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Darren’s Tadika Interview

Darren @ 3 years 9 months

Time flies. Next year my previous lil b will be going to school.  I surveyed a few kindergartens around our neighborhood and decided we will send Darren back to his kor kor’s old school. Hubby had wanted to send Darren to a more academic focussed school, the exact opposite of my preference for a more relaxed, play based, character building school. In the end,  we decided to let lil b choose.

On the 24th of August, we brought Darren to visit the kindy – the school where his elder brother had graduated from. A few days prior, I had brought him to the ‘academic’ Tadika Susu Madu where his cousin Ni Hui is studying. He doesn’t like it. I personally was quite taken back too.

Anyways, on the day we visited Soka, right away lil b told us he want to study in Soka. The school is not new to him.  He had been to the school many times during his kor kor’s kindy years. It’s inevitable for him to feel more at ease in a familiar environmemt.

We completed a ballot form and were asked to drop it in the box. For a moment I thought I was voting for a new Prime Minister. Haha. The whole process was so serious.

2 weeks later,  I went to the school 10am in the morning to witness their balloting process.  i got there early but the hall was already starting to fill up. I had myself surrounded by parents and children anxiously waiting for the ‘event of the year’ to start. I was the only one who went to this supposedly big milestone day alone. Hubby was away for business trip and Darren was a little under the weather.   Grr.. for the longest time I felt loneliness biting on my nerves. Thank goodness for technology advancement,  I had my phone to accompany me.

They started with K2 and it took about 30 mins or so for 4 years old session.

I literally bit my tongue when the numbers were called. I didn’t know how long it took but it wasn’t long before lil b’s number was called.  4M-19. Lucky lucky. Next the interview process.

Yes. I N T E R V I E W as part of the enrolment process. No legs pulling here. It’s for real. Anyway,  Darren was umwell so his session was postponed.

Today, 1 Nov 2013 lil b’s interview session was scheduled for 3pm. We reached there at 2.30pm. Lil B, accompanied by Ryan (kor kor wanted to tag along to cheer the didi on. How sweet) were ushered to the play area by a teacher while me seated in the classroom having myself interviewed by Loo Laotsi (Ryan’s 6 YO B. Arumlili form teacher). So I guess the interview was more like an assessment. One teacher to assess the child (apparently they look for traits like independance, sharing, motor skills etc) and another on me asking Lil B’s day to day activities.

Anyway after 15 mins or so, I was asked to proceed to the cashier to pay up. Woots. I guess we passed. Yoo hoo..



All excited he wanted to wear the school uniform right away… That made me RM1.1k poorer but come’on look at that smile. I believe we made the right decision.