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Monster Story

@ 1 year 1 month 4 weeks 2 days

Ryan would usually fall asleep on his own while having his last feed at night. All I had to do was lie next to him (Daddy out of room) and pretend to sleep. Two nights ago, he started his antics. Somehow milk and sleep does not go hand in hand now. After his milk, he would either playfully disturbs the mummy who was supposedly *asleep*, look over the headboard to the milk area, or whatever whatever…. So, instead of switching on the lights for extended play time, I decided bed time story telling and what better story to tell but the monster story (monster story just came through my mind, maybe after reading her post..). I doubt Ryan knows exactly what monsters are, so I toned my voice as to accentuate the word “Monster” to give the *monster* effect… Blehh..

Ryan: (Sleepy yet playfully disturbing mummy for attention)
Mummy: Come, mummy tell you a story
(Obediently lay down on bed)
Mummy: (…….. make up monster story ongoing and used the shadow on wall to *scare* the little fella..) IIIIEEEE… Ryan.. can you see the shadow. IIIIEEEE… That looks like a monster. Monster is coming. Faster close your eyes….
(Squint his eyes)
Mummy: Ooh, mummy is afraid of monster. Faster, let’s close our eyes together and sleep before monster comes… (Pat Pat Ryan)
Ryan: (Hugging his sleep mate, didn’t moved an inch)

After a short while, Ryan would be in Zzzz-land………. Nyek. So far the magic trick works for the last two nights but I try not to overdo it else it will lose its effect on the little monster.

Pic of Ryan insisting we put on the wireless headphone on him when he saw it on his cot last night….

Spending the Weekend @ Genting

@ 1 year 1 month 3 weeks 5 days

We went to Genting again over the weekend. I must say Ryan had the most fun of all the three times we’ve been there this year. Must thank my friend (Rynbert) for the complimentary rooms stay. The ride uphill/downhill was very taxing for me. See, I am not a car person. If I could avoid, I wouldn’t want to travel anywhere in car (bus is totally big NO-NO for sure) as I get motion sickness easily. The last two times, Ryan napped in the car. This time Ryan stayed awake throughout the road journey. So from time to time, he demanded entertainment from us. So, who else to provide Ryan with in-car entertainment if not the poor mummy. That explains why when we checked into our rooms around 2pm ish, I had to raise the white flag and physically dropped dead on bed (not exactly dead but yeah.. it was that bad). We opted for the adjoining rooms at Genting Hotel which is a definite plus point not having to confine the little fella in one small room. Ryan was able to entertain himself, exploring the toilets, wardrobe, cabinets and walking up and down from our room to PIL’s vice versa. Ryan was especially elated when Daddy passed him a balloon (yeah silly Daddy actually brought along a balloon without my knowledge.. and yet he had the cheek to complain we brought along too many things). *slap head*

Thank goodness, Ryan was very well behaved. He took his nap from 3.30pm to almost 6.30pm. Phew… we were all so well rested. Ryan is definitely much more mobile this round. The last time we came, Ryan was still taking his wobbly steps so we still needed the stroller everywhere we go. This round, we were able to leave the stroller behind. We brought Ryan to the indoor theme park. Ryan surely enjoyed and had fun……

Ps: Btw, Ryan still ‘nyek-nyek-nyek’ during his sleep. I have no idea why… there were many possibilities.. whatever they are.. I hope they’ll stop soon leh…*sob*

** Ryan had a mild allergic (rashes on tummy & cheek) after mummy fed him with seafood soup. Blehh… So, verdict is no seafood for the time being.

Daddy’s Back but the Whining Conts…

@ 1 year 1 month 3 weeks 2 days

Daddy is back last night. So, did Ryan sleep better then? The answer is No, No, No. Anyways, before I go into the horror part, I must note this down. Ryan had another milestone last night. For the first time he indicated to us he was ready for bed. I usually switches off the light before tucking Ryan to bed. Last night, because we were kan-cheong (anxiously) watching the finale of “Heart of Greed”, we thought we could delay his sleep time to about 10 mins later. Afterall, Ryan did not show any signs he was sleepy, no eyes rubbing etc. But looks like he actually could not wait. He actually dragged Daddy up and pointed to Daddy the light switch (indicating it’s time to switch off the lights for oi-oi). Impressed… so angelic… if only he remained as one throughout his sleep.

