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Hubby’s Birthday Celebration

Hubby’s 40 (nah… minus 2), 38 this year. 

The kids and I are blessed to have him in our lives. We may not be filthy rich but with him being the sole breadwinner,  he has provided enough for a roof over our head, food on our table, yearly holidays plus occasional splurges on gifts and surprises. Not to mention how he always rot spoiling us with his unconditional love day and night 365 days 24 hours a day.  So ok la.. what more can we ask for. Count our blessing.

It was like any other day on his birthday. I drove down town in the afternoon to meet the birthday boy for lunch at Ippudo Pavilion. Bliss.

In the evening, Hubs reached home earlier than usual (..because I asked him to. Hehe). After dinner, we had a simple cake blowing session with in laws and the kids.


Kids decorated the cake with candlesssss…




Pressies from the kids:


.. and lastly pressie for the wife. Yeah, how cool is that. Hubs birthday, wifey gets a pressie.


That’s me and my new toy. Yippeee with love. 

And here’s one for the frame.


Happy Birthday B. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and abundance of wealth.

8th Wedding Anniversary

9th January 2013 marked our 8th wedding anniversary. This year also marks 21 years hubs and I have known each other. Gosh, speaking of time flies.

Eversince Ryan started school, my daily day to day task includes coaching him on his homework. His school is known to be the academic no nonsense school so like it or no, we have to adjust to this new routine of ours.

Ryan was scheduled to have his first spelling test the next day so I had to run through the list with him for the final time before I could leave the house.


At about 6pm, I finally managed to ‘escape’ (Darren threw a big fuss knowing I’m going out without him). Hubs and I met at The Gardens and we had Japanese. Nothing really special just some couple time without the kids around.




After dinner, we had our favorite Moo Cow for dessert. 3rd in the span of 8 days.


I always have mine original flavour with digestive biscuits. Hubs like it with oatmeal/choc chip. Ryan’s favorite is always strawberry toppings while Darren, mmm he’s pretty indecisive. Sometimes he’ll pick oreo crumbs, at times choc chips but he’s also fine with digestive biscuit. Very fickle minded boy. 😂

Down memory lane..

Lil B @ 2 years 5 years

Loida is currently on 2 weeks holiday break (15th – 30th July 2012). As such I’ve been spending a lot more time with the kids.

This morning I took out one of the old photo albums to occupy lil B with it. It was so funny. Lil B flipped through a few pages before he asked.. ‘Mommy, is this your friend?‘ I took a glance and saw this…


Muahahahaaaa … So ‘someone’ aged look ‘different’ now so much so his son couldn’t recognize him?

Noticed we looked kinda distant in picture? I guess partly because we were in a distant relationship for 3 years before we were ‘reunited’ after I went there. Gosh, how the relationship survived those 3 years? Ha ha..

The picture was taken back in Oct ’97, barely a month after we arrived at Birmingham, UK where I spent the next 3 years in this second largest city for my undergrad years. Hubs by then was reading his Masters at Oxford, 1.5 hours (train) from where I was. After spending 3 years in the country, he was like our white cane showing me and my flat mates around. How time flies.

7th Year Anniversary


We went to this restaurant call Ploy at Damansara Heights for our little anniversary date. It came highly recommended by Hubs whom had just been there a few days back on invitation by its owner for a meal there together with a few other associates.



Ploy- is all about Modern Asian Cuisine. At first glance from the entrance, the restaurant looked sleek and modern, not overly consumed by suffocating interior design eventhough I do feel they could do better with their choice of Chinese New Year decor.


See what I mean… Lanterns every corner.

We ordered a few of their signature cuisines and I must say they not only look mouth watering, they also taste finger licking good. Simply delish. we could have ordered more if we were not going to attend a friend’s party later that night.



Should have ordered wine to go along our meal but opted kiddy juices instead. Reading through their drinks menu, I seriously thought they were going to serve the drinks in some sort of ice cubes. I was disappointed….


Can you spot my Apple Sour drink on the table? My melting caps Apple Sour came in the form of any other typical serving of fruit juices one can imagine. Cheh.., anti climax. But luckily the rest of our food were deservingly good.


Spicy Miso Soup


Crunchy Lotus Root Chips. Yums!


Torched Sunrise Tuna




Seaweed and wasabi to go with the tuna.


Thin crusted soft shell crab pizza. Very appetizing indeed.

By the time we finished our main course, we were full to the brim but how can we not order their famous Durian Pannacota. The combination of durian and Pannacota is definitely adventurous but it turns out to be a risk worth taking. Must try!


The pictures really don’t do justice to the food. Sigh.. Time to buy new phone. Lol

Overall, a meal worth every cent. Oops, here’s Happy Anniversary to my lo-gong.

Here’s the address to Ploy.

G-2, Work@Clearwater
Jalan Changkat Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2095-0999
Open Mondays-Saturdays: 12.00pm-3.00pm; 6.00pm-12.00am
Closed on Sundays


Happy Birthday Daddy

Ryan @ 5 years 6 months 3 weeks 1 day
Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 2 weeks 2 days



It’s Daddy birthday today. I had prepared two gifts for Daddy from the little boys.



It was really anti climax when we found out Daddy already bought himself a notebook stand. . Nevertheless, it’s the thought that counts rite, no? Hehe. 😁😁

Happy Birthday Big B.

I wonder if I will be getting any post birthday surprise from Daddy later?? 😝😝

We had a simple cake cutting session in the afternoon. Ryan was thrilled because as always, he gets to blow and cut the cake. We’ll see what happens when Lil B is older. ☺☺

In the evening we went to Shook! at Starhill for dinner. We haven’t dined there for awhile. There are simply too many choices in the vicinity. It was nostalgic to be back. It was the place hubs proposed to me 6 years ago.


Food wise was really so so. Nothing to shout about but ambience was good.