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Lil B’s allergy to suppository

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This happened back in November 2010 (he was 10 months then) when both Ryan and subsequently Lil B were down with Herpangina (viral mouth ulcers). Being older, it was easier to manage Ryan. Lil B was a handful then. Not to mention his allergy of suppository made the situation even more tense especially when his fever spiked up to 39.6C.

Unable to take on suppository, paed’s advise was for us to feed Paracetamol and Nurofen alternately at the interval of 4 hours. Coupled with continuous sponging, we managed to get lil B’s fever under control. My poor baby……….I still remeber I had to syringe fed him milk for like 3 -4 days.

****This is a reminder never to adminiter SUPPOSITORY to lil B****









Lil B’s 10 and 11 month update

Lil B’s stats

Height: 74cm; Weight: 10.8kg; HC: 48cm

I brought lil B for his 3rd dose Pneumococcal on the xxxxx. Eversince his last visit to the paed in November, he has developed a fear of seeing the doctor. The moment we stepped foot into the doctor’s clinice, he began fussing and the loud wailing starts when the doctor’s stethoscope touches his body. I guess the last visit to the paed back in November (due to suspected Herpangina, infected by kor kor) is still vividly fresh in his memory.


Lil B started taking his first step a few days past his 11 month. Both Ryan and him started taking their first steps about the same time. However, Ryan managed to walk independentally a week or so later whereas lil B still prefer to cling on to us or the play yard for support. Other than that, he could stand alone unsupported pretty well.

Lil B has a pair of very strong hands. The other day, he was clinging on the door handle at our living, refusing to let go at all cost. I released my support to allow him a free hand to support himself. I was all ready for a fall but surpringly this little fella could held on to his weight (mind you, close to 11kg) for quite a long time. Hahaha.. surely a pair of gymnast’s hand there. 

He could wave bye bye and play hi five.


Lil B has grown a lot over the last two months. He’s more vocal. When he sees us with food, he will say ‘mum mum’. When he wants your attention, he will stare at you and scream ‘Aaahhhh’. 

Loves to play peek a boo. Infact he likes to get involved in any games. He’s such a cheeky baby.


In terms of food intake nothing much changes. He’s still the adventurous baby eversince he started solid. He usually takes his cereal with fruit / rusks, oats, in the morning. In the evening, that’s when he takes his porridge. He loves soup by the extreme. something which he gets to drink everyday without miss. When he turn his head away during feeds, we will normally say ‘soup soup’ and he’ll willingly open his mouth. The trick worked miraculously for a few times. After awhile this little smartie gets the hang of it. When he sees there was no soup in his spoon, he would quickly looked away, avoiding feed.

Sleeping schedule

Finally, finally I’m getting my life back. No more haywire sleeping patterns. His schedule seem to have adjusted eversince we’re back from our Port Dickson trip. During the trip, we literally starved him from his naps and that very night we stayed at Avillion, this boy zonked out at 9pm until the next morning, 8am. He woke up around midnite for his feed but that’s about it. *clap clap*.


Dec10 – Sleeping like a fan


Sleeping like a fan, Pt 2


4.12.10 – @ Matthew & Megan’s party (C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S)