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Spot the Difference

@ 8 months 3 weeks 5 days

Can you spot the difference on the keyboard?

Yeah.. so obvious right. The keyboard has a missing alphabet W.

What happened? Well, when I was happily ti-ti-ta-ta-ing (chatting) with Iryne and DesperateMummy, Ryan manja-manja leaned next to me. Assuming he just wanna lean on me, I paid no special attention to his sudden manja-manja… but suddenly his ugly side reveals. He literally snatched my laptop from me and the end result of the erm ‘struggle’ is….. a missing alphabet ‘W’. Sei lor…

Should I punish Ryan? I should, but then when I look at his cutie face, my heart just melts…

Nice Baby Suit

@ 8 months 3 weeks 5 days

I totally agree that when you’re about to drown with some assignments and what not, take a step back, relax a bit, do whatever mo-mo-liu-liu things you want to do.. so called to unwind la .. will definitely helps. Anyways.. it’s lunch time now so I deserved a break.. :D

So what mo-mo-liu-liu thing I’ve done… this lor.

See see see.. how to resist? So cute wordings. When I saw them at Metrojaya that day I was soooo sure that I gonna end up buying them. Moreover, quite reasonably priced too. So ended up with both. There is another one “If you think I’m cute, look at my Daddy” – too bad for Mr Lim, no size. Hehehe.. (sei lor.. almost everyday I bought something for Ryan). I actually saw another one at Mothercare that reads “Sleep is for grown up”. Have to wait till I get my itchy hands on it.

Now get back to work!! Arghhh….

Anniversary Pt 3

@ 8 months 3 weeks 4 days

Received a sms from Mr Lim early yesterday morning. Here goes…

Bee, Thanks for the present. Should get me the new phone by Apple ma. They just launched. Nice nice. Kekeke.. Kidding. Really got me there. Love the xxxxx. Thankss. Will get you something later. Love.

I paid special attention to the last sentence – ‘Get me something later’. Eyes blink blink. Yoohoo.. I will get a pressie soon. Well, didnt Mr Lim get me anything? Erm.. yes and no.

Based on Mr Lim’s own defence:

**Yes – he said he bought me a watch, a car and gave me a beautiful son wor. Hello… like that also can???? Sigh.. and

**No, he didn’t give me any surprise gift.

Should protest? Nevermind la. It’s the thought that counts (see, Mr Lim is always busy with work. I would say a workaholic). The fact he remembers the occassion and asked me out for dinner is sweet enough. I purposely kept mum about it this year. Kinda unlike me cos I’ll usually spam him with reminders daysss earlier)

At night Mr Lim asked what I want again.. sigh.. frankly I don’t know. Of course I have a list of things running in my head but that’s not what I want.

To Mr Lim: Maybe just get me a fridge magnet.. hehehee.. gila mummy.

Anniversary Pt 2

@ 8 months 3 weeks 4 days

Oki Oki.. some updates on how our celebration went.

We only met around 8.30pm (yeah.. hubs busyyyyy ma), so it was just a simple din din at Dome KLCC. But it was one of the best dinners for the fact we were able to spend some quality moment together without having to take turns to extertain our little monster.

After din din, we went home. Soooooooo happy to see Ryan still awake (serious… kinda miss him lor after so many hours at work). Check out how he greeted us..

The more we asked him not to do that, the more ‘mengada’ (excited) he got trying to squeeze his face thru the net. Adoi~~

Well, inconjunction with the special day, I actually wanted to give Mr Lim a lil surprise. Hahaha.. not some sleezy SXXX exploration rather just a small give I bought for him la.. So, after putting Ryan to bed around 11pm, I took out my mobile and start sms-ing. Sms-ing who? Err.. to Mr Lim lor. I didn’t get him a card (neither did he. errmm.. geram-nya.. but nvm la.. busy ma) so I have to send him a note about all the ching-ching -tap-tap (lazy to write) and that I have bought him something. It was meant to be a surprise so here goes what happened.

Me: Busy typing sms-es (length of 3 sms-es. Kekeke). So there were a lot of ti-ti-ta-ta la..
Mr Lim: Bee, what are you doing with your mobile. Bising la.
Me: Nothing la..
Mr Lim: (Not satisfied). Bebe asleep la. What are you doing?
Me: Err.. I’m deleting the old sms-es. Inbox burst already
Mr Lim: (Puzzled) Aiyah.. delete tomorrow la
(Typing the last few lines). Oki Oki.. you go brush your teeth first la. Getting late.

Mr Lim obediently went to brush his teeth. I finished the remaining sms, baby proof my bed with stacks of pillow so Ryan won’t fall off bed again and literally ran down the stairs to put the pressie in his car and ran back up. Phew~~ Like marathon for me. Look see, look see.. hehe.. Mr Lim still in washroom. Yoohoo.. can sleep now.

Mr Lim: Happy Anniversary again. Good night (Muaks)
Me: Good night (Phew~~)

Happy 2 Years Anniversary

@ 8 months 3 weeks 3 days

Note to Daddy

This is just a short note to wish my big baby a Happy 2nd Year Anniversary. Seriously time flies. Imagine we have known each other for almost 16 years, dated for more than a decade, married for 2 years and small baby also almost 1 year old.

Err.. I have a lot to say .. all the ‘ching ching tap tap’ but shy to broadcast here la..

I’ll reserve that till I see you later ya..

Love you…