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Ryan’s answers

Ryan @ 7 Years


1. Study hard
2. When I do my homework
3. When I’m naughty
4. When mommy tickles my leg
5. Very good. Not like Didi
6. 36
7. Very tall
8. Take care of me
9. Taking care of Didi
10. Singing or dancing and teaching me
11. Taking care of me and Didi
12. Juggling a ball
13. Take care of the house and us
14. Tropicana lime ice cream
15. Mommy takes care of me and Didi very well
16. Shark from the cartoon Zig and
17. Learn, Study, Play, Relax, Watch TV..
18. We like the same ice cream
19. Mommy like durian I don’t. It’s nice but too sticky. (Haha what a reason)
20. Because mommy take care of me, play with me…
21. Visit Auntie Chris (Brayden’s Mommy)

Here and there…. (Ryan)

Conversations with Ryan boy…

I have prohibited him from using ‘bad’ words such as ‘die’, ‘stupid’, and of course no bad languages at home.
I can’t recall how it happened but I think we were in a conversation about saving water in the toilet. He claimed I was wasting water for allowing the water to run from the tap.

Ryan: Mommy, 你想死 ar?? (Nǐ xiǎng sǐ)
Mommy: Eh.. 你不能说死 (Nǐ bùnéng shuō sǐ)
Ryan: 不是 ah,我说你的头发想死 (Bù she, wǒ shuō nǐ de tóufǎ xiǎng sǐ)
Mommy: Huh…???

Last week after I picked Ryan up from school, he said this to me in the car

Mommy : What did you do in school today?
Ryan: We learn and did some art and craft
Mommy: Oh, what craft did you make?
Ryan: I cannot tell
Mommy: Oh why cannot tell? No, must tell me NOW
Ryan: We made a card. It’s for Mother’s Day
Mommy: Oooo….
Ryan: But you don’t tell Teacher okay… It’s a surprise (his voice sounded a little disappointed)
Mommy: (Not wanting to upset him) Don’t worry. It’s still a surprise right because I still do not know how the card looks like
Ryan: (need assurance) So it’s still a surprise? Because you don’t know yet
Mommy: Yes… my dear.

Edit to add: This is how the card looks like

During the time when I had tonsil stone

Ryan: Mommy.. does dream come true?
Mommy: You mean ‘wish’?
Ryan: Yes
Mommy: It depends what you wished for
Ryan: O-o-o
Mommy: Why? What wish did you make? (At the back of my mind, I was expecting him to say toys, more play time, etc)
Ryan: Mommy… I wish that you will recover fast. You will be healthy always
(I have been scaring him that I suffered from tonsil stone because he made me angry when he misbehave)
Mommy : If you are only allowed one wish, would you wish for more toys or for mommy to get well soon?
Ryan: How about both?
Mommy: No.. choose one only
Ryan: Mommy get well soon
Mommy: *happy and contented*….. (nice.. he normally won’t give up his toys for anything)

Mommy, you still love me?

@ 4 years 6 months 3 days

Some conversations Ryan and I had.

This conversation happened after I scolded him for misbehaving.

Ryan: Mommy why you scold me?

Mommy: Mommy scolded you because mommy loves you, mommy cares about you. If I don’t love you, I won’t bother. I’ll let you hurt yourself, let you misbehave.

Ryan: You scolded me because you love me?

Mommy: Of course. You don’t see mommy scold ‘friend yyy’ or ‘friend xxx’ do you?

Ryan: Only their mommy will scold them?

Mommy: yes….

So these days when he gets upset after being reprimanded, he would come up to me and ask:

Ryan: Mommy, you love me or not?

Mommy: Of course

Ryan: You scold me because you love me?

Mommy: Yes baby

Ryan: I want mommy sayang

Mommy: Okay okay (hug)

Yes, Ryan still wants mommy to hug whenever he gets upset. He still like to wipe his tears on mommy’s shirt because he could quiet down.

Ryan: (wail… wail … wail after being scoled)

Ryan: I want mommy sayang (wail wail wail)

Mommy: Keep quiet first or else mommy won’t sayang

Ryan: I can’t… I can’t keep quiet. I’m too sad. I want mommy to sayang while I’m crying. I want mommy to sayang with my tears

Mommy: Ok Ok (hug)

Ryan: See my tears mommy.. see my tears on mommy’s shirt? (smile right away)

Mommy: O-O-Oooo