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Wakey Wakey Mummy!!!!

@ 1 year 3 days

I find it a bit strange to start off the post with the word 1 year (@ 1 year 3 days). Not quite used to it and kinda unbelievable that my baby is now 1 year old already!!! Arrgghh.. I know I know.. So, the post title above speaks it all, WAKE UP WAKE UP MUMMY~~. Kekeke…

Anyways, allow me to do this last one plus another one year milestone. K? *Blehhh*

When Ryan was younger (ard 3 months+++) he was so chubby then that he falls under the 90 percentile babies. However when Ryan started to crawl, his weight came to be more managable and his growth is now back to the average 75 percentile. The last time his length and weight was taken was last Sunday. He stood at 80cm and 10.2kg. Still quite a handful. Phew~~

Anyways, a snapshot of Ryan’s journey in the last 12 months….

Countdown to No. 1

@ 11 months 4 weeks 2 days

This is my last post on Ryan’s baby stories. In half an hour’s time, Ryan would be one and an official toddler. No more a baby. I have said this umpteen times but isn’t it true that when we recollect our thoughts on the whole delivery process, it is just as if it just happened yesterday? Read more here.

We brought Ryan for his scheduled MMR jab this morning. As soon as I sat down, I told paed about Ryan’s eye. After a thorough examination, paed assured us the cut was right at the corner. His eyeball, nerves etc etc inside are all okay. Phew~~ What a big big relief!! Otherwise I think I will not be able to forgive myself.. AND HUBS!!

Ryan cried as soon as we laid him on the bed for his jab. Think he has a phobia of the paed. I can tell from the little rascal’s expression that he was very nervous throughout the whole process. He just held tight on mummy all the time. Aiyoh… my son is so ‘kiasi’ now.

Thought will be good to share this info. During this visit I took the opportunity to find out from paed on Ryan’s recent fever episode. Explained all the post fever symptoms like rashes to paed. He confirmed it was Roseola, another virus that causes fever. Roseola, according to paed was likely infected through air and more easily contagious between baby to baby (6 months – 3 years). There is no medication for Roseola. It is a viral infection that causes sudden and unexplained hi fever, swollen eyes and post fever rashes. So, if your baby is suffering from hi fever, with no other cold symptoms like flu, cough etc, chances are it could be Roseola. At which besides taking medication (Paracetemol / Nurofen) to control the temp, we just have to be patient, allow time for the viral to run its course.

Second thing to share with all is on stye (ngan thiu chum). Ryan is having one now. Aiks.. Luckily not obvious. Paed prescribed an eye cream (Fucithalmic) to apply. He also stressed on the importance of cleaning baby’s hands cos more than often the stye was caused by dirt that got transferred from baby’s hand to their eyes. Thus, the eye infection. I seriously didn’t know that. I always thought it was due to heaty (yit hei). Now I know……*slap head*

Tonight Ryan slept on his own again. I really want to make it a habit. I cannot be patting him to sleep every night. Big boy liow lor. Knowing Daddy’s existence will only cause interruption to my modus operandi, I shoo-ed Daddy to the next room. I passed Ryan his milk as usual after which I just laid still on bed pretended to be asleep too. At one point he was seen rolling, climbing on top of me, knocking his head on mine, etc etc to gain attention. I just ignored him. After like 30 mins he fell asleep. Kekeke.. tomorrow have to repeat the process again. Wish me luck.

Mummy and little Ryan with his newfound play gears (the cutleries) – I didnt know this restaurant provides children cuttleries. They comes in pink, blue, yellow and I think green as well. So cute…

Ryan’s first forward facing car ride

Hello… I am turning one tomorrow

I am a big boy now!!!!

@ 11 months 4 weeks 2 days

Yoohoo….Turning into an official toddler in a couple hours’ time…. No more baby, a toddler soon. This pic was taken at PoPo’s place on the day we celebrated Ryan’s birthday. Ryan was seen here messing with cousin Sean’s tricycle. Hmm.. maybe it’s time to get this little monster one to keep him entertained at home???

