They input a lot of different elements into the show to make it appealing to all age segments. Daddy was laughing away when Buzz was put on demo mode, Ryan closed his eyes and screamed ‘I cannot watch this part’ when Buzz went into the vending machine and I was close to tears the part the characters joined hand and made a chain when they were approaching the fire pit.

The verdict. Not one but two thumbs up for Toys Story 3.


Happy Father’s Day cake

The ‘Yang’ of Lim Family

Junk food king insisted to bring along his Toys Story bag and water tumbler

The day’s not complete without a picture in front of Toys Story banner right? :P



@ 4 years 2 months 2 days

It’s really hard to believe these kind of work came from a 4 year old and it’s not in a good way. Yesterday evening, Ryan decided he’s going to be Picasso in the making. He grabbed the marker and started using the settee as his drawing board.

I found out about this horrible incident around dinner time. That was when I saw Loida stood there like a piece of wood, MahMah busy making efforts to wipe off the marking while YehYeh kept saying it’s okay, it’s okay just wipe off. 

I was so upset. Upset partly because he ruined the expensive leather but I’m more saddened by the fact he is now acting so much like a spoilt brat these days.

I can’t say Ryan is an angel but over the last few years he is considered a pretty well behaved kid. It’s just hard to believe when he’s at the age he’s supposed to be more mature, he showed us this side of immaturity.

I would have given him a good punishment for his misbehaviour but after listening to all sides of stories, fault is not on him alone. Of course I did give him a lecture but if there is anyone to be blamed for this incident, Ryan is not the only one who should get the boot from me. Long story short, let’s just say he is overly pampered since we are back in KL.

He basically drew on all the 3+2+2 couch *faint*







The pictures didn’t do justice to the damage on the couch.. It was so much more obvious espeically with lights on. He even drew on the glass table. Luckily that was easy to wash off. Horrible.