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Ryan First School Excursion


@ 61 months

Ryan participated in a visit to the Kompleks Kraftangan Malaysia @ Jalan Conlay on 14 May 2011. This is not Ryan’s first excursion, he had been to similar trip back in October last year, a trip organised by Bao Bei to Kraf Tangan Negeri Sembilan, Yakult Factory as such. Having said so, this is his maiden trip in a way because this is his first trip without his parents around. I have no qualms about letting him go knowing he will definitely enjoy himself getting on a trip surrounded by friends and teachers. Furthermore, I know he will be in good hands under the teachers’ care (They typically assign 1 teacher/helper to a max of 4 students).

On the day, we dropped Ryan off at the school at 8.00am. 5 big buses parked in the school compound all ready for the kids to board on. I had a quick chat with T. Annie and left not long after. I gave Ryan a hug and told him to have a good time.

4 hours later, I was at the school to pick him up. Expectedly, he had a blast. The conversation we had throughout the journey from school back to our home was all about his Batik printing activity. He was so proud of his masterpiece that he showed everyone in the house, including Siti.

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Little Scientist Camp @ Sri KDU

This is really backdated.

@ 5 year, 1 month ++



We enrolled Ryan into a 2 days holiday camp organised by Sri KDU during his May school holiday (RM150 early bird fee). Prior to that we had asked him if he’s keen after explaining to him the various activities involved. He was excited and gave us the green light to enrol.

Nearer the day, I started to get cold feet. Suddenly I fear my little boy will be lonely, will be intidimated, will be this, will be that. I told hubby, perhaps we should pull him out. Afterall, it’s a long session from 9am – 4pm and he will be the only one there. Neither of his friends are interested. But hubby insist Ryan will be okay. I started to question myself, why the heck I enrolled him into something like this without any of his friends tagging along.

The day came… 28th May. The night before I had showed him the videos on YouTube what are the science experiments that he will be experimenting. He seemed excited. He showed no sighs of pulling out; unlike his mommy.

We reached Sri KDU around 8.30am. There were lots of kids and parents there. After registration we proceeded to the hall. Gosh.. Ryan looked really tiny there. Most of the kids are older than him but my litte boy was unfazed. He does looked a bit intidimated but still gave us the little smile when we waved goodbye. My boy, he has really grown.

First day…


They had to change into the camp T shirt

At the end of the first day we asked him if he had fun to which his reply was YESSS without hesitation. Phew…. That was certainly allowed me to let out a big sigh of relief.

Second day…

We made friends with the older boys in his group (Einstein Group). His best buddy for the day was this boy on the right name Ra Zer. I spoke to Ra Zor and asked him to look after Didi Ryan. Mommy has to do what a mommy has got to do. :P


He left the 2 days camp feeling very happy and kepy bragging about the science questions he answered and got a prize for it.. Glad he had tons of fun. Will I sign him up for another camp like this, without any of his friends? *chuckled* we will see… :)

For reference…

Day 1

day 2

Visit to the Planet Sains Negara

@ 61 months ++

On the 7 June, hubs had to fly for a business trip. On days as such, I will have to send hubs to the office. This day Ryan tagged along because I had promised him a visit to the Planet Sains Negara for Dinos Alive Exhibition.




In a Dino egg



Ryan needed some help on the Giant Hamster Wheel
Forced to pose. Mommy threatened him if he doesn’t cooperate, the Dino will eat him alive :P

He was a little intimidated by the dark surrounding and roars from the dinasours