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Singapore Trip Part 2

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After spending 3 nights in the apartment, we checked into Festive Hotel for a night’s stay. The hotel’s loft bed was the main reason why we chose it as opposed to Hard Rock which received more positive reviews.  Ryan has been bugging us to get him a double deck bed but knowing him, it’s just another one of his short stint desires. So the hotel’s loft bed was perfect to give him a taste of it.


Checked into the room around noon time. Finding a parking in the hotel was torturous. They really need to buck up to imrpove the signage. We ended up with the valet parking.


We requested a pool / theme park view. Not bad.



My helper ended up sleeping on the loft bed. The steps were very steep and I personally don't think it's suitable for young kids. Ryan refused to sleep there at night. He even cried when we 'forced' him to climb up the steps. Anyway, just before we checked out, he proudly announced and showed us he was able to go up the bed all by himself. But when we asked him if he still want a double deck bed? Well, no prize for guessing it right, :P


The first highlight we bumped into not long after we entered the park. Ryan bite his tongue and took a pic with the scary monster (that’s what he called Mr Frankenstein)


Lil B fascinated by the weird looking ‘duck’. lol


Daddy and Ryan went for this ride while Loida, me and Darren waited for them outside. We waited for more than 30 minutes inside their gift shop. Darren fell asleep in the sleep. Power nap. He was re-energised and able to stay awake for the remaining of our walk.


I had a shock when I saw how drenched they were after the hydraulic ride above. Daddy chose not to buy the rain coat as he said that defeat the purpose of the ride. Nah…. men! He ended up forking out $14 for a new shirt for Ryan.


Another highlight at the Universal Studio Singapore – Waterworld


Again, Daddy chose to seat at the ‘wet area’. Lil B and I decided to move to the back row. But luckily the rangers were wise enough to not ‘target’ the kids. Phew..


The world tallest duelling roller coaster closed for renovation.


Kungfu Panda! Ryan spotting a new shirt here.


No kids would miss this shop



Ryan asked us me to take a pic of him with the M&M’s figurines. Yes, he did buy a M&M plush toy too. His favourite used to be the M&M (biscuits – blue packaging and choco – brown packaging). But few weeks ago, he had his first bite of M&M peanuts and he proclaimed ‘I LOVE IT’.


Night view from our room. Not bad…


In order for Didi to have a peaceful nap, we dragged Ryan out to wander around the area






Daddy said this pic is another classic highlighting how much they both look alike. Cish…


At the hotel entrance waiting for the valet to come back with our car



Silly boy. He cried because I put Didi on his car seat first. Somehow he has this idea if he gets in first, he has more time to play with Didi without mommy ‘complaining’ in the middle seat.


That’s my boy. He cry easily but stops effortlessly too. All he ask for is ‘Mommy, I want you to sayang’.


Lil B oblivious to his kor kor’s antics

We were in Singapore, twice.


Ryan @ 4 years 10 months 5 days

Lil B @ 1 year 4 weeks 2 days

Our trip to Singapore inconjunction with Lil B’s birthday had been pre planned 2 months ahead. However, sometime in early January when hubs was informed of his 5 days training in Singapore, we decided to tag along.

Trip 1: 11 – 15th January 2011 (Tuesday – Saturday)


Daddy had gone for his training a day earlier than us. All four of us (Two kids, Loida and myself) boarded Tiger Airways to Singapore.



First time on a plane. He was manageable on our way to Singapore as he wasn't too sleepy. Alas, on our way back to KL, he was extremely cranky prior take off. After the plane took off, we brought him to the pantry area and managed to get him to nap. Phew...



Always an effort to get them to cooperate for a decent pic.



Inconjunction with the Year of Rabbit, there was an exhibition on various types of bunnies and hares. Check out the gigantic size of the hare.



That's my foot. The hare is 5 times longer. Huge!



Lil B, refused to cooperate for picture here



We were at Ryan's usual hang out place, Suntec City. So surreal. Daddy's office was here so we used to come here almost everyday to feed the Kois.


Trip 2: 20th – 24th Jan 2011


This time we came by car. The two kiddos and hubby crashed on the bed (master room) the moment we checked into Thong Sia Apartment (hubby's company apartment). The building, which is located right opposite Paragon is an old building but like any other buildings in Singapore, they are well maintained and as good as new. The unit is newly and tastefully renovated with 3 rooms. Ample space for the kids to roam around. The caretaker told us the unit is now worth S$4 million. I'm not surprised.