Happy & Sad Moment

@ 11 months 4 weeks 1 day

In two days’ time Ryan will turn one. No more a baby, but a toddler soon. The countdown is finally rolling and we have decided to celebrate the occassion at my mom’s place today. I ordered a cake from Mama Min of Ryan’s fav characters (Baby Bright 2) plus his fav basket ball. Was really looking forward to receive it this morning. Unfortunately as you can see from the pic, the cake was a little dented and the figurine in the middle looked as if he has got splashes of water on him (heehee.. actually quite funny).. . Why? Why the dent? Well, apparently the cake had a little accident while on its way to my house this morning. That’s why lor. Poor cake. Really appreciate Min’s effort in trying to fix the cake. :P

Poor black baby. Splashed with water all over face and body. :P

The basketball is actually a candle.. so cute!!

Ryan’s birthday pressie

This is what happened when we pretend to snatch it away

Ryan’s cousins (three musketeers from left: Aisyah, Atiqah & Sean) who kept Ryan entertained during the party.. Pretty obvious two of them are siblings heh..the identical smile :P

I love this pic.. Happily smiling there while watching himself on the video taken during his party earlier

OK… here comes the sad sad part. Ryan as usual was walking all around the room. In like nanoseconds when neither hubs nor my eyes were on him, he slipped and fell. Actually not exactly Ryan slipped rather the playpen cos the wheels were not braked. Ryan cried a bit and was easily soothed shortly after Daddy brought him for a walk around the house. However, when they came back to room, my heart almost stopped beating when I saw blood oozing from Ryan’s right eye. I quickly cleaned him up and saw a scratch on exactly the corner of his eye but his inner eye looks okay to me. The scratch (a small cut) was not serious so I suspect it could be the tears that exaggerated the seriousness of it. But that doesnt stopped me from worrying…. I hope his eye is really okay and not merely my pandai pandai assumption. We’re scheduled to bring Ryan for MMR jab tomorrow so will get paed to check. Arrgghh.. I need assurance from paed.

An awful mark as a result of the fall near Ryan’s right eye

A Cut on Ryan’s Lips

@ 11 months 3 weeks 5 days


I came home to find MIL wiping blood from Ryan’s mouth. The story is like this. Apparently my baby had slipped, fell flat and cut his own lips while practising his walk-walk at nanny’s place this morning.

After so many hours by right the wound should have dried up so when MIL saw Ryan drooling blood she panicked and suggested I visit the paed. I assured her it could merely because Ryan had rubbed his lips to something and caused friction to the wound. Afterall, the cut was on the outside centre of his lips (top and bottom). That explains how easy it is to bleed again. Heehee.. MIL is like me, always kan-cheong.. the better be safe than sorry type.

Anyways, nanny’s side of story is that Ryan had stepped on his PJ pants, unable to balance and fell. Huh?? I don’t understand how could that be possible when the PJ that I put on Ryan last night was infact a bit short wor.. Hmmm.. nvm la. Just hope this lesson will teach nanny to be more careful. Must drop some hints to her tomorrow. **Blehhh**

From my naked eye the cut wasn’t too deep so I was pretty relieved and therefor have again concluded the lack of need to bring Ryan to paed. This time round I am pretty calm (Yeh!!) Maybe partly because I have kinda anticipated no baby can survive the walking phase without any bumps and falls. It’s part of a baby’s growing process. Just hope the little *accidents* would not warrant any need to see the paed.

Ryan showed no signs of distress nor being in pain. Was happily messing up with his toys as usual though blood was seen dripping onto his top (suspect his sleepmate is the culprit). Was a painful sight to watch… afterall, it’s BLOOD!! So I quickly first aided Ryan. Ran through his hanky with cold water and held it to the cut area on his lips (centre top and bottom) to stop the bleeding. As expected Ryan was very against it so I have to repeat the process a few times while distracting him with other things. So difficult to trick this baby nowadays.

Poor baby… Recover fast fast fast ya…..

Poor baby in ZZZz-land (sob…think a bit swollen at the centre)