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Butterfly Park

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Ryan adores his Daddy. Throughout the day he will tell me how much he misses his Daddy. Sometimes I will allow him to call his Daddy on the mobile. The day before yesterday, he made the call during lunch time (the phone speaker was on).

Ryan: Daddy, I miss you. Are you coming home soon?

Daddy:  No, I have dinner tonight.

Ryan: *ignored Daddy’s answer* Are you coming home now? Can you come home when it’s day time?

Daddy: No, I can’t. I’ll be late tonight.

Ryan: Can we go to the beach?

Daddy: OK.. why not you and mommy plan for it. We go to the beach one day. Okay?

Ryan: Ahhhh.. but I want to go now. Can we go somewhere?

Daddy: Where do you want to go little boy? We can go somewhere tomorrow (31st August- public holiday)

Ryan: Err.. I don’t know. You think about it and don’t tell me. Okay Daddy. Give me a surprise.

Daddy: O-o-o okay, I’ll think about it.

Ryan: *hurriedly* OK. Bye.


31st August

As usual, hubs could not propose a good place to bring the ‘siu yeh zhai’ (that’s what some mommies from the school been calling Ryan). Of all placesm hubs suggested Mid Valley. Duh…

After a short brainstorming, we came close to two options. Either we bring Ryan to the butterfly park or the playground near our house where he could enjoy some fun kite flying session too.

We asked Ryan to make the decision and he chose butterfly park, so butterfly park it is.

We had wanted to bring lil  B along but just before we leave the house, it started to rain. We were even contemplating if we should proceed as planned. Ryan convinced us the rain will stop when we reach the park. Not wanted to disappoint him, we went as planned and left lil B (who was napping) at home under the care of Yeh Yeh and Loida.

We reached Butterfly Park @ Lake Garden around 4pm. True enough, there was not a single drop of rain eventhough the floor was a little wet and it clearly looked the rain had just stopped.

We paid RM20 for 2 adults. Kids FOC (not sure). We just paid RM20 and moved on.

At first glance, the whole place was in a such a sorry state. The place was poor litted and badly maintained. Good thing is the place is still considered clean, at least there was no litter spotted.

There were not many butterflies spotted. We were unsure whether it was due to the wet weather or it is generally the case even during hot sunny wheather.


 My baobei Ryan… he’s such a gem. Always know how to sugar-coat his words to make mommy happy


Looking as sad as the weather


One of the very few butterflies we spotted that day. *yawn*


Live pupa *yawn yawn*

Po Po and YehYeh Birthday

Conincidentally PoPo and YehYeh’s birthday was just 1 day apart and good thing is both falls on a weekend this year.

On the 28th August, we celebrated PoPo’s 59th birthday. We went to Dragon-i @ Pavillion for dimsum, alas it wasn’t a good choice made. Dimsum selection at Dragon-i was limited. The items available were pretty similar among one and another. Should have gone to Mandarin for their yummy crepe durian pancakes. Yum Yum..

We shopped for a little while in Pavillion after our dimsum. We also bought a cake but our stomach wasn’t able to take in anymore input so we decided to skip the cake session and PoPo brought the cake home for later.

* I found out later, PoPo, Ah Yee and Wei Wei continued their feast at J.CO Donuts & Coffee. I thought they were full??? :P

The next day it was YehYeh’s 69th birthday. As usual, we went to Pik Wah Restaurant for dinner. We had always some to the same restaurant for meal. Their price is reasonable and food is a thumbs up. Not to mention, the above par special service rendered to us for being one of thei regular customers (especially MIL who always dine here with her associates).


Ryan drew YehYeh a card (seen on the left of YehYeh). We bought Ryan a Malaysia flag yesterday. He had always wanted a flag so when we spotted it at MyDin yesterday morning, we grabbed two without hesitation. 

Bob the Builder

@ 4 years 4 months 5 days

Mini Cooper (My Dear)

I saw a cute battery operated mini cooper at the 6th Parenthood Expo at Mid Valley @ MyDear’s booth. It was going on a sale price of RM510 (UP. RM599). I was pressuring Ryan to get this but the little fella had his eyes on another beauty instead. No amount of psyching, pestering nor bribing could sway his mind. Hubs said we should just let him make the decision since he’s the one driving it. So this is what we got for him…













We got it at RM375 (UP.439.00). I’m more inclined to go with the car which also comes with a remote control but Ryan has always been a fan of heavy machineries so I’m not surprised him choosing over the car.


Mommy: Ryan, why you chose the bulldozer over the car. I thought you like mini cooper?

Ryan: But I like the bulldozer.

Mommy: Why? It’s not fun…

Ryan: It’s fun Mommy. We can go to the beach with this.

Mommy: o-o-o (beach???)

I also bought some new tops for the boys. I particularly like this McQueen t shirt I bought for Ryan @ RM49.90. It’s not exactly a bargain but I’m a sucker of cute goodies. See the top right McQueen patch? It will blink the moment it detects movements, How cool is that eh…