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We named her Creamy. Was supposed to bring her home but due to some unforeseen circumstances we did not.

We were upset after Creamy’s incident. Then one afternoon, my friend sent me this pic. When I saw her I knew I had to go see her. Immediately, I drove Ryan to the pet shop (near Leisure Mall) to see her. The minute we laid eyes on her we knew she’s the one. She’s a purebred brown poodle. She was so gentle, so tiny and extremely cute. She’s Coco, D.O.B 16 Aug 2012. A name Ryan had given her.

Even my sis went to see her at the pet shop before we brought her home a week later because Ryan was ill.

Finally Coco is home. She was 2 months old. It was no easy feat to convince do many people at home (especially hubby) before we could bring her home.

She was such a good girl. Pet shop owner had forewarned us Coco will cry for the first few nights but she did not.







Brought her for her final jab. I asked the vet to trim a bit of her facial hair and nails. FOC. 😜

Just a few days before 2012 ended, we brought her for a full grooming at Petsmore (RM80). I asked for teddy bear clip on her face, all other areas to be cut short. A couple of hours later when I picked her up, I must say I was a little heartbroken when I see her voluminous baby coat is all gone. But her baby hair has to go for her to grow nicer coat. Nevertheless, despite looking different, I think she’s still looking very adorable here, especislly so in her “Xmas hat”. 😂 Boy, my dear Coco, how she has grown.