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Chinese New Year 2011

Last year’s Chinese New Year I was still in my month long confinement period. Eventhough I was not die hard, 100% strict by the book confinement follower, there were still many dos and don’ts especially when it comes to food consumption. So this year’s celebration, I went all out. All the new year resolution to bring the weight down goes under the KIV section. I really ate all I can, especially my favourite yee sang. I heart Pik Wah Restaurant’s yee sang. Yummy~

1st day CNY (3rd Feb, Thurs) - Previous years, we would go to one of our uncle’s house at Jalan Ipoh to pai nin. For half a day everyone will go on vegetarian diet. The same has been in practise for many decades. Sadly, this uncle passed away last December due to hypertension. He was a healthy chap and his death was a big shock to everyone. Anyway, putting that sorrow behind us, this year we celebrated 年初一 (first day of Chinese New Year) at this vegetarian restaurant (can’t remeber the name) at Spark Complex Desa Petaling. It’s a place discovered by another Uncle who claimed he has his dinner there 3-4 times a week.


Not everyone were in the pic. Bro in law and family and 2nd auntie and her troops were not present that day. Nevertheless, a good pic!
Attempt to get them to pose for camera: Take 1
Take two.
Take three. Pass.

That night, we went to The Ship, Jalan Sultan Ismail for dinner. This is the second time we had our CNY Day 1 dinner there. The place was as crowded as usual. Parking is a big issue as usual too. Luckily they have valet service.

When we were at The Ship, Ryan had acted strangely. He even refused to drink his usual Lime Juice which he never said no. Strange….

2nd day CNY (4th Feb, Friday) – As usual years, we went for brunch with my mom. For many years we had dim sum at Dragon-i, and for many years we complained about the lack of varieties and the overpriced selection. Yet, we go back year after year. The say, old habit die hard. Maybe that’s true in our gene. Haha.. Anyway, this year, we strive to make a change. We make a reservation a few restaurants away from Dragon-i; the Madam Kwan. At least the food was good.

Ryan was acting strangely again. He looked and behaved really tired throughout the session. My poor baby. On the other hand, lil B who started having stranger anxiety kept staring at Por Por. He was pretty alright with my sis, alas I could not say the same with my mom. Aiyooo…
Bestest cousins (Wei Wei on left)

3rd day CNY – (5th Feb, Saturday) – Finally we have an answer to Ryan’s moodiness. He vomitted twice since last night and he claimed to have bad tummyache. Something must have bothering him since days ago and finally the symptoms showed. Unfortunately, his regular paed was still on CNY leave, we brought him to the panel GP in hope we will get a decent doctor. Luck was on our side. A Malay lady doctor examined and found him to nothing serious except for tummy bloatness. So Ryan was prescribed some anti vomitting syrup and medication to reduce tummy wind.  That really spoiled our mood, especially mine. Well, it always does when my kids are sick. So, we stayed in all day.

5 Feb – @ Doctor’s place (Klinik Kita)

4th day CNY (6th Feb, Sunday) – Ryan is so much better this day eventhough he still complain about the discomfort in his tummy. Seeing the medication doing little help with his tummy, I decided to try the magic black oil my mom gave me years ago. Well, she claimed this potion is one money can’t buy. The oil smells bad but my mom said me and my siblings grew up with it. Well, I am still alive and very healthy so no harm trying. I poured a bit of the oil on my palm, rub both hands together to warm up the oil and start rubbing on Ryan’s tummyby stroking downwards. I repeated the process a few times throughout the day. That evening, he felt so much better and was already running around and playing Wii. Seeing him so much better, hubs and I decided we could sneak out for a little light hearted movie. I browsed through TGV and GSC websites and all the seats are taken except for those front few rows seating. No way, I’m gonna stick my head up 1.5 hours for some silly show. So, we opted for GSC Signature tickets and voila, we managed to grab 2 seats for the movie ‘I Love Hong Kong’. Very pleased with my catch of the day indeed. 2nd row from the last. Yay!

