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He Picks, He Plays

@ 16 months 4 weeks 1 day

Yes.. he picks his DVD, he plays his DVD…. :P He even knows which button on the remote to switch on the telly nowadays. Actually wasn’t that difficult. I taught him the ‘red button’. Now he knows…

** Ryan even crawled back to Daddy after his ‘achievement’. Aaah.. actually have not seen him crawled for awhile. Miss those dayss…

Separately, if you’re feeling a little down today, check out the clip below.. Hope this will bring a little smile on your face.
* Clip of Ryan laughing hysterically here while watching an animated Mr Bean show…


Before he could feed himself, he decided to feed others. This evening during mealtime, the poor duck became his victim. :P

Sat his duck nicely on the baby chair

Making sure poor duckie eats its food (squeezing its mouth there). Err.. in case anyone is wondering, NO NO NO, I did not do this to Ryan. Don’t know where he learnt that cruel act :P


Random thoughts…

** Daddy is away for a 3D2N conference in Phuket. Will only be back Sunday. Just mommy and baby ….. lonely lonely nightsss….

** Every evening I will bring Ryan to the park. After spending some time there he will lead me to the pool. When we walk near the pool, he’ll pull his shirt indicating he wants to change into his swim wear and go for a swim

** Ryan will bring me the key when I can’t open his can of raisin (yea.. my fault.. he saw me doing it once)

** Every morning, after bidding goodbye to daddy, he will signal to Daddy (pointing to Daddy’s shoes) reminding Daddy to wear his shoes and then say ‘close’ so that Daddy will not forget to close the door. Funny baby I have here heh…

** French Toast for breakfast, Pumpkin cereal for lunch and Salmon Carrot Porridge for dinner

I’m Feeling Better

@ 16 months 3 weeks 4 days

Thank you all for the support. A week has passed and I’m feeling much better. I no longer stresses myself for a 3 dish 1 soup meal for hubs and I’m also learning to keep one eye close when I see strands of hair, papers, threads on the floor, away from the guilt of leaving the house unkept. Everything is well taken care of now. Hubs will take his dinner in the office as he works late (cannot expect him to starve and only eat dinner at 11pm), and cleaner lady will come ‘fix’ my house once or twice a week for 4 hours each ($12 per hour). So my focus is entirely on my little monster’s needs and my own tummy’s fillings. I really appreciate all the advise given as it gave me insights to take things at a slower pace and not expect too much from my little self. The beauty of blogging. Muakss to you all!!
Some pics to share as usual~~

Walking with both eyes closed

Flexi Baby

An Attempt at Self Feeding

OMG.. The Mess

Stacking spree these days

I cooked again for the 2nd time yesterday. This time Fried Meehoon. Just a simple dish yet it took me two hours to accomplish that. Paiseh. I sucks when it comes to cooking and housechores. But I feel really good cos hubs and Ryan loves it. Not bad for a first timer heh… :P

Aspiring singer. Bought him a new toy at Metro Paragon this afternoon

OK.. got to go serve my master dinner. Unsalted butter salmon porridge (with pumpkin and cauliflower) for tonight’s dinner. Yummy~~

Is this part of the gene?

@ 16 months 2 weeks 2 days

Parents in law are in town. They’re going back to KL tomorrow with Linda. The reality of being a full time SAHM will strike me very soon………… Grrr..grr..grr…

Anyways, this post is about Ryan. I noticed that he likes to do this when he’s in a relax/chilling mode – either watching the telly, having his meal/snacks or drinking his milk.

Index toe on top of big toe

I tried to imitate.. I can’t.. am I ‘cacat’ or what?? Can you? I’m curious…

I suspect it’s probably like tongue twisting? Some can, some not? Hmm… and when I turned around and asked this fella.. he can and not surprisngly quickly straightened his legs and proudly demonstrated the commonality he shared with his beloved son. Cheh….

