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Little B is 4 months

Lil B @ 4 months 3 weeks 5 days

Finally the Internet is kind on me today. The speed  is back, at least for now, allowing me to make some updates on my lonely blog.

The last 2 months were very fulfilling. I’ve starting my own venture into online business. The current results is still far fetched from my target but I’m very pleased to finally see some positive outcome from all the effort and time spent. *smile*

Lil B turned 4 months on 22nd April. I must say he’s a really happy and easy baby, apart from being an extremely light sleeper. The following were recorded:

Weight: @ 3 months, 6.2kg : @ 4 months, 7.8kg

Length: @ 3 months, 60cm : @ 4 months, 65cm

HC: @ 3 months, 40cm : @ 4 months, 42cm

Phycal development

At 3 months, lil b was able to raise his head for a short time. He used to dislike tummy time; making a lot of uncomfortable gesture (sounded like tsk tsk tsk) when I lay him on his tummy. Now that’s 4 months, coming to 5 months soon, he’s able to flip over one side (usually to the left) unaided. If I remember correctly he made his first flip on the 12th July. With his new found milestone, lil B  doesn’t seem to dislike the time spent on tummy anymore. Infact I could leave him on his tummy for pretty long time. That was so unlike Ryan who evidently disliked tummy time all through his baby days.

For some reason, lil B gives me this feeling he’s quite a ‘lepak’ (easy going) baby as compared to Ryan. With lil B, I was able to enjoy my meals pretty much uninterupted. All I have to do is prop him on a rocker, ensuring he has a good sight of us and pull the string on the pull doll for songs. With that I usually get to have a peaceful 10 – 15 mins peaceful meal.

When lil B was at 3 months, he showed efforts to reach the object in front of him but his attempts were always futile as he frequently missed the target. A month so later, it proves practise does make perfect. He’s now able to reach out and grasp object placed around his fingers as well as in front.

Lil B is a fingers sucker. He likes to suck both his index and middle finger. With his sucking habit, we bought him a whole lot of new teethers for him to suck alas I think to lil B his fingers are still better, still taste the best.

He likes to play with handkerchief. He will turn, grip, grasp, throw and grasp the handky repeatedly and it was obvious he showed enjoyment on his face. I really do not know what’s so fun about it. There were a few occasion he found calm and settled down when I put the hanky besides him, next to his face at night. Funny eh…

Lil B is of pretty good size now. He started wearing 6 – 12 months clothing last month.


Lil B was on a combo meal up until he was 4 months. Now that he’s almost 5 months, he showed preference over powder. I actually planned to nurse him much longer but strangely one fine day hejust  woke up and decided he has had enough of BM. So for a while I was feeding him EBM until when he was about 4 months , he simply refused BM altogether. Somehow I did not change my diet so I was very sure the milk would not have tasted much difference, if any. Now I have bottles of EBM in the freezer not knowing what should I do with them. Maybe I should try mixing them with powder.

At 4 months, lil b is still using Avent Teat no2. I switched to No2 when he turned 3 months. But he was clearly unprepared for the fast flow that I had to swap back to no2.

Lil B is a really fun baby to play with. When he is happy, his mouth is always wide open (O shape). I have tons of pictures of him with his mouth in the O shape. Even his passport size pic was taken with his mouth slightly opened. I told Daddy I want to bring lil B for retake but  Daddy was hesitatnt. I do think it’s cute so we’ll see.

Few weeks back, he started squealing in delight and laughing out loud. That reminds me of Ryan’s infectious laugh when he was about Lil B’s age. When Ryan was lil B’s age, he was laughing out loud all the time. He’s such a happy kid, even now at the age of 4+.


He likes to stare at the TV. When kor kor is watching his cartoon, lil B would just stare and stare. This is so bad for his eyes I really have to remind to at least prop him far far away from the idiot box.

Eventhough at just 4 months, I could already sense this baby is looking up to his kor kor. Eventhough the kor kor disturb him all the time, he is still all smiles when kor kor is around. He would stare at his kor kor’s crazy antics and start smiling and laughing.   

Lil B likes to be around Yeh Yeh too. It’s a routine Yeh Yeh will entertain and coo with lil B ‘ang goo goo’ after his dinner while usually I’ll still be eating. So that gives me another good 10 minutes or so of peace to finish off what’s on my plate. Bliss.


This is my biggest headache. Lil B is a very light sleeper. It’s so bad that when he was napping, I had to walk on my toes else he would be awaken. It was really that bad. :(

At 4 months plus, his sleeping schedule is still haywire. It was bad in the early months but now it seem worse as he become more aware of his surroundings. Typically he would wake up for feed around 7am. He would then go back to sleep until 10 ish. His next nap would probably be around 11am + for 30 minutes or so because he would be awaken when the monster noisy kor kor is back from school around 12 plus.

By 1-2pm, lil b would be tired and I’ll put him for another nap. This is the time when he could have a longer nap IF kor kor did not scream in the next room. (Ryan no longer takes his afternoon nap, so he sleeps around 7-8pm everynight and wake up around 7-8am next morning).

By 5plus, lil b would usually have another round of nap.By 8 plus while most baby is ready for bed, he will take his last round of nap. I have tried cutting down his nap time in the afternoon yet all the efforts seem to go down drain. I thought Ryan had very little sleep when he was a baby. Well, hee is no match to his younger brother. So what time this little baby will call it a day? 12 midnight at least. Good thing is he will stay asleep until about 5am or so for his feed. Gosh.. luckily I’m a late owl and not working for others, otherwise I really do not know how I could cope.

Having said so, thank goodness lil b is a relatively easy sleeper (of course he’s an easy waker too) but at least he wouldnt give me a hard time tucking him in bed. When he’s tired and sleepy he would fuss a little. A bottle of milk or craddling would be sufficient. Lately he seem to enjoy bed time songs too. His fav now ‘Time to sleep now’. Everytime I sing him the song, he would relax and calm himself down in my arms. Syiok.

A lot people commented lil b looks like his brother and I am also starting to see more similarities.

Lil B will glue himself to the railing when he is abandoned ignored. He’ll then coo and coo and coo until somebody attend to him


7/10 of lil B’s pics will show his mouth opened. Really cute. Oh, I think his hair looks good too, I actually trimmed his hair last month (can’t remember the date) and he hair is definitely neater now. No more Mao Tse Dong hair. :P


*yawn* ‘Mommy, are you done with your camwhoring yet?’


Ok..Ok.. one good shot, k :D

Taken when we were at Yin Ker Lou Restaurant @ The Gardens on 12 June. Seen here entertaining himself while the rest of us were enjoying our meal. Good boy!


Ryan finds a lot of joy doing this. Every night he would volunteer to bring lil B’s pillow, blankie etc to MahMah’s room so I could tuck him in bed uninterupted. Nowadays Ryan no longer takes his afternoon nap. He will go to bed earlier instead – like 7.30pm.


Little “xiao kia” who badly needs a haircut


Lil B always looked so worried and scared while kor kor never failed to seize the opportunity to jiggle the lil brother around – look at kor kor’s evil laugh


and lastly.. big smile for Mommy, the THE SUPERMOM. Yay!! *Thanks Mei Mei*