6 Feb – @ GSC Signature for I Love Hong Kong, 9.45pm

5th day CNY (7th Feb, Monday) - We hung around at home doing nothing productive. Ryan was recuperating so we ate that day. We spent our hours playing with the kids, talking nonsense to each other, bickering and simply chil around. That night, we went for another light hearted feel good movie, ‘All’s Well Ends Well 2011′. Again, the in laws helped babysit the kids, the beauty of staying with in laws.


Lil B see no touch




Proud kor kor, Happy Didi


6th day CNY (8th Feb, Tuesday) - Feeling really bored after being cooped up at home for so many days, we brought the boys to release their much compressed energy at Critter Land @ The Heritage. The place is huge, 10,000sqft and we were one of the two families there that day. Ryan had a blast. We brought lil B along and we literally make him practise his walking at the baby section. So cute.





Huge resting area for parents

7th day CNY (9th Feb, Wednesday) – School reopens for Ryan. Everybody is back to our boring routine.

10th day CNY (12th Feb, Saturday) – Bro in law is back home with his family. They are relocated to Indonesia and only managed to come back on the 9th. So this day, we had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Pik Wah Restaurant.

Belated Reunion Dinner

11th day CNY (13th Feb, Sunday) – Hubs was invited by Genting to the latter’s CNY Luncheon 2011 at Genting Convention Centre. We decided to tag along. So we geared both boys up and off we went to Genting together with MIL.

Very generous spread of food and all beautifully presented. Sushi, oysters, bird’s nest, mini fatt tiu cheong, chicken rice, you name it they have it.


One of varieties of food served – Takoyaki, Salmon, etc…



We love you ‘Choy Sun Yeh’. Come to us plsss…
After the luncheong, we paid RM80 and brought Ryan to the indoor theme park. The park was crazy crowded. We only took 3 rides. Crap!


15th day CNY (17th Feb, Thursday) – Bro in Law and family were here for Chap Goh Mei dinner. That pretty much wrapped up our Chinese New Year.

Ryan with CaTilia mei mei. They are 2 years apart.

The first two months

@ 2 months 1 day

Everyone couldn’t be more happier now that the worse seemed to over. Lil b is finally home and everyone gets a mission to adjust and adapt a lifestyle with a newborn at home. We all have to learn to speak softly, play moderately, the interupted meals, the baby’s cries, etc. 

After what lil b had been thru is his first 7 days of life, we were sure protective. It was mostly Ryan whom we had to control and manage.

Ryan loves his lil b to bits. He would get teary eyed when the CL carried lil b away for naps/sleep. He’s such a loving kor kor; with only the occassional over the board affections which he’s still learning to adjust.  We are extremely grateful for that despite us being protective over lil b, Ryan showed no signs of jealousy. When we sounded him for patting the lil b too hard on the head, he would oblige and slow down. When we ticked him off for being too loud when lil b was sleeping, most of the time he would lower his volume. There were occasions when he would just slip into a rebel, irritating everyone and breaking all the forbidden rules. There was a time when I was tucking him in bed at night when he said to me ‘Mom, having a baby is not so fun’. I chuckled at his statement. I guess reality finally striked him and he finally realises he’s no longer the king of the house.

A week after lil b was discharged, we brought him back to the paed for check up. Iwas pleased to know the trauma lil b experienced the week before, he gained some really good weight (3.9kg @ 2 weeks; +0.5kg in a week).


The 1st month

It’s always not easy to pick a name, not to mention a good name. Traditionally MIL would give us a few options after seeking some advise from sifu. The names that were initially given for us to choose were so so.. and I really mean, just so so. So MIL went back to the sifu and was given another variation. After pondering with the limited options available, we finally decided on one. Likewise with Ryan’s name, mommy came up with the spelling. I’m so proud of myself. Imagine they have to live with that name the rest of their life. What an accomplishment. So on the 7th Feb we finally register lil b’s name with the Jabatan Pendaftaran negara at Maju Junction.

