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Mother’s Day Celebration

Ryan @ 5 years 3 weeks 2 days

Lil B @ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks 3 days

Mother Day falls on the 8 May 2011 (Sunday). On Saturday, it was story telling day at Ryan’s school. This boy had been pestering me to attend the talk so he could attend the story telling stations.

That morning I drove him to the school at 9.30am. There were like 8 or so story stations, each with their respective interesting story. We took a tour to all the stations. While I was trying to get Ryan to choose a station with any of his classmates in it, he chose to attend ‘Barry, the fish with fingers by Sue Hendra‘ story station with no one from his class in the group at all. I even tried to dissuade him from joining the Berry Fish station but this boy of mine was determined. The moment he stepped in, he made friends. I peeped at him from the window and he was socially interacting with kids from other classes.

Many times, I think I’m overly protective. In many occasion (school, enrichment classes), teachers complimented how sociable and outgoing Ryan is and that he could make friends with just anybody. I guess it’s time for mommy to learn how to let go….

Since Ryan chose to go to the school’s story telling day, he would have to miss his Art Class. Darren attended his Kindermusik accompanied by Daddy again while I stayed in the Ryan’s school for a talk on ‘The Gift of Story Telling’ by Judy Shaik, a popular story teller in town. A talk by one of the best story tellers in town proved to be captivating. She kept the session alive and interactive. Great stuff.

That evening, MIL had a dinner to attend. I wasn’t in the spirit to go out as I was tired, lazy but mainly not hungry. I’m fine with just tapao or skip the dinner but then hubs suggested we should at least go somewhere near for dinner. So, off we went.

We had  dinner at Zun Kitchenette


My little B… forever with food

Lil B with spoon (food) in hand again and the big kor kor acting ‘cool’ after Daddy asked him to smile for the camera

That night on the way back after dinner Ryan asked me when exactly is Mother’s Day. “It’s tomorrow, Sunday” I answered. I asked him “Why you want to know?”. He said cheekily “I won’t tell…. you…… It’s a surprise………..I will do it when you’re sleeping…..” All of us in the car couldn’t helped but burst into laughter at the way he answered.

Both my boys are early riser. They usually wake up around 6.30am, latest 7am. What normally happens on a weekend is they will go to the play room accompanied by Kakak while I catch up on some sleep. By 8.00am, that’s the usual time I wake up.

On Sunday morning, I was still in bed and Ryan came running to my room and said… “Mommy, Mommy.. I made you a card… It’s a wedding card. You and Daddy here (pointing at the pic). I went down to pluck some flowers and stick them here, Mommy… ”

I pierced through my eyes and saw the card… it has a picture of Mommy and Daddy, some flowers sticked on…

I suggested him to go finish his drawing, get him and Didi in the picture as well and color it. Ryan asked what color I like. Without much thoughts, I said rainbow. Ryan dashed back to the play room.

Half an hour or so later, I walked to the playroom and this is what I saw

OMG… I could barely see anything now. The whole picture is colored rainbow. *faint*

Chuckily Ryan asked me.. “Mommy, it’s rainbow color, it’s your favourite. Do you like it?” (he was still holding the 7 rainbow colors pencils in his grip). I told my boy “I love it! It’s the most beautiful card in the whole world“. He smiled and continued coloring…. :D

The others are art and craft from school (the surprise card he hinted to me earlier) and a flower craft he made in BaoBei class.



The next day, we went to Pik Wah Restaurant for dinner. My mom loves their Sharks Fin soup. The restaurant was packed with families celebrating the same occasion. Luckily we booked in advance thus able to have our lunch in ‘peace’.


Ryan showing Por Por the card he drew. Por Por was beaming from ear to ear. He actually drew Por Por with him and Didi holding hands. Mochi is in the pic too. Ah Yee was jealous she wasn’t in the pic. :P *I had forgotten to take picture of it*








the above was shared during the story telling session inconjunction with Mother’s Day. It was taken from the book ”Love You Forever by Robert Munsch“. I swear I was holding back my tears when the teacher was reading the book aloud. A book that all mom should own… Good stuff!


Darren’s first enrichment class

@ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks

I signed Darren up for Kindermusik after noticing his excitement when we play him CDs or the Nursery thrymes DVDs. He was enrolled into Baby Village class which caters for babies from 6 months to 18 months. Darren was 14+ when he joined in April. Darren actually started his first enrichment class 4 months earlier than his kor kor who was enrolled into Shichida at 18 months.

For my record: Term fees RM384 (8 weeks), includes a toy, a book and a CD.


At Kindermusik class. Darren is not the oldest kid in the class but because of his size, he does appear to be one.





… and sometimes Daddy took over the companion role. Great bonding for sure. When I asked Daddy how was it, his first comment was .. “my whole arm is aching from carrying lil B!! ” Hahaha….




Mommy with mask on

@ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks 2 days

Lil B thought Mommy looked really funny with the mask on that he kept pointing at it…He has seen Kakaks wearing the mask from time to time but with Mommy, it was probably the first. Mommy was down with flu; something which hardly happens for a long time.

Anyway, lil B was playing with the camera and showed great interest to learn how to operate it. So here goes, one of the pics of Mommy taken by lil B (with Mommy’s help of course).


Lil B is definitely showing interest at the camera much earlier than his kor kor….


Security Blanket

@ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks

Lil B simply loves to fiddle with his hanky. I remember when lil B was a baby, his hanky kept him calm especially during bed time. After awhile, he seemed to have forgotten that favor. It was until last week, I noticed his interest to carry the handky around and fiddles with it from time to time. A few times when he fusses during sleep (nightmare maybe?), I passed him the handky and he actually calmed down. :D


Favors watching his baby show on the floor. Gosh.. my baby has double chin.



Darren’s favourite time of the day

@ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks

It has to be bath time….

Everytime he sees me getting into the room, he will pull me to the bathroom. He could now get into the bathroom effortlessly (which is a step lower, about 10cm). After entering the bathroom, he will pull me to the baby tub under the sink and point to the shower room. He could do that repeatedly a few times a day. Really cute.


Splish Splash….


Angry after I told him ‘time’s up’ :P


Cyring pitifully, even after I allowed him extra 10 mins in the tub


Luckily this boy of mine (like his kor kor) is also pretty easily pacified. Phew…

In the evening is the time the boys are allowed to shower together after their evening outdoor activities. Lil B love, love, absolutely love the time he could ‘play’ with his kor kor, including being able to shower together. He also imitates everything the brother does in the shower, eg collecting water and pouring them over the head.