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Food Republic @ Pavillion

Ryan @ 5 years 6 months 3 weeks
Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 2 weeks 1 day

Yesterday after Darren’s Shichida class, we brought the boys to Food Republic at Pavillion for lunch. It was the boys’ first time in a food court in KL.

We cam- a bit while Daddy was away ordering his food.









Yoohoo.. Daddy’s at the back.


The pic is blurred but I like the boys monkeying in front of the camera.


He Picks, He Plays

@ 16 months 4 weeks 1 day

Yes.. he picks his DVD, he plays his DVD…. :P He even knows which button on the remote to switch on the telly nowadays. Actually wasn’t that difficult. I taught him the ‘red button’. Now he knows…

** Ryan even crawled back to Daddy after his ‘achievement’. Aaah.. actually have not seen him crawled for awhile. Miss those dayss…

Separately, if you’re feeling a little down today, check out the clip below.. Hope this will bring a little smile on your face.
* Clip of Ryan laughing hysterically here while watching an animated Mr Bean show…


Before he could feed himself, he decided to feed others. This evening during mealtime, the poor duck became his victim. :P

Sat his duck nicely on the baby chair

Making sure poor duckie eats its food (squeezing its mouth there). Err.. in case anyone is wondering, NO NO NO, I did not do this to Ryan. Don’t know where he learnt that cruel act :P


Random thoughts…

** Daddy is away for a 3D2N conference in Phuket. Will only be back Sunday. Just mommy and baby ….. lonely lonely nightsss….

** Every evening I will bring Ryan to the park. After spending some time there he will lead me to the pool. When we walk near the pool, he’ll pull his shirt indicating he wants to change into his swim wear and go for a swim

** Ryan will bring me the key when I can’t open his can of raisin (yea.. my fault.. he saw me doing it once)

** Every morning, after bidding goodbye to daddy, he will signal to Daddy (pointing to Daddy’s shoes) reminding Daddy to wear his shoes and then say ‘close’ so that Daddy will not forget to close the door. Funny baby I have here heh…

** French Toast for breakfast, Pumpkin cereal for lunch and Salmon Carrot Porridge for dinner

Eating Dried Fruits

@ 1 year 1 month 3 weeks

Like any normal days I’ll drop Ryan off nanny’s in the morning and hang around a few minutes to catch up with nanny on Ryan’s progress etc etc before bidding bye bye. It’s just impossible to drop and go nowadays because the little fella would held tight to my hand refused to let go. So, have to coax him a bit, distract him with toys etc la… (until today, Ryan still refuses to wave bye-bye to his mummy most of the time. Strangeee).

Nanny: Ryan learn fast hor..
Mummy: Huh.. okay la (deep inside feeling a bit proud la..). Why ar?
Nanny: I taught him once to raise his leg when I put on his pants and he could remember it the next day. Did you teach him at home?
Mummy: (Errmm Ryan knows how to raise his leg when we undress his pants since donno how many donkey months wor..hmm, maybe dressing and undressing different leh) Err, I normally lay Ryan on bed when I put on his pants *slap head*

Ryan on the other hand was busy Eh, Eh, Eh, MM, MM, MM (pointing to the door, held up mummy’s hand insisting to go out…..). I was standing next to Ryan trying to psycho him into staying then the next thing I saw nanny pop a 10 cent size dried fruit into Ryan’s mouth. I swear I almost *pengsan* (fainted). Sooooooooo big piece!!! Nanny then assured me that Ryan has no problem chewing that size of food. Afterall, the lil fella already has like 16 teeth now. Sure enough, Ryan was seen busy chewing chewing, mouth moving left right up down, saliva all dripping giving you the yummylicious look… Oh goshh… can u imagine I still feed Ryan with pureed apple and nanny is already exposing him to all kinds of solid food. I wonder what else Ryan eats in nanny’s place. Sigh… I guess I must really learn to let go, learn to be less protective………. my son is ‘tai kor cai’ (big boy) already…..

Ps: Daddy’s off to HK this morning. MIL is also away on a 6 days holiday to Vietnam. Both will be back tomorrow. So, tonight, just me and Ryan lor….

Little Mischievous Baby

@ 1 year 1 month 1 week 2 days

I was doing my laptop housekeeping last night and I came across this video of Ryan taken on the 19 May recently. When I said he is one cheeky, mischievous little one, I really mean it. The video was taken when he was watching the Teletubbies on the TV. I didn’t realise he was actually looking at me thru the corner of his eyes until I replayed the video. Though Ryan’s face remained stagnant throughout the video, his eyes were definitely not. I wonder what’s on my baby’s mind – probably thinking what is wrong with this mummy, everyday want to take picture of me.. Heehee….

Take note: @ 8secs, 11secs, 25 secs.

(WARNING: PLEASE MUTE YOUR VOLUME. Owner bear no responsibilities of any consequences for not adhering to the warning. Blehhh…)

After reading some suggestions and comments on my earlier post, last night I decided to put the little kulingchingkwai on his hi chair. This is how he reacted to the confinement….. (like little king or not???) *slap head*

Ryan’s Typical Meal Time

@ 1 year 1 month 1 week

I recently read on Malaika Mummy’s blog about her little fussy eater, that kinda prompted me to write about my little monster’s typical meal time as well. For Ryan, I don’t consider him too much of a fussy eater (yet), except that one time. Heehee… that time also understandable la. Anyways, though not so much a fussy eater he’s definitely one kulingchingkwai little fella when it comes to meal times. Examples:

Me: Ryan, come here mum-mum (Volume 1)
Ryan: (Happily came over, mouth wide open) Mummmm…

(After half finished or so)
Me: Ryan!!! Come here mum-mum!!
(Volume 5)
Ryan: (Taking his own sweet time, ding here dong there, then only walked over) Mummmm…

***(After his food – Ryan walking away at lighthing speed as if there was a dog chasing him..*slap head*) ***

(After ¼ left on bowl)
Me: RYYANNNNN… You still want mum-mum????
(Volume 8)
Ryan: (Ignored my words as if I was talking to the space)
Me: RYANNNNN!!!! You still want mum-mum??? (Volume 10)
Ryan: (Walked over at snail pace again, reluctantly opened mouth) Mummm…


Ryan: (Stick his tongue out)
Me: Ryan, why did you do that? OK, Enough. You’re full… Come change your clothes.

**After clothes changed

Ryan: Mum-Mum, Mum-Mum
Me: Huh? You’re still hungry?
Ryan: Mum-Mum, Mum-Mum
Me: Okay, Arrghh.. open your mouth
Ryan: (Opened his mouth willingly as if mummy had starved him like that….) Mummmm…


Ryan: (Stick his tongue out again!!!!)
Me: RYANNNN!!!!! (Volume 100)
Ryan: (Smiling there….)

** Clothes changed again

Ryan: Mum-Mum, Mum-Mum
Me: No
Ryan: Mum-Mum, Mum-Mum (cheeky face pointing to his bowl)
Me: No, No (Think mummy stupid ar. :P)

Keep all food away……

See jialat or not???? This little kulingchingkwai of mine…Adoi~~~