Full Moon

We had the full moon ceremony on the 11th Feb. It was just a simple ceremony. Daddy was at work and it was just the grandparents, kor kor, me and the CL. Customary it’s a tradition to trim a bit of the newborn’s hair. I remember daddy was the one who did it for Ryan 4 years ago. This time round, mommy was given the honour.

After prayers and a short walk outside the house (part of the tradition), everybody got back to our normal routine. We should have had it the day before when daddy was around. Somehow without daddy around, I felt the ceremony kinda incomplete.

After CL left on the 12 Feb (she had requested to go earlier for CNY) I took over the full mommy role. Lil b was barely a month old. It’s a totally different experience. I remember I had enjoyed a complete two months confinement during Ryan’s days. With the CL around the entire two months, I only started taking care of Ryan on the 3rd month and that not even full time as I was still a FTWM then. This time round, my confinement period was shortened to literally only 3 weeks.

 It was such astounding experience caring for a baby. I didn’t know they can groan and whimper so much; or maybe after 4 years I have already forgotten how to care for a newborn. It was tough during the initial weeks especially the night feeds. I would wake up at lil b’s every single swish. Sometimes it would be nothing but a fluke shot and he would go back to sleep after a few pats. Other times, his whim signals his desire for a milky fix. It would normally take about an hour or so before I could go back to my sweet dreams. Eventhough he hardly cries, he is sure a loud  groaner. Most of the time once lil b make his gesture middle of the night, I would pick him up, go to the next room, nurse him, burp him, change his diaper and go back to my own room once he asleep. He’s much better now. He no longer groans nor whimpers as much. He also doesn’t pass explosive gas as often as he did during the first month. He’s definitely growing up… *smile*

Chinese New Year

Lil b had  his official first trip outside home (actually he had been to nearby Jusco earlier) on the first day of CNY when we went to Uncle’s place to pai nin. All the relatives gave the same comment and that lil b has an uncanny resemblance of daddy; to which I am not surprised. Just like his kor kor, he definitely has daddy’s eyes; the unmistakable single eyelid, luckily not sepet.

When it comes to lil b’s source of milk, he takes on the combo meal (BM, formula, EBM) and we started training him with the bottle since he was back from hospital. But because this baby is such a boobie baby, giving him the bottle is never a success without a ‘battle’. He would twist and turn his head, wail pitifully until I give in. The same happened on the 2nd day of CNY. We were having dimsum at MO Hotel when lil b needed a fix. Despite all efforts he just turned a blind on the bottle. Such a stubborn boy. I was so disturbed that I didn’t even get to eat their famous durian pancake. At that moment, I just want to get out of there and be home. KL, simply annoyingly baby unfriendly.

@ MO Hotel. He was a week shy from 1 month old. So tiny!!!

With cousin Ni Hui

Nappy Rash

Ryan had bad nappy rash when he was younger. Little did I expect lil b’s nappy rashes were much more serious than Ryan’s. You could see bloody red patches on his bottom. I read from the book, rashes that appears near the anus are an indication of allergy to protein. I quickly cut down my milk intake (I was taking Anmum Lacta) and his formula (he was on Similac). It was futile. I put him on cloth diaper and clean his bottom with clean water after every diaper change. Again, the efforts showed no remarkable improvement. On the  8th Mac I brought him to Dr Yek. He was prescribed some medication and moisturiser. We also changed his formula from Similac to Isomil. I fed him more formula in the next few days so his poop would be less watery. Combined with the cream, it worked miraculously. His bottom is finally rash free and is silky smooth. :D

Taken @ 1 month plus

CNY 2009

so… backdated

24th Jan (Saturday)

We started our journey from Singapore around 8.30pm on the 23rd Jan (Friday). We took our own sweet time eating our dinner and checking the live traffic feeds at the Tuas checkpoint every 10 minutes or so. At around 8.30pm, the traffic at the checkpoint seemed to ease a little. So we packed up everything and left home for our journey home.

