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Alphabets Book

@ 17 months 4 weeks 1 day

This is Ryan’s first homework from the Shichida class he attended on Week 1. Like most parents, I’ve bought all the aplhabets books for Ryan all these while. So when we (the parents) were asked to do this as homework, we went like ‘HAR????’. :P

See below my attempt at doing-it-myself version. If you ask me if there is a difference of effectiveness between the two (off the shelf vs. DIY), I would say the DIY version is probably more effective. The other parents shared the same views. As you can see DIY version is custom made. Though not necessary, I made an effort to try to incorporate as many objects Ryan sees in his surrounding into the sheet; so he is more familiar and it’s easier for him to remember the object’s name. You could try by printing the alphabets on a A4 paper. You could add as many pages to one alphabet (eg A or B or C…. so on). Try it out. See if it works for your child.

Expensive Toy

I saw this at Kiddy’s Palace and decided to buy it for Ryan. It’s quite cool. See what I mean?? Cool heh…

Ryan loves it as he enjoyed the fun from pulling out all the velcro-ed pictures and throw them in the air! *slap head* But that enjoyment and fun came with a price tag that I never would have expected.

Yes. A whopping SGD34 (RM78!) I actually saw a similar one hanging by the side selling at SGD4.90 but I saw this and liked this instead. I don’t know what got me (kwai ngum ngan), I didn’t check how much and was assuming they are the same or about the same price la. It was only when I was at the checkout I got the shock of the total bill amount. Aaah… too late to return. Paiseh. Moreover got other customers behind me. But are they normally that expensive? I think it’s a con shopping strategy la… putting them side by side and lure blur shoppers like me. :P

The Extra Bonding Time

@ 17 months 3 weeks 1 day

Daddy has been extremely tied up with work eversince we came to Singapore. Everyday ryan only gets to see his Daddy for that mere 30 mins – 45 mins for that extra little bonding. By the time Daddy comes home (usually at 12mn), Ryan would be long in Zzzz-land.

Today I decided to send Daddy to work. It wasn’t too tricky as I initially thought due to the unfamiliar roads. I survived the journey and I’m happy cos Ryan gets to bond with his Daddy a little bit more than usual. I’m sure they both are pleased too…..

Bonding Time in the morning (hahaha… the car seat is finally back in the car..)

Brainy Baby VCDs

@ 17 months 1 week 2 days

I bought Ryan his first piece of Brainy Baby VCD two months ago. That has since become his all time favourite.

I wanted to get more from the series for Ryan when I went for the Isetan Presale last week (there’s a 20% disc for member!). Unfortunately when I got there, most of the CDs/DVDs were gone. I only saw pieces of Baby Einsteins, Barney, oethers what not. No Brainy Baby.

Anyways, when we were at Taka over the weekend we managed to get these.

Personally I find Brainy Baby series pretty entertaining. Like Baby Einstein they also uses music, animals, nature, babies to engage the baby’s attention but in a more interesting and engaging way. At least when I run the show it’s able to keep Ryan still (for a while). Blehhh……

How the Babies Have Blossomed

@ 17 months 1 week

I have known MalaikaMommy for 10 years. We were uni mates, flat mates, we went diving together and coincidentally we even shared the same pregnancy due date which was 24th April 2006. We actually joked that we would likely be giving birth next to each other and could hear the screaming across the labour room :P . Anyways, “mo kum kiu keh….”(no such coincidence), I gave birth to Ryan 8 days earlier and Malaika came to the world on 22nd April.

Time has not been always on our side since the arrival of our babies. So we probably only met up 4 times (exclude the time we bumped into each other at Mid Valley) since the last 17 months. The most recent being last Tuesday when I visited her and she came over my place following Thursday so the two Ariens could rekindle their little friendship. Time really flies.. The last time the met was back in Feb07 during the CNY and check out the pics. They have blossomed from chubby babies to slimmy healthy toddlers now…. (as much as i enjoy being with a more interactive Ryan now, I do miss his innocent baby days)

Taken June2006 when the parents bumped into each other at Mid Valley

Taken in Aug2006

Taken in Feb2007

Taken 18 Sept 2007

Taken 20 Sept 2007. Both their eyes glued to the TV (think it was Barney show)

Speaking of Barney, we bought lil Ryan a Barney toy. He has not always been a fan of soft toys but this little purple dinasour is indeed special. This is how much he adores the lil dinasour…

Little kiss from Ryan to the purple dinasour


Other sembang sembang….

I am one happy SAHM since last Friday? Why? Because in laws were here and they brought along Linda. Yes yes.. my maid from KL and she will stay with us until Raya which by then my new maid will be here. Yoohoo~~~

I hurt my back last Friday and it got so bad that I was limping and could barely move around. I’m much better today and I hope nothing serious happened to my back. Whatever it is… now I could sit in front of my laptop, TV and seriously enjoy some meme time.