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Singapore Trip

@ 14 months 4 weeks 1 day

Hubs and I went to Singapore on Friday. It was just an overnight trip and we did not bring Ryan along also knowing we simply do not have the luxury to sneak back to hotel during Ryan’s nap times. Yes, no joke. Busy busy day! So, as much as we know we gonna miss him, we made the decision to leave him under to good care of his beloved grandparents.

Hmm.. some of you have known, many have not, hubs and I (and our precious Ryan of course), are moving to Singapore so our trip down to Singapore this round was a jam packed one, itinerary all lined up from 10am to 4pm. Jialat leh. As a result we did not really *benefited* much from the great Singapore sale. We stayed at Raffles Plaza Hotel so the only glimpse we literally had of the sale was from Raffles City and a quick stroll at Takashimaya.

During our short 2D/1N stay, we called home many times to find out about Ryan, if he’s okay, has he eaten, did he nap, etc etc. When we spoke to MIL on Saturday morning she told us Ryan woke up 2 times the night before, 3am and 6am. So pitiful. Bet both MIL and Ryan did not have a good sleep.

We got home around 11.30pm last night. Ryan was already asleep but was quickly aroused when he heard the commotion. I was just next to him and when he saw me, he gave me the sweetest smile ever. So, he missed me. Yay! But but, being the ever Daddy’s boy, that’s it when he saw hubs. He gave Daddy the double sweetest smile, raised up from bed, clinged on to Daddy like a koala bear. Then guess what. The two laid on bed, side by side, just like two lovely birds. Yay! He missed Daddy doubly more!!! No doubt of that. *Adoi~~~ slap head*.

We may be going to Singapore again this Friday and we have decided to drive this round and may as well confirm the exact place we’ll be staying by this weekend too. So far we have shortlisted, Trellis Tower, Orleando, Bayshore and East Meadows. (Anyone familiar with the few areas? Are they good?). Have not looked at any specific units. I am quite astounded by the speed these units are being snapped. Our agent actually lined up 10 units for us to see last week, 7 were snapped the day before. Amazing!

We didnt really have the time luxury to shop around but when we saw this 25inch remote controlled robot, we just knew we had to get it. Damage: Only S$39/ la… -. *Ryan loves it* :P

Weh Yo…. Yo…..?

@ 14 months 3 weeks 2 days

Ryan’s language development has certainly improved markedly. He is able to follow simple command and has no problem pointing to picture of things when we name it (balls, butterfly, cow, dog, cat, pig, telephone, baby, etc….). He is also becoming more vocal in expressing his emotions, needs and wants. Example, when he play with his car, he’ll make the sound effect – Voom… Ooohh.. voom… (so cute) :D

Anyways, all the while, much emphasis was put on Ryan’s development of the English language. Although Ryan is exposed to 6 languages on a daily basis (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Malay), admittedly his ability to comprehend other languages besides the mother tongue language (English) was conveniently forgotten. *slap mommy’s head*

I’ve noted down Ryan’s ability to vocalize words in English in all his monthly milestones. Somehow it never occurred to me that like most babies, Ryan is adept with the ability to understand multiple languages at one time. (Unlike mommy, spent a few semesters just to learn some basic Japanese language which today I cant even pass reciting 1- 10. Blehh). It only took a turn when we discovered Ryan was actually babbling words in Mandarin when we were in Langkawi. Two notable words Ryan learnt were “Weh Yo” (Mei Yo – Do Not Have/No) and “Yo” (Have), those are his favourite words these days, actually said not out of fluke shot but meaning it. That aside, he’ll even say it with the famous ‘don’t have’ sign language (both palms twisting inwards outwards) as well. So cute la.. Hmm.. Though I am not sure if I will still find all these funny few years down the road but for now, I simply love the way Ryan babble those words with the funny gestures of his. Till the extent, I will make up unsound question so to hear the famous reply; eg. in the bedroom, I’ll ask ‘Ryan, can you see the star?‘. We all know the obvious answer but poor innocent Ryan will be looking up the roof and say “Weh Yo” coupled with the no-no handshake…. :D

I usually have a heart to heart talk with (to) Ryan on our way to nanny’s in the morning asking him how was his sleep, any dreams, hungry etc. Not sure if he understands his mommy’s babbling early in the morning but lately he has been more responsive. Pic below taken this morning of Ryan bleh-blehing with both hands moving up and down.. (hmm.. from his face expression, I think he wants to send his mommy a message that he’s bored with his mommy’s ‘ngam ngam cham cham’ (boring) conversation in the morning). Heehee…. :P

Big Business… you came so late!