Chiling on the sofa.



We went to Marina Bay Sands on the 2nd night. Can you see the 3D effect of a human kneeling on four? We didn't see it then. We only noticed when we were browsing thru the pictures.



At one of our favourite restaurants, Forture near Holland.



We had another simple celebration with Darren on his actual birthdate, 22nd Jan 2011. We bought a simple heart shaped cake for Darren from The Bread Talk.



Father and son occupied by their respective gadget on hand.



One of the rooms in the 3 room apartment. MIL and Loida slept here.



Kitchen. I wouldn't mind staying here for another 3 nights frankly. LOL.




End of Part 1…

“I Hate You”

@ 4 years 10 months 2 weeks 1 day

These days Ryan learned to talk back when I reprimand him for his misbehaviour. He would say things like:

“Mommy, why you do bad things to me?”

“Mommy, I said sorry but why you still do bad things to me?”

“Mommy, why you scold me everyday?”

“Mommy, I don’t like it you do this to me”

* bad / this = scold. I never used the cane on him (yet).

and last night, for the first time he said “Mommy, I hate you“. Sobssss…..

Ouch! That hurts! Dem! I was closed to tears. I know he didn’t mean it but… dem.. it still frigging hurts.

It all started because of his silly acts. As usual, Ryan is always full of mischievous stunts and last night, because he was wriggling around when I was brushing his teeth, he slipped and thank goodness he balanced himself and did not fall nor hit his head on anything. It wasn’t the first time I have to nag him to behave. Well, I know kids being kids, they ‘misbehave’ but that having said, they need to be ‘taught’ a lesson, a good one. I was determined to put my message across by hook or crook to let him know Mommy mean business here and no YehYeh or MahMah is gonna ‘save’ him.

He, being the manja type started whining. He demanded (as usual), I sayang him else he would not keep quiet. I wasn’t in the bestest mood either being tired and devastasted after finding out one of my best friends is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She’s only 34 years old. Double sobs.

So back to Ryan. I asked him to calm down and recollect his thoughts and ask himself if he was at fault. Sure enough, everything I said falls on deaf ears. Instead he threatened me with louder cries and screamed out he won’t keep quiet unless I sayang him. That really hit the threshold of my patience. I smacked him on his butt and that was when he screamed out ‘Mommy, you do this to me, I HATE YOU‘ in between his sobs.

I was very very upset by then and I dare him to repeat what he just said. He dare not. Instead he repeatedly say ‘Mommy, I don’t like you do this to me!” “Mommy, please sayang”……. I tried hard to keep my cool and senses so I walked away picked up the phone (pretend) and call “uncle”, to come pick Ryan up at 8.30pm since he hate his mommy now. I even packed his clothes into a bag. I guess that was a big blow to him. He dashed towards me, grabbed his clothes and put them back into the closet. By then, he knew I truly mean business. He begged for forgiveness and (again) asked me to ‘sayang’ him. By then, I was drained. I ‘sayang’ him and sent him to bed. He kept sobbing while drinking his milk. I was too exhausted to even bother but before he doze off, I threatened him I will go away should he not learn how to RESPECT his mommy next time. Expectedly, he cry to sleep.

After the monkey doze off, I tuck lil B in bed. By 9pm, both of them were asleep. Just when I thought I could finally have some me time to reminisces my own thoughts, I heard cries on the baby monitor (I was in the next room). It was Ryan! He was looking for me. He probably thought I left him for good due to his misbehaviour earlier. I shooed him to queit down but he was simply inconsolable. The next thing happened, lil B who was sleeping in the same room is awake. Hubby, who just got back, came into the room took over to pacify Ryan but he was simply ignorant. When his cries reached the next decimal point, hubby loses his patient too. Ryan was then summoned to the naughty corner. It was such a scene. By then I feel sorry for Ryan but this kid need a good lesson. I won’t be surprised his cries could be heard a few blocks away. As a result, YehYeh came up to our room and “sum tong” his beloved grandson is going through such punishment asked his son (hubby) to stop disciplining Ryan.

After a while Ryan tired himself from his own crying. He stopped his drama and soon he was in the arms of Daddy ‘manja-ing’ and the next minute he was already similing. That’s my boy. He cries easily but also forgives easily. He came up to the bed, said sorry and asked me to make him some milk. When I passed him the milk, he said this to me ‘Mommy, I Love You‘.  Awwww…. Minutes later, he dozed off. Thank goodness, no more midnight drama.

