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Hubby’s Birthday Celebration

Hubby’s 40 (nah… minus 2), 38 this year. 

The kids and I are blessed to have him in our lives. We may not be filthy rich but with him being the sole breadwinner,  he has provided enough for a roof over our head, food on our table, yearly holidays plus occasional splurges on gifts and surprises. Not to mention how he always rot spoiling us with his unconditional love day and night 365 days 24 hours a day.  So ok la.. what more can we ask for. Count our blessing.

It was like any other day on his birthday. I drove down town in the afternoon to meet the birthday boy for lunch at Ippudo Pavilion. Bliss.

In the evening, Hubs reached home earlier than usual (..because I asked him to. Hehe). After dinner, we had a simple cake blowing session with in laws and the kids.


Kids decorated the cake with candlesssss…




Pressies from the kids:


.. and lastly pressie for the wife. Yeah, how cool is that. Hubs birthday, wifey gets a pressie.


That’s me and my new toy. Yippeee with love. 

And here’s one for the frame.


Happy Birthday B. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and abundance of wealth.

Ryan’s 6th Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

Cont. from here.

Ryan’s birthday falls on a Monday, so we conveniently celebrated it on his birthday eve which falls on Sunday.

My mom bought Ryan a cake. This type of traditional cake is the BEST and yummiest, at least to me! We had earlier bought more Elmo cuppies when we went to Ben’s for lunch with mom.


Like most siblings, they fight for everything, including who gets to blow the candles. So we had to light up the candles not once, not twice, but several times until they are both satisfied. T_____T



Asked them to pose for pics, this is what I get. Haiz…

Little one still monkeying…



Ryan’s 6th Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months

We went to Ben’s, Publika for an early birthday lunch with PoPo, AhYee and his partner in crime cuz, Wei Wei on 15 April 2012.

Food was acceptable (no biggie tho) but crowd was horrendous. Perhaps due to it was a Sunday. So service was predictably below par too. We were literally ushered to leave immediately we finished our meal. Bad! 👎👎

One and only pic I took of the occasion. Shame on me!!! 👎👎


Happy Birthday Daddy

Ryan @ 5 years 6 months 3 weeks 1 day
Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 2 weeks 2 days



It’s Daddy birthday today. I had prepared two gifts for Daddy from the little boys.



It was really anti climax when we found out Daddy already bought himself a notebook stand. . Nevertheless, it’s the thought that counts rite, no? Hehe. 😁😁

Happy Birthday Big B.

I wonder if I will be getting any post birthday surprise from Daddy later?? 😝😝

We had a simple cake cutting session in the afternoon. Ryan was thrilled because as always, he gets to blow and cut the cake. We’ll see what happens when Lil B is older. ☺☺

In the evening we went to Shook! at Starhill for dinner. We haven’t dined there for awhile. There are simply too many choices in the vicinity. It was nostalgic to be back. It was the place hubs proposed to me 6 years ago.


Food wise was really so so. Nothing to shout about but ambience was good.

Ryan is 5.. part 2

cont from here

2) The Birthday Bash at Critterland

We contemplated whether to have the party at Kidz Zone (Damas) or Critterland @ The Heritage. After weighing the pros and cons, we decided to go with Critterland eventhough their package was less attractive as compared to Kidz Zone.

I started planning for the birthday about a month earlier but the hands on preparation only intensified 2 weeks prior the big day.

Ryan had wanted an Ultraman theme but since last year was already Ultraman theme I turned his request down. He chose Spiderman as his second option. :D

Here’s a collage of photos from the birthday bash. Our star of the day was extremely happy despite an initial set back when the ballon sculpturer we engaged failed to turn up for the event (yea! bad bad service!!!). Nevertheless, the joy and happiness being surrounded by family, both sets of grandparents, friends, schoolmates made up for the slight glitch. In total close to 40 children and I lost count the number of adults joined us that afternoon. The kids went wild, so did the adults. :D


bday collage 4

bday collage 1

bday collage 2

bday collage 3


Thank you everyone, especially Tony for the priceless pictures…..


3) The third birthday installment – Family celebration

We left Critterland at about 6pm, after spending almost 6 hours at the playland. Yes, that’s crazy but since it’s his birthday we allowed him the utmost fun. Daddy and family had left around 4pm so it was just me and a few other classmates around.

We had a simple celebration again the next day. It was just a simple family dinner at Pek Wah Restaurant. That night we blew candles on the cuppies we reserved yesterday.

Happy Birthday my baby…