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Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011

Yes. We joined the crowd and were there this afternoon.




The big hall


The checkout counters


The hungry boy… 


My loots. Damage: RM130 only!!!! Could have been more if Ryan did not tag along. He was tired and hungry since we went straight after school. I will most likely go again … without kids of course.

edit to add on 13 Oct 2011 (Thurs)

Went to the BBW fair again this morning and spent another RM144 on 25 books, mostly children. I’m happy mom.



Total 47 books for RM272.00. Average less than RM6 each. It’s a steal!


Security Blacket

Lil B @ 1 year 8 months 2 weeks 4 days

Just like his kor kor, lil B has his security blanket too. He used to favor his hanky a lot but for the past one week or so, I noticed a sense of attachment lil B showed towards his blue blankie. Even my helper notices that. We caught him nipping and stroking the sides of the blankie a few times during milk , nap and sleep time. We’ll see if this will be his ultimate favorite..

Ryan’s Yucky “Green”

Ryan’s two other ‘must have’ ..”Blue” and “Fluffy Cute” (we bought the elephant from FantaSea, Phuket and Ryan named it Mr Fluffy Cute)

And finally Darren’s little ‘Blankie’..

The beginning of an addiction? 

Edit to add…

Screenshot of a video I took of lil B on 13Oct, 12.07am. I wonder if he dreamt of Blankie. 




Anger Management

@ 5 years 5 months 3 weeks 2 days

This morning, Ryan had his worst punishment from Daddy. It all started when we were getting into the car to head out for brunch. Instead of getting into the car the normal usual way, Ryan insisted to go in from Darren’s side. I was busy strapping Darren up and here this little nonsense wanted to get it. I had to brushed him away.

At this point he was extremely angry. Perhaps we had always let him get his way too easily. He was showing his temper, and just when hubs opened Ryan’s side of door for him to get in, he started kicking and shoving the door. When he was reprimanded by hubs, he absurdly went out of control and kicked hubs. Well, expectedly that was the last straw.

Hubby was so upset and I was more disappointed than anything at that point of time. Did we do something wrong with this child? 

Well, a horrible scene of what I classifies as domestic violence soon ensued. When Ryan continued his nonsense and refused to cooperate, there goes a blow to his face. First time. I was at the verge of crying. My helper was crying and my FIL was choking back tears. I stepped in, separated the two and summoned Loida to bring Ryan up. We left the house for brunch with Darren.

Hubs was still furious and we debated a bit on our differences in our way of parenting. I for one is against corporal punishment whereas hubby believes sparing the rod means spoiling the child. Hubby said I spoiled him, something which I vehemently denied. (I think he easily beats me hands down when it comes to over pampering our first born ).

I don’t know, I feel Ryan does have a little bit of anger management problem as it is not the first time he showed us his ugly side but surprisingly he has all the praises from his teachers when we attended the PTA talk yesterday. He was commended for his superiority in many areas. He is mature for his age and has never showed a temper. He is collected, happy go lucky and very well behaved in school. He met all the expectations outlined academically and non academically. So why?

Well this morning’s incident was a matter of factly trivial but because it was not his first offense, it sets the alarm off and puts me into self reflection and deliberation if my way of parenting does need adjustment. How can a boy who is deemed so nice to others can turn ugly against his own family. Is this a sign of more serious underlying problem else why is my boy taking people who loves him for granted? Or am I simply over reacting? Afterall he’s only a 5 year old kid?


After we came back from brunch, Ryan was in the midst of his Enopi homework. I had a talk with him. Gave him a piece of my mind. He was sad and evidently remorseful. His eyes were swollen from the whole lot of crying. However when I asked him to apologize to Daddy, he was reluctant. He just couldn’t swallow his pride, a thing I find a lot of similarity between the Daddy and son. I’m again ‘kiap’ in the middle. Both feel sorry for what they had done, yet both refused to take the first step out. Haiz….

Ps: In the end, I convinced Ryan it was him who was at fault first and he obediently apologized to his Daddy. By then all his 80 odd Ultraman / Bandai monster figurines including its boxes have been confiscated. It will require lots merit points before he could redeem back all his beloved. Well, he needs a L E S S O N for sure. Hope he is learning it the hard way.

He was smacked on the left side of his face. Mommy 心痛 . When I asked him if it’s painful, he shook his head. I hope one day if he read this, please understand we are doing all this because we love you.

There’s only one Ultraman figurine for play now. Ryan is definitely having a taste of the consequences for his misbehavior.


Brother and brother fought over this Ultraman Tiga here, the one and only available for play now. 


Brothers Bonding Time

Ryan @ 5 years 5 months 2 weeks 6 days
Lil B @ 1 year 8 months 2 weeks

Ryan has Bao Bei enrichment classes 3 times a week. 2 of which he has 45 mins Enopi right after class. Today is the day he has no Enopi and we went home right after BaoBei.

My dear lil B was extremely thrilled seeing us home early. Awww… Miss you baby and I’m sure he misses us too. 



Here are some vids of lil B on iPad..


Father and sons

Ryan @ 5 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days
Lil B @ 1 year 8 months 1 week 6 days

My maid commented how much the 3 父子 look alike from the back. She said they even share the same style of walking. Not that I am in denial, though I am tad jealous non my offsprings resembles me but I seriously have not paid much attention to it.


Ryan totally dotes on his Didi. He loves to hold his Didi’s hand whenever possible. So sweet…