On the other hand, the small fella is awake and only fall asleep an hour later.

This morning Ryan woke up with a cheery mood again. When I asked him to apologise to me again.. he playfully said, ‘.. but I already apologised 3 times, mommy’. Huh.. so he counted?? Doesn’t matter… I hope he learned a thing or two from this episode and will be more mindful of the words he speak. 

If you’re reading this one day.. “MOMMY LOVES YOU TOO, BABY“.

Primary School Evaluation

@ 4 years 10 months 1 week 1 day

How time flies. Next week is the start of the one month long Primary 1 registration process for all kids born in 2006 who are due for 2013 P1 intake. That applies to parents who wish to send their kids to International / Private schools, we would still be required to register our child into a public school next month; at which we could withdraw later.

Basically we have ruled out the idea of sending Ryan to a public school. I feel sorry looking at the state of our local public schools these day. Both hubs and I spent at least a decade in public schools and we grew up just fine. Alas, the same standards cannot be said about the public schools today. My nephew spent one disappointed and sad year in one of the ‘supposedly’ top public schools. He’s now switched to a Chinese medium school near my mom’s place and he couldn’t be happier, despite a more hectic school syllabus and of course more homework.    

Back to Ryan, for a while we did toy around with the possibility of sending Ryan to Chinese schools such as SJK (C) Yu Hua in Kajang and SJK (C) Jalan Davidson but due to the distant, we dropped the idea. The Chinese schools in our area are out of our consideration.

With so limited choices, we drilled the list down to two private schools. Cempaka vs Sri Suria. We favour the former due to its good track record and of course word of mouth. The only catch is, their school fees! The very first payment amount alone (entry test fee, school fees, deposit, registration, what not) come close to an amount enough for a diploma course. It’s a huge decision ahead and we have a few months to decide if we want to send Ryan in for Reception next year when he’s 6YO (the school teaches Standard 1 at 6YO) or Standard 1 (7YO but school will be teaching Standard two syllabus).

 Dilenma….. It’s a huge responsibility here, knowing the decision we make today potentially affect the child’s future.


24Jan11 – Just right in front Festive Hotel (Sentosa). Showing monkey face here just because Darren got into the car first before him. He feels that if he gets into the car first, he will get more play time with Didi because otherwise Mommy who sits in the middle will be blocking between him and Didi. Weirdo boy I have here.


Thank goodness I have a son who cry easily but also quiet down easily. His only request is for mommy to sayang him and the tears will stop.


Didi, oblivious of his kor kor’s antics. The both crashed shortly after passed the checkpoint. Peace.

Chinese New Year 2011

Last year’s Chinese New Year I was still in my month long confinement period. Eventhough I was not die hard, 100% strict by the book confinement follower, there were still many dos and don’ts especially when it comes to food consumption. So this year’s celebration, I went all out. All the new year resolution to bring the weight down goes under the KIV section. I really ate all I can, especially my favourite yee sang. I heart Pik Wah Restaurant’s yee sang. Yummy~

1st day CNY (3rd Feb, Thurs) - Previous years, we would go to one of our uncle’s house at Jalan Ipoh to pai nin. For half a day everyone will go on vegetarian diet. The same has been in practise for many decades. Sadly, this uncle passed away last December due to hypertension. He was a healthy chap and his death was a big shock to everyone. Anyway, putting that sorrow behind us, this year we celebrated 年初一 (first day of Chinese New Year) at this vegetarian restaurant (can’t remeber the name) at Spark Complex Desa Petaling. It’s a place discovered by another Uncle who claimed he has his dinner there 3-4 times a week.


Not everyone were in the pic. Bro in law and family and 2nd auntie and her troops were not present that day. Nevertheless, a good pic!
Attempt to get them to pose for camera: Take 1
Take two.
Take three. Pass.

That night, we went to The Ship, Jalan Sultan Ismail for dinner. This is the second time we had our CNY Day 1 dinner there. The place was as crowded as usual. Parking is a big issue as usual too. Luckily they have valet service.

When we were at The Ship, Ryan had acted strangely. He even refused to drink his usual Lime Juice which he never said no. Strange….