Ryan slept at about 10pm last night. So as usual, I took the opportunity to finish off the show, caught up with my blog hop and finally called it at night at 12midnight. Our sweet dreams did not last long. Ryan started his whinning and tossing at 2am, then again at 4am and then finally fully awake by 7.30am. Aiyoohh.. what is wrong Ryan? Sigh… That aside, probably the only consolation throughout the whole episode is Ryan’s eyes actually remained shut. He nyek, nyek, nyek (sounds like in pain), tossed around on bed before settling down on a comfy spot (most of the time it’s our big pillow) and drifted back to ZZzz. So did Ryan actually missed his Daddy. I guess he did la.. Daddy’s return does make a difference. At least Ryan did not wake up and stare pitifully at the milk area at all this time…..

Ryan Misses His Daddy

@ 1 year 1 month 3 weeks 1 day

Guess how many times Ryan woke up last night. 4 times ar!!!! Although it has become a norm for Ryan to toss around on bed during his sleep, he has no prob drifting back to to ZZzz-land by himself. But fuiyohh.. last night. He woke up 4 times and everytime he would climb up, looked over our bed’s headboard, staring over to the milk area. First time I made him milk assuming he was hungry. An hour later, woke up again… cannot be hungry but still he kept staring at the milk area, then when I try to lay him back on bed, the poor fella started to whine and cry. Poor boy.. I think he misses his Daddy cos usually when Daddy makes the milk, Ryan would do exactly the same thing, staring over the head board and smile cheekily to his beloved Daddy (very hiowwww smile, no joke!). But last night of course staring to the empty air. When Ryan woke up for the 4th time around 6am ish, I almost wanna cry myself. So, I ended up picking up the balloon and passed it to him while I continue with my deprived Zzzz. Sorry la.. mummy got to work and very tired cos mummy also slept late last night (Malaika Mummy and Elaine would know why…) The next thing I saw when I woke up, Ryan was holding (hugging) the balloon with both his eyes shut. Muahahahaa…… too bad I don’t have my camera with me.

Eating Dried Fruits

@ 1 year 1 month 3 weeks

Like any normal days I’ll drop Ryan off nanny’s in the morning and hang around a few minutes to catch up with nanny on Ryan’s progress etc etc before bidding bye bye. It’s just impossible to drop and go nowadays because the little fella would held tight to my hand refused to let go. So, have to coax him a bit, distract him with toys etc la… (until today, Ryan still refuses to wave bye-bye to his mummy most of the time. Strangeee).

Nanny: Ryan learn fast hor..
Mummy: Huh.. okay la (deep inside feeling a bit proud la..). Why ar?
Nanny: I taught him once to raise his leg when I put on his pants and he could remember it the next day. Did you teach him at home?
Mummy: (Errmm Ryan knows how to raise his leg when we undress his pants since donno how many donkey months wor..hmm, maybe dressing and undressing different leh) Err, I normally lay Ryan on bed when I put on his pants *slap head*

Ryan on the other hand was busy Eh, Eh, Eh, MM, MM, MM (pointing to the door, held up mummy’s hand insisting to go out…..). I was standing next to Ryan trying to psycho him into staying then the next thing I saw nanny pop a 10 cent size dried fruit into Ryan’s mouth. I swear I almost *pengsan* (fainted). Sooooooooo big piece!!! Nanny then assured me that Ryan has no problem chewing that size of food. Afterall, the lil fella already has like 16 teeth now. Sure enough, Ryan was seen busy chewing chewing, mouth moving left right up down, saliva all dripping giving you the yummylicious look… Oh goshh… can u imagine I still feed Ryan with pureed apple and nanny is already exposing him to all kinds of solid food. I wonder what else Ryan eats in nanny’s place. Sigh… I guess I must really learn to let go, learn to be less protective………. my son is ‘tai kor cai’ (big boy) already…..

Ps: Daddy’s off to HK this morning. MIL is also away on a 6 days holiday to Vietnam. Both will be back tomorrow. So, tonight, just me and Ryan lor….