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Penang Getaway

This is another backdated post.

We went for another impromptu trip to Penang recently. We chose Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Feringgi after reading its positive reviews on Tripadvisor. It turns out to be a wise choice. Perfect for the kids.

Penang, 13th – 16th December 2011.

We departed from home at about 11am. We reached the hotel at about 4pm. In between we made one stop. Albeit the non stop chattering, the boys were generally well behaved throughout the journey. :)

**Pics around the hotel**



Our room faces the pool and the sea. What’s more to ask.

Room and corridor



P1140895 P1140896
Camwhoring in the room….

Lil B brought so much laughter in the room doing all these funny stunts.

** That evening we drove to Gurney Drive for our dinner. We reached the famouse Gurney roundabout 20 minutes later and the boys had their maiden visit to the local food stalls. The place was packed. Luckily we were early and we managed to sat ourselves down effortlessly. Lil B was easier to manage. Ordered Char Kuey Teow for him and he was full after nibbling food from our plate. Ryan, on the other hand was such a fussy pot. Thank goodness we found a ‘tai chow’ stall and ordered fried rice for him.




We don’t really enjoyed our meal there. It was hot and there were too many people. Not to mention the long queue at each of the stall and the food was below our expectation. That was our first and last time at Gurney Drive throughout our stay in Penang.

After dinner we went for a stroll at Gurney Plaza. We spent a lot of time inside Toys r Us because the big monkey wanted to buy a toy. We don’t really have an agenda so we went ahead with Ryan’s request.

After spending moolah at the toys shop, both boys are ready to go back to the hotel. We called it a day.

Day 2
The boys were really excited. Both woke up early in hope they could go check out the pool right away but I told them they can only go after breakfast.

Breakfast @ The Star Diners. Taken on our last day in Penang.


** At the Pool**






Ryan spent hours and hours on these slides. He could literally sleep there. He had so much fun.

Hotel staff and kids dancing to the YMCA song. Ryan participated for a short while (1 minute) and declared he’s out of it.

The beach. Ryan preferred the pool than the beach so we didn’t really enjoyed the beach but there were some interesting activities there such as para sailing and poney rides.


That night we were ambitious. Hubs called his staff who is a Penangnite for food recommendation. He gave us a few names and we ventured out. We spent half an hour on the road indecisive where we should head for dinner. We passed the restaurants recommeneded, alas non meet our expectation. So we detour and went to i-Dragon, Gurney Plaza for dinner. Speaking of adventurous. LOL.

Activities at the beach.

Not bad. At least the Prince finished one big plate of fried rice

Day 3
The weather was melting hot. After spending 5-6 hours at the pool yesterday, we really needed a break from the sun. We suggested a few places to Ryan and he chose Kek Lok Si Temple *Temple of Supreme Bliss) @ Ayer Itam as our destination because he wants to see turtles.


I don’t think we were supposed to write anything since each color has its representation. I didn’t know and wrote down a whole list of wishes. :P

The sacred pond. I remember the turtles used to be huge in sizes now they looked sad, pathetic and H U N G R Y. Kesian…

Feeding the turtles

Inside the incline lift to go up the hill to see the Goddess of Mercy


In the afternoon, we wandered around the hotel. Boys complained the weather was too hot and demanded ice cream. After searching hi and lo, we found Haagen Daz ice cream at the Hard Rock shop.

RM15 per mini size cup. Daylight robbery!

In the evening, more water play for Ryan. Lil B wasn’t as keen. So we hung out at the kids club instead.


For dinner, we were too lazy to drive. We ended up at Star Diners again, the same place we had our daily breakfast. Food was so so. Nothing to shout about. I guess one can judge by looking at the number of tables occupied in the restaurant.

We were one of the two tables occupied in the restaurant. :P

Day 4

We checked out after breakfast. On our way towards the Penang bridge, we took a detour to the Snake Temple.

After we took the pic with the snake (RM30 each), Ryan declared he want a picture solo with the snake. I tried to dissuade him but he was adamant.

P1150143 P1150144

My brave boy!

Didi want his share of the creepy crawler.

We reached home about 5pm that day. Traffic was a little congested but we had a fabulous time in Penang. If only the traffic in the city was more kind.

*** the end ***

Bad Hair Day

Ryan @ 5 years 8 months 4 weeks
Lil B @ 1 year 11 months 3 weeks

Both in dire need of haircut.






Hah! They both look so much better after trimming off those unruly hair and for the second time my lil B did not cry during his haircut. But happy not. Guess what. This time he chose to S C R E A M instead … ‘MO
‘ *faint*

Lil B making a series of funny faces there, again.












Chinese Writing

Ryan @ 5 years 8 months

My ‘banana’ son working on his Mandarin writing homework.

.I was outside the room with Lil B when I overheard Ryan and my helper having this conversation.

Ryan: Loida, can you teach me how to write? It’s so difficult.
Loida: I don’t know Chinese. Ask Mommy to help.
Ryan: Mommy also don’t know Chinese. Mommy speaks only English.

Upon hearing that, I walked into the room towards his study table. I looked at his workbook, heaved out a sigh of relief and read out ‘wo shi malaixiya ren‘ and taught him how to write the characters using imaginative symbols (mouth, leg, mustache, etc..). Afterall Chinese characters were derived from logograms. So it makes sense to use the method.

It was a relief I could still read those simple characters. It’s not that Ryan doesn’t know how to read them. I’m sure he’s taught how to read them in class. Nevertheless to be able to read out to him will boost his confidence in me. I hate being helpless and I certainly do not want him to perceive he could not depend on his mommy for guidance. Thank goodness that was relatively easy. I couldn’t imagine how am I supposed to guide him if we decide to enroll him into a Chinese curriculum school. Help !!


I want a phone

Ryan @ 5 years 8 months



We have an old phone lying around the house. Out of the blue Ryan declared he is now the proud owner of the phone. Tonight he willingly gave me RM8.80 from his savings so I could get him a phone number (Hotlinks prepaid pack). Lately he’s into this ‘adult’ mode. He’s been observing what us, the adults do and possess. Eg. He no longer wants to use his kiddy bowl, he wants adult plate, adult cutleries. Few days back, he asked me if he could get a credit card. Then yesterday he asked me what age he could learn how to drive. He told me he wants to save enough money to buy a Proton. His dream cars are the Porsche, Lamborghini, Pagani Zonda but he knows he can’t afford, neither does his parents. So he settled with a Proton. (the most affordable car one can own I told him :P). Eversince he has been very calculative with his money. Not easy to squeeze money out from him. Reminds me how he innocently announced he will not celebrate Darren’s birthday after I told him to buy Didi a present. He was evidently upset. Told us he doesn’t like birthday celebration because it’s a waste of money. Told us on Darren’s birthday he will wake up early, wish Didi Happy Birthday and just watch TV. No presents. Basically no one could touch his money, in his own words ‘hard earned money’ (because we pay him when he does housework. To him, that is real hard work). Hahaha… So I guess for him to part with RM8.80 from his hard earned money speaks how desperate he is to be apart of this ‘adult’ world.., to own something each of us adult owns, yes? The crave for independence sure starts early.

My adult wannabe first born.. Love you lots <3 .