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For the last 3 weeks or so, Ryan had been complaining about breathing difficulty. The strangest part was this only happens in the wee hour around 5 – 6am. It’s hard to tell whether or not he was exaggerating the condition due to some allergies, blocked nose,  or he was truly showing signs of asthmatic because all that’s needed was a few drops of saline and voila, he’ll be back into dreamland. Prob is hubs had the exact same symptoms when he was little so it could be genetic.  He too complained of breathing difficulty then (hubs insists his case was a very mild one and he hardly needed the inhaler). Anyway, thanks to his paed’s advise, hubs got himself into swimming and that helped him ditched his inhaler for good.

Due to hubs’ past history, Ryan’s complain certainly cannot be taken lightly. We will continue to monitor Ryan and he’s going for some real swimming lessons once we identify a suitable instructor for him. Paed advised us to give him Aureus to help with the allergy and if all still fail, he may need the inhaler.

For the last one week, he stopped making these ‘wake up calls’. Let’s hope that is the start to the end of the problem.


On the boat ride @ The Mines (South Lake)