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Personal Tutor Sustem

Ryan @ 6 years 8 months

One of the many reasons why we chose this school for Ryan is because of its Personal Tutor System.

Under the PTS, the assigned tutor will be looking at the child’s academic as well as personal development. The assigned tutor will regularly meet up with the child’s other subject teachers to discuss the child’s progress academically.

I particularly like this part.


Ryan spends 7 hours in school from Mon – Fri so I’m very pleased the school has the PTS in placed to help us keep track of him (not just academic but personally as well in school).

Ryan entering Primary 1 (Day 3)

Ryan @ 6 years 8 months

Today is the last day parents are allowed in the school. I decided to stay back for Ryan’s swimming lesson at 8.00am. Yes, crazy early!! Nevertheless the kids survived. There were no grumbling only laughter and giggles.

There are 21 students in Ryan’s class. They were divided into 2 groups (boys and girls) with 2 coaches on duty.


I asked Ryan at night how the swimming went. He said it was fun albeit too short of a session. He also said two of his friends wore underpants under their swimming trunk! As a result they don’t have a fresh pair to change into after shower. Lol.

For the record, Ryan came back with the following homework: 1 Bahasa (Kata Nama Am), 3 pages of Mathematics, a list of Spelling (6 words) for next week. Months before we deciding on the school, we already knew it’s a pretty academic school but to expect homework on 2nd day is erm.. a bit.. unexpected. I guess we have to start getting ourselves prepared for more to come. 😱

Ryan entering Primary 1 (Day 2)

Ryan @ 6 years 8 months

Day 2 was a breeze. We left home about 7.35am and managed to get there on time. Phew.

Ryan is very much at ease today so I left after dropping him off in his class.

Hubby is still on leave so he accompanied me to the doc for my sprained arm. The pain was so bad I insist on a jab. Finally I can raise my hand again. Lol.

We didn’t managed to visit Ryan during his snack break but we managed to catch him during his lunch. Today he sat in between his best buddy Isaac and Sujen.


Today, Ryan came back with 2 pages of Mathematics homework. I wasn’t really expecting so since it’s only the second day. Well, maybe because all the kids settled pretty fast. 😰

Ryan entering Primary 1 (Day 1)

Ryan @ 6 years 8 months

This date, 2 January 2013 marked another milestone for Ryan.

This date, he officially goes into Standard 1.

The night before, I couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t until 4am I managed to catch a wink before being awaken by hubs’ frequent visits to the washroom due to food poisoning. I think I slept less than 2 hours that night.

I wasn’t sure my sleepless episode was due to over excitement or simply insomnia. As a result of my lack of sleep, I woke up with a sprained arm and totally zombified.

Anyways, the alarm went off at 6.45am. It was easy getting Ryan up. First he’s always a morning person. He wakes up 7am almost everyday during the school holidays, so waking up early is not an issue.

We left the house at 7.25am and reached the school 10 mins to 8.00am. I guess next time we can wake up 15 mins later.

When we reached the classroom Mozart 1, it was almost full. Most 21 students were already seated. Some had the anxious look, some with a curious face and some gave out a blurred looking face. In short, the whole class was quiet with a bunch of serious kids. Haha.

Ryan chose an empty seat and that seat eventually becomes his permanent seat now. He has girl as his neighbor on both sides (Jasmine on left and Madelaine on right).

Ryan settled in very fast. At home he already told us we can go home after dropping him off but I insist I would stay. He forbade his daddy to go. I guess he’s feeling the stress with hubby around.

Nevertheless we left 45mins past 8.00am because hubby need to go see the doc. I went back again to see Ryan during his snack break at 10am. This time I brought lil B.

Ryan was surprised to see me. He asked ‘Mommy, why are you here?’. I told him it’s because I want to make sure he’s all good to which his reply was ‘It’s ok, you can go now. I’m a big boy’.

Ryan’s snack and lunch is provided. His very first snack was Tuna Croissant and Vitagen. Being a very picky eater, I’m surprised he finished his meal. I didn’t go see him during lunch but I was told he ate rice with tofu and vegetable / plain water.

I picked Ryan up at 3pm. Noticed he was already making friends. Smiling and chatting all the way. One of them being Isaac, a Japanese mixed boy. They seemed to be able to get along pretty well. Ryan couldn’t stop talking about him and how Isacc wants to sit with him when opportunity arises. Ahh kids. So funny and pure. I’m relieved and thankful he has found a friend making his settlement much easier than my expectation.



First day of 2013

Ryan @ 6 years 8 months
Lil B @ 2 years 11 months

We decided to bring the boys to The Gardens today because we were hoping to get the Philips LED table light for Ryan. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it in the whole Mid Valley not The Gardens. The closest match we found was a LED table light from Xtra Furniture shop which has a jaw dropping price tag of RM1600. Mad.

After much disappointment however, we brought the kids for another yogurt treat. This time at our favorite Moo Cow. Their yogurt taste delish. Way better than Tutti Frutti.

In the evening I asked hubby to accompany me to pasar malam (night market). Since Ryan is starting school tomorrow we forbade him from going. We brought lil B instead. It turns out to be a fruitful outing for him.


He had been holding on to Ryan’s Adidas watch all day. No other watches we have at home could replace it. Not until he laid his eyes on this bright yellow Angry Bird watch.