2nd day CNY (4th Feb, Friday) – As usual years, we went for brunch with my mom. For many years we had dim sum at Dragon-i, and for many years we complained about the lack of varieties and the overpriced selection. Yet, we go back year after year. The say, old habit die hard. Maybe that’s true in our gene. Haha.. Anyway, this year, we strive to make a change. We make a reservation a few restaurants away from Dragon-i; the Madam Kwan. At least the food was good.

Ryan was acting strangely again. He looked and behaved really tired throughout the session. My poor baby. On the other hand, lil B who started having stranger anxiety kept staring at Por Por. He was pretty alright with my sis, alas I could not say the same with my mom. Aiyooo…
Bestest cousins (Wei Wei on left)

3rd day CNY – (5th Feb, Saturday) – Finally we have an answer to Ryan’s moodiness. He vomitted twice since last night and he claimed to have bad tummyache. Something must have bothering him since days ago and finally the symptoms showed. Unfortunately, his regular paed was still on CNY leave, we brought him to the panel GP in hope we will get a decent doctor. Luck was on our side. A Malay lady doctor examined and found him to nothing serious except for tummy bloatness. So Ryan was prescribed some anti vomitting syrup and medication to reduce tummy wind.  That really spoiled our mood, especially mine. Well, it always does when my kids are sick. So, we stayed in all day.

5 Feb – @ Doctor’s place (Klinik Kita)

4th day CNY (6th Feb, Sunday) – Ryan is so much better this day eventhough he still complain about the discomfort in his tummy. Seeing the medication doing little help with his tummy, I decided to try the magic black oil my mom gave me years ago. Well, she claimed this potion is one money can’t buy. The oil smells bad but my mom said me and my siblings grew up with it. Well, I am still alive and very healthy so no harm trying. I poured a bit of the oil on my palm, rub both hands together to warm up the oil and start rubbing on Ryan’s tummyby stroking downwards. I repeated the process a few times throughout the day. That evening, he felt so much better and was already running around and playing Wii. Seeing him so much better, hubs and I decided we could sneak out for a little light hearted movie. I browsed through TGV and GSC websites and all the seats are taken except for those front few rows seating. No way, I’m gonna stick my head up 1.5 hours for some silly show. So, we opted for GSC Signature tickets and voila, we managed to grab 2 seats for the movie ‘I Love Hong Kong’. Very pleased with my catch of the day indeed. 2nd row from the last. Yay!

6 Feb – @ GSC Signature for I Love Hong Kong, 9.45pm

5th day CNY (7th Feb, Monday) - We hung around at home doing nothing productive. Ryan was recuperating so we ate that day. We spent our hours playing with the kids, talking nonsense to each other, bickering and simply chil around. That night, we went for another light hearted feel good movie, ‘All’s Well Ends Well 2011′. Again, the in laws helped babysit the kids, the beauty of staying with in laws.


Lil B see no touch




Proud kor kor, Happy Didi


6th day CNY (8th Feb, Tuesday) - Feeling really bored after being cooped up at home for so many days, we brought the boys to release their much compressed energy at Critter Land @ The Heritage. The place is huge, 10,000sqft and we were one of the two families there that day. Ryan had a blast. We brought lil B along and we literally make him practise his walking at the baby section. So cute.





Huge resting area for parents

7th day CNY (9th Feb, Wednesday) – School reopens for Ryan. Everybody is back to our boring routine.

10th day CNY (12th Feb, Saturday) – Bro in law is back home with his family. They are relocated to Indonesia and only managed to come back on the 9th. So this day, we had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Pik Wah Restaurant.

Belated Reunion Dinner

11th day CNY (13th Feb, Sunday) – Hubs was invited by Genting to the latter’s CNY Luncheon 2011 at Genting Convention Centre. We decided to tag along. So we geared both boys up and off we went to Genting together with MIL.

Very generous spread of food and all beautifully presented. Sushi, oysters, bird’s nest, mini fatt tiu cheong, chicken rice, you name it they have it.


One of varieties of food served – Takoyaki, Salmon, etc…



We love you ‘Choy Sun Yeh’. Come to us plsss…
After the luncheong, we paid RM80 and brought Ryan to the indoor theme park. The park was crazy crowded. We only took 3 rides. Crap!


15th day CNY (17th Feb, Thursday) – Bro in Law and family were here for Chap Goh Mei dinner. That pretty much wrapped up our Chinese New Year.

Ryan with CaTilia mei mei. They are 2 years apart.