Traffic was not smooth sailing all the way. We were made to Q for about 20 minutes before we could cross the border which frankly wasn’t too bad. There was once we spent 45 minutes at the checkpoint which otherwise will only take 10 minutes to clear.

The North South highway was busy and there were a lot of cars on the road. Nevertheless, there was no bumper to bumper jam which some of my friends had experienced that morning itself. It took us approximately 4 hours to reach our home in Cheras.

As usual, Ryan woke up when we got home. YehYeh was still wide awake. He usually does when he knows we’re coming back which is understandable.. am sure he misses his son and grandson lotsssss.

One of the things that Ryan was looking forward to do at home.. yes.. watering the plants.. :D

That night we had our first ‘Lo Sung’ at Pek Wah Restaurant, which serves one of the yummiest Lo Sung in town (in our opinion).

CNY Eve, 25th Jan (Sunday)

We spent the chinese new year eve at home. MIL was busy preparing CNY reunion dinner.  MIL is a good cook. So whipping up 5 dishes,1 soup for 8 pax is easy peasy for her. It has been a while since we had such full spread of ‘chue ka soong’ (home cooked food. We normally just have 2 -3 dishes plus soup in Singapore).

Having a blast on the pebble stones just before reunion dinner.

Hubs bit his tongue and managed to complete the walk. For me, I sucks.. I can’t complete the walk without jumping out of pain. On the other hand, this boy of mine can walk up and down many rounds. Oh dear.. I hope I don’t have any hidden illness inside my body.

Ryan, still monkey-ing around at the dinner table

Just before bedtime, Ryan received his first angpow for the year of Ox. It is believed to bring good luck if you sleep on the pillow with the angpow inside. Not sure how true but we complied anyhow. :D

Day 1, 26th Jan (Monday)

Ryan woke up around 8am. After dressing up, we went downstairs to pai nin (greet elders with cny greetings). After exchanging angpows, we were all geared to visit Great Grand Uncle for vegetarian breakfast. It is a tradition for us to abstain from meat for half a day on the first day of CNY. Last time we had this tradition to go Genting for half a day on the 1st day of CNY but in the late years, that tradition seemed to be getting less support. Quite a pity.

Family photo and the three generations of YehYeh, Daddy and Ryan

That night we went out of tradition and decided to have Malay food. Hubs suggested this Malay restaurant in The Gardens.

Nasi Kerabu

We all had Nasi Kerabu at this Restaurant Belanga since hubby went hyping about how yummy the food is for days since he had it the first time last Saturday. It turns out.. haiz.. so so only in my opinion. Maybe I was equipped with too high of an expectation.

Day 2, 27th Jan (Tuesday)

Yippee… we went to Spring Gardens at Mid Valley for breakfast with Por Por. Didn’t quite have a plesant visit there as we were made to wait for 1 hour before they serve our pre-ordered dim sums due to a boo boo made by the waitress. On normal days I would have lost my temper but that day I only made a small remark. Give them chance…

Breakfast at Spring Gardens Mid Valley with mom, sis and cousin Wei Wei.

That night, we went to Tony Romas, Pavillion for dinner. Another non chinese meal on CNY. Hahaha.. this time it was my brilliant idea.  

Very sinful food @ Tony Romas. Ryan on the other hand had his usual home cooked meal and fries from our portion.

Day 3, 28th Jan (Wednesday)

Hubs told me he wanted to go Sg Wang to stock up on some computer peripherals. Little did we expect Sg Wang was already packed with people when we got there around 11am. After stocking on what’s needed, we decided to take a quickie chill at Coffee Bean. It’s been awhile since we had Coffee Bean’s Ice Blended Pure Chocolate. 

