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Down memory lane..

Lil B @ 2 years 5 years

Loida is currently on 2 weeks holiday break (15th – 30th July 2012). As such I’ve been spending a lot more time with the kids.

This morning I took out one of the old photo albums to occupy lil B with it. It was so funny. Lil B flipped through a few pages before he asked.. ‘Mommy, is this your friend?‘ I took a glance and saw this…


Muahahahaaaa … So ‘someone’ aged look ‘different’ now so much so his son couldn’t recognize him?

Noticed we looked kinda distant in picture? I guess partly because we were in a distant relationship for 3 years before we were ‘reunited’ after I went there. Gosh, how the relationship survived those 3 years? Ha ha..

The picture was taken back in Oct ’97, barely a month after we arrived at Birmingham, UK where I spent the next 3 years in this second largest city for my undergrad years. Hubs by then was reading his Masters at Oxford, 1.5 hours (train) from where I was. After spending 3 years in the country, he was like our white cane showing me and my flat mates around. How time flies.

Studio Shoot

Ryan @ 6 years 2 months
Lil B @ 2 years 5 months

I bought a studio shoot deal with Creative Visual Studio for RM150 from Groupon. It comes with 2 hours shoot, 1 20 pages Photobook and 4 pcs of 4R prints. Ryan had his first studio shoot when he was about 2 so it’s only fair Darren get his share now. ❤☺


The above pic was taken back in 2008 when Ryan was about 2+ years old. How time flies. He was so cute then, still with the baby fats! (ok, he’s still cute now but in a handsome way 😜😝)

So the day came. Both boys were in cheery mood so the session went really smooth.


Lil B was really easy to shoot. He was cooperative and able to take instructions. Even the photographer, Feeq commented how easy it was to shoot Darren. We were just glad it’s all over with.

We were given the full 192 shots taken in the span of 30 minutes. there were some good and bad shots.

This is one of the good ones.



Matching PJs

Ryan @ 6 years 2 months
Lil B @ 2 years 5 months




Absolutely love the boys in matching outfit. So cute! I doubt they will like the idea of matching brothers outfit when they are older. By then they would probably only want matching ‘couple’ outfit with their girlfriend.


That’s Darren wearing one of Ryan’s creation. It’s supposed to be the bull’s horns. Ryan’s school is teaching the students about Spain so the bull thing explains.

Sidetrack. Speaking of bullfighting, I, personally am not a fan to say the least.

I watched my first and last live bullfighting show back in 1999 in Barcelona, Spain. I still remember we were interviewed by their local TV newsmen for our thoughts of the sports just before we were ushered into the stadium. Being young and naive, I remember we told the newsman how much we looked forward to the show! *bummer* Ha ha ha…

After the show, I swear I will not support the sport again. It was pure cruelty watching how the bulls were baited and killed in the ring as the crowd cheered on. It was an eye opener for me.

… Well, then again, that’s entirely my thoughts. Who am I to judge another country’s tradition which could be traced back since 1726 right? No? Yes? . 😂😱😂 ha ha ha…


Drawing Faces

Lil B – 2 years 5 months

Lil B is into drawing these days. The other day he asked to draw on a balloon after seeing what his kor kor did.

I gave him a balloon and he asked what can he draw. I guess he needed ‘inspiration’. 😄😄 I told him he can draw faces with 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth. He went scribbling out his masterpiece.

This is his art of work.. Haha.. Not bad right. 😝😄😝😄



Bug Bites

Lil B @ 2 years 5 months

My lil boy has such sensitive skin that whenever he got bitten by some insects/bugs, his skin swells up.

This morning he woke up with a swell on his palm. I’m not sure if it was mosquito bite, insects, bed bugs and gawd knows what insects. Poor boy.


Thank goodness for a scorching hot day today. I sent the mattress out for a good sunning session and I’m trying this out after I spotted it at Ace. So hopefully he stays clear tonight.