@ 14 months 2 weeks 4 days

Ryan has a pretty predictable sleep schedule during the weekdays. I have actually instructed nanny try not to allow Ryan to napped passed 5pm, so during the weekdays, his sleep time is very healthy and managable. Most of the time he’ll be in ZZzz-land by 10.30pm latest. Perfect arrangement cos that’s when mommy and daddy could spend some together time / meme time /himhim time/ herher time whatever whatever… *nah… not what you’re thinking in your mind oki* Grinn…

Anyways, on those not so perfect days, like tonight, Ryan slept at 11.30pm. Why? Sigh… Big Business lor. Actually I shouldn’t be in a state of any surprise. Infact it is very predictable of the little fella.

I would usually tuck Ryan to bed around 10pm. Passed him his milk, I pretend to sleep next to him, and voila, he’ll be in ZZzz-land by the time he finishes his milk. On nights when he refused to sleep yet tired, I knew the *Big Taiko* (poo-poo) is coming – usually in the next 15 mins after we switched on the lights. Yes, it is that predictable. So sure enough, same thing happened tonight. Dee dee daa daa , after all the cleaning etc.. I looked up the time, it was 11.30pm!!! Quickly fed him some water, went through the routine of becoming the ever faithful sleep pretender, counting my fingers in the dark and asking self question.. so quiet, so quiet.. is he asleep? is he asleep? Phew.. no drama tonight, thank goodness. Ryan drifted to sleep in like minutes. Didn’t even finish his water. Sometimes he will put up a show, rolling here and there thinking he is amusing his angry faced mommy. I gather he actually get a burst of energy after the big *MMM MMM* (release). Chinese say ‘yat sun hang’ (body lighter already) therefor can jump up higher, come down faster… simply energetic :P

Okay, back to mommy. Next thing you know what happened? Here I am, in front of my machine with a badly sprained neck, blog hopping, chatting away with Malaika’s Mummy and updating my blog. Certified blogivitis (still owe this mommy a tag). Blehhh…

Pic above taken this morning (4 Jul). Sleepy head in one of his favourite sleeping posture. Love you baby….

Our Trip to Langkawi

@ 14 months 2 weeks 2 days

Langkawi Trip: 28th June – 1 July 2007

3 nights at the secluded Andaman resort was a good breakaway from the bustling city. Infact this is the real trip we had in the last two years (yeah.. I was full of excuses speaking of vacation during my pregnancy and after Ryan’s arrival, my excuse was that Ryan was then too small to travel). Now that he’s 14 months, no more excuse.

Ryan behaved really well throughout our stay in Langkawi. The one hour flight was a breeze as well. Ryan slept through the hour long flight journey and only woke up when the plane landed. Phew~~ but as usual the little fella was acting polymath all the time, busy looking around and exploring his surroundings as soon as we touched down.

We checked into the resort around 2pm and after a quick lunch in our room, all three of us dozed off like in nanoseconds. We woke up 3 hours later and zoomed down the beach area to watch the sunset. Ryan had his first taste of walking on the beach. He acted chary at first but after awhile he was alright. But I wasn’t too comfortable and was pestering hubs to leave upon seeing many crab nests on the sand. Don’t ask me why. I tak tahan (cannot accept) the round shape sands the craps made; simply eerily scary. Geli! So off we go to the wading pool. Ryan warmed up instantly at the pool; as if he has been to the pool many many times when in fact it was his virgin dip into a pool. He certainly had good time kicking water here and there. Glad he enjoyed.

The next few days were mostly spent in the resort itself, in the pool and wandering around. We also brought Ryan to the Kids Club twice as we felt he would have missed his toys, balloons, soft balls etc. Sure enough. He had a good time running around the play area, throwing the softballs and messing up the place.

We brought Ryan to the real pool (slightly deeper la) on the 3rd day. As soon as we put Ryan on the floater, he got tensed up. He was struggling for release. He actually bit me because he was just too afraid when his feet were off the ground. See the love bite I got from the little fella (below pic…) We tried all methods. Hugged, stayed close to Ryan, distracted him by showing him the rest of the babies with floaters etc etc. Luckily Ryan’s fear was a short lived one and he was soon able to relaxed and chilled with the little airbag around him.

The only regret we had was not able to visit the spa. Have heard so much about it but with a baby, we both decided to give it a miss although the resort does offer baby sitting facility. Nah… how could I leave my baby with a stranger?

Overall, it was a FUN, FUN, FUN trip. Service was good at the resort. The staff greeted us by name and were quite attentive on our requests. Just a little let down in terms of cleanliness (u know, the usual under bed area). On the other hand, Ryan proved to be much well behaved than I have anticipated. Very cooperative and was at his bestest behaviour most of the time; what more to ask for from a 14 month old baby. Oh…except that he still can’t stay occupied throughout our meals *slap head*

We Are Back!!!

@ 1 year 2 months 2 weeks 1 day

After spending 4 well rested days in Andaman Resort located in the middle of a 50 million years rainforest in Langkawi, we’re finally back into the bustling city of KL. Ryan was at his bestest behaviour throughout the trip. Will share more later once I’m done sorting out the 300 pictures.

Check out the wonderful sunset view at Datai Bay on the evening of 28 June (Day 1). Simply breathtaking~~~