Daddy demonstrating his toe twisting skills. Blehhhh…… (heehee.. ignore the bulu-bulu pls)

Pictures Galore

@ 16 months 1 week 6 days

Some updates about my little kulingchingkwai. Enjoy~

~~Good Night Baby~~
The sweet little face that that promised me sweet dreams every night… and times of nap. It’s actually quite easy to get Ryan to bed if he’s ready for one. A bottle of milk will do the trick. However, when he’s not sleepy, it takes a little bit more effort – ranging from lullabies, bed time stories, etc. When all good efforts failed.. I have to use the last resort –> LIZARD. Yes.. the creepy lizard. Not in real though.. :D What I’ll do is to say these words out… Ryan, help mommy spot the lizard please. Any lizards? Ooh.. is the lizard coming out… Usually it works. Ryan would be seen staring up the ceiling, focusing his ‘search’ for lizard and dozes off in no time.

Pic taken during his morning nap

~~Good Morning Baby~~
My ‘gai ching’ (chicken essence) that gives me a boost of energy every morning. Being the face that greets me good morning everyday.

One of my friend commented Ryan has this ‘lum sei lui’ smile (aka the ‘half’ smile that melts a girl’s heart). True ar? Hmm.. my opinion… mmm..not sure but I think he has Jackie Chan’s nose la.. :D

~~Shower Time~~
Nothing could get Ryan more excited than ‘pom-pom’ time cos that also mean he could play with the shower head. The first time I showered him back in KL, he was soooo upset when we signalled timeout that he screamed and wailed his lungs out. I’ve never seen him so upset. Eversince then I tried to avoid showering him until now we’re in SG, the shower area is simply too small for a tub nor to fit two people inside. So for the past one week plus I’ve been showering him inside the bath tub instead. Well, I guess practise makes perfect. He’s no pulling faces, no longer upset when I turn off the water. Why? I discovered another trick lor. After we’re done, I’ll just have to tell him (scare him to be precise.. I’m such evil), Ryan…see got creases/lines on your fingers already. Hurry up before it spreads all over your body and face. I’m not sure if he understands the whole thing but Terra.. he’ll be out, wrapped in towel in no time; all with no single fuss. :D Blehhh…

~~ Boredom Casted on His Face~~
Poor baby. So ‘moon’. Pic taken just before we left the house for our new apt whereby a new toy awaits him. I cant wait to move in soon so Ryan could be reunited with all his other toys.

Like father like son?

New toy from Ikea. Hmm.. still doesn’t looked too pleased there heh… (more toyssss pls)

~~ Fussy baby~~
The 16th month old start making his decision. Yes.. that’s what Ryan does lately. Generally Ryan is quite cincai when it comes to most things such as food, clothes, toys etc but these few days he tested the water on my patience when he leant he could actually decide for himself. For a start, nowadays he decides – No. 1) The CDs he want to watch on the telly and No.2) The shoe he wants to wear.

Pic above shown 3 of his most fav CDs. Ryan would pick the CD based on the pic he saw on the CD label. If you decide to put another one, he’ll shove the one he picked right to us until we run it on the player. Aah.. last few days I ended up watching Brainy Baby again and again and again until I think I could remember everything about it.

Ryan has about 4 pairs of shoes but this white one is by far his all time fav. I have at least two pairs of Ryan’s shoes in my car. In the car, I’ll ask him to pick a pair he wants to wear. Speaking of coincidence or what but it’s always the white pair that he chooses. Even if he picks the other pair, he’ll be seen attempting to pull the shoes off after awhile. Really ‘yim chim’ (fussy).

~~ I don’t need a maid~~
Such a great helper I have here.. who said this mommy needs a maid…

As seen on clip, Linda was teasing Ryan there to wipe clean the table. Ryan took a look at the hanky and said ‘mei you’ suggesting it’s not dirty. Probably thinking why this silly Linda asked me to clean the table when it’s not dirty.. :P Ps: Ryan likes to use his left hand alot.. indication of him being a lefty?