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Home Sweet Home Again~~~

@ 15 months 3 weeks 1 day

We were in Singapore again over the weekend to finalise the lease agreement. Finally we got the keys to our unit and what initially appear a distant away now seems to be more real. I’m pretty excited and looking forward to the new change. I am really not sure if I can cope with all the changes but thankfully I have Ryan to keep me positive and motivated. It’s all for my baby.

The mover is coming over this Saturday to pack our stuff. We’re expected to be in Singapore on the 20th August and will stay in the service apartment until our house is fully cleaned and organised.

Fascinated by the aeroplane while in the boarding hall

Ryan fell off the bed on the night before we left for Singapore (3 Aug). Speaking of how much I hate my bed frame design..arrghhh!! it’s evident! Poor baby…

A short clip of how Ryan occupied himself in the hotel room…Mid way, he even let out a cheeky grin. :D Here goes my ‘Mighty Baby in Action’.

Sleep Deprivation

@ 15 months 2 weeks 2 days

Ryan is better, temp has gone down (below 37.5c) though his appetite is still pretty poor gauging by his standard. I think he lost huge amount of weight. Suddenly I could carry him for much longer time now :P

He is back to his normal self (ball, ball, ball everyday). Come to think of it, even when he was down with high fever he was still very much into streneous activities, romping here and there.

Initially when nanny told me Ryan took his medicine willingly, I really doubted cos from past experience and the last few days’ med feedings, Ryan wailed pitifully with big big tears every single dose we fed him. Yesterday nanny did the magic in front of me. True enough. Ryan gulped down the Augmentin antibiotics, infact not one but two teaspoons (4ml, nanny splited into two feedings) without a single whine. I was astounded. My son surely knows who to bully. *grin*

Last night marked the 4th night since we had any good sleep due to Ryan’s unexplained tossing and whining during the night.

Eerrr.. How come I don’t remember getting any sleep at all???

Yeah.. it’s that bad. I pray for a better night tonight.

Wish us luck~~~

*Zombie face

***** on a separate note, whenever Ryan sees my hairband laying around, he’ll pick it up and put it on top of my head. Last week I asked

Mommy: Ryan, do you want to wear mommy’s hairband?
Ryan: (nod, nod, nod)
Mommy: (knowing he’ll get overreacted for anything that goes on top of his head, I asked again) Are you sure you want to wear mommy’s hairband?
Ryan: (nod, nod, nod)

Ok la… here goes the cheeky boy: (22 Jul 07)

Updated 7 Aug: That night Ryan finally slept thru the night. Daddy and Mommy finally got some decent sleep but speaking of phobia, we were so paranoid even with Ryan’s slightest whim afraid it’s gonna be another long night. Phew~~~

It’s Bacterial Throat Infection Afterall….

@ 15 months 2 weeks

So glad we brought Ryan to the paed yesterday. It turns out his fever has no connection with his flu vaccine. He’s actually down with a bacterial throat infection. Was prescribed Augmentin (antibiotics) and suppositories for fever and pain.

Saturday, 28 Jul
11.00pm – Thermoscan reading showed 38.8C again. Inserted suppository. Ryan rolled and whined all night.. Neither hubs nor me had any good sleep.

Sunday, 29 Jul
3.00am – Wailed for no apparent reason. Ryan’s reading remained consistentlyt at 38.5C. Inserted another suppository.
9.00am – Ryan woke up and started behaving oddly. He was cranky and cannot let mommy out of sight.
11.00am – Brought Ryan to the paed. Diagnosed throat infection and was prescribed medication.
1.00pm – Force fed Augmentin (4ml). Poor baby wailed his lungs out.
2.45pm – Woke up after 1 hour nap.
4.30pm – We laid on bed watching Baby Bright after sponging Ryan. I felt his hands and feet were very cold and poor boy shivered. I quickly turned off the aircon and hugged him for warmth.
– Ryan’s temp peaked at 39.8C. I almost went berserk. Quickly inserted the Venon suppository. Quickly sponged Ryan with wet towel.
6.30pm – The medicine kicked in. He was able to play a bit.
9.00pm – Tucked Ryan in after another round of sponging and suppository.
11.30pm – Nightmare began. Ryan wailed for no reason. After a while of soothing he dozes off.
12.30am – Wailed again. This time no soothing could bring him back to sleep. He decided he wants to be awake.
1.30am – Still awake
2.30am – Still awake
3.30am – Dozed off
4.30am – Wailed again
5.30am – Wailed again
7.15am – Woke up

We literally did not get any sleep last night but thankfully Ryan’s temp remained below 38C. That is the most important. I really don’t mind not sleeping at all. I just want to see Ryan back to his normal self.

Today, 30 Jul
Sent Ryan to nanny this morning. When I told nanny of Ryan’s ordeal, she said this to me:

Nanny: Poor boy. ‘Keh Lian’. He got infected by ‘fei mui’. Fei mui (chubby baby girl) is the other baby cared by nanny.
Me: (Kek sei. Arrgghh… !!!!)

Pic taken last night.

Ryan running a fever

@ 15 months 1 week 4 days

The last time Ryan fell sick was in April, that was like 3 months ago a week after his MMR vaccine. In between I dare vouch he has been 100% fit (at least much healthier than Daddy for sure). I thank his clean bill of health to his healthy daily intake of yogurt and fish oil. This time round his fever came right after his anti-flu vaccine. The paed did mention the vaccine may/may not cause fever. Arrgghh… don’t I just love and hate all these vaccines!

I know fever is not always an enemy, rather a good sign indicating the body’s immune to fight the invaders. But call me kiasu, name me kiasi. It breaks my heart seeing the lil one sick. When Ryan’s temp peaked at 38.8C, I just had to administer the suppository (my first time :P). When I was ‘doing’ it, hubs asked “B ar.. you know how to do it?“. I kept silent. “Have you done it before or not?” I uttered no words. Arggh.. there I was, kancheong and was trying hard to focus, my hubs was at my side ‘ngam ngam cham cham’ asking me 1001 questions. I really don’t know what else hubs asked. In a blink of an eye, I shoved the suppository in. Phew~ So, if my hubby is reading this post now, here goes my answer “I think so” and “No“. I do not want to tell you earlier knowing you’ll sure ‘Ngi Ngi Ngor Ngor’ questioning if I was doing it right.

Ryan was his normal self all day – still into strenuous activities though he did throw occassional tantrums at Ikea this afternoon, an evident rosy cheeks (quite cute tho), and being extremely clingy to mommy (yay! oopss). His temp has subsided after the supp. Have to continue to monitor him tonight. If it’s really the effect of vaccine, the fever should not last more than 48 hours (according to the ‘What to Expect’ bible la..).

Get well soon baby……..

Anti Flu Vaccine

@15 months, 1 week, 2 days

We decided to opt for the anti flu vaccine so brought Ryan to the paed last night. Unlike last month Ryan behaved tremendously well this time. He longer make faces, neither was he afraid when the stethoscope landed on his tummy. He even exchanged acknowledgement with the paed by nodding his head when the latter asked “how are you Ryan”. So cute….

We laid him on the couch and when the needdle was injected, he cracked a short ‘Aaahhhh’ but was easily pacified. Phew~~~

Overall, Ryan’s weight still maintained at the 75 percentile but dropped a little from last month’s. He’s at 10.6kg, 83cm length, 48cm head circumference. Poor baby.