With whipped cream.. argghh.. fattening I know :(

At night we met up with some good buddies for steamboat at one of the restaurants in Kepong near Pak Leng’s house. Food was average, nonetheless the companions were superb. After food, we adjourned to Pak Leng’s house for some ‘games’. We left his place around 2.30am, with abour RM100 damage to our pockets. What a bunch of ‘lan to gwai’. Heehee..

Day 4, 29th Jan (Thursday)

I woke up around 8am despite sleeping very late the night before. We paid a visit to Por Por’s place again this morning. Ryan had another blast of time with all his cousins and second cousins.

Group photo (L-R: Atiqah, Ryan, Adam, Aisyah and Wei Wei)

At night, we went to Kopitiam, Jusco Selatan for dinner. FIL was craving for their kuey teow noodles. I chose to have sinful Nasi Rendang instead. Arrghh… lost count how many sinful food I had these few days. Well, the strategy is, ‘eat first worry later’.

After dinner, we went to the games arcade inside Jusco for Ryan to have his round of fun.

 Day 5, 30th Jan (Friday)

We had some friends over for visiting so we stayed home the whole morning and afternoon. At night, we went I- Dragon, Mid Valley for dinner.

Day 6, 31st Jan (Saturday)

Saturday started off with yet another excitement. I was really looking forward to the buffet lunch at Cititel Mid Valley gathering about 15 of us, ex Convent girls, some of whom I had not met since school days (not that long ago.. LOL). Speaking of time flies here.

Group photo

That night we went to Pek Wah restaurant again. Another round of ‘Lo Sung’ and Shark fins soup to go with out meal. Slurpss…

Ryan said he wanted to hug Ni Hui during the photo taking. Little did I expect him to be so rough. Look at the poor girl. I think I can hear her screaming from her heart out..  

Day 7, 1st Feb (Sunday)

This morning I decided to pay Ryan’s nanny a visit. She was obviously delighted about us going over and called Fei Mui to drop by. Ryan used to be very close to nanny. I dare to say he was closer to nanny than his own mommy during his baby days when nanny was still baby sitting him. This day, what was left was just vivid memories. I asked Ryan if he remembers nanny. He gave me a sheepish smile and shake his head. Hope he won’t say the same to me when he’s a grown young man many years later.

Ryan absolutely adores young children so much so that he can never get his hands off them. See how Ryan harrassed FeiMui (who is growing into a really pretty young girl :D ). I asked Ryan why he touched FeiMui’s face. At first he said he wanted to test if her face is ‘hard or soft‘ then he said he wanted to know if her face is ‘hot or cold’. What a silly excuse. *faint* 

Day 8th, 2nd Feb (Monday)

We left KL at about 11.45am. Traffic was very smooth and it only took us about 3 hours to reach Singapore.

That was how we spent out week long CNY holiday in KL.

Wishing everyone a Gong Xi Fa Cai…

@ 33 months 1 week 1 day

It has been almost 3 weeks since Ryan started school. Does he like his school? The answer is yes. He absolutely LOVES school. He can be so enthusiastic about school up till the extent he would tell me he wants to go school NOW eventhough we just got in the car on our way home from school. He will tell me who is who is his best friend, who is his fav teacher, whether he did go to the gym etc etc. His comprehension of the second language (mandarin) also markedly improved. He used to be very advese in learning new words but now he seemed more open.

In the last 12 days Ryan attended school, I made an effort to reach there at least half hour earlier before dismissal so to peep on the little fella. I am not sure I enjoy being a peeping Tom but I definitely take pleasure in discovering what my boy does in class without the mommy around. There was one time I saw him running after a bully (yes.. there’s a bully boy in his class who always snatches toys from other classmates) round and round (3 rounds to be precise) just to get back the toy this bully snatched from him earlier. It was quite hilarious. Glad I have a much handy camera nowadays that allows me to record all these on HD video. *yayyy!!!* 

Last Friday Ryan’s school allowed a casual wear day inconjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration. Most of the kids came in their chinese traditional wear. They all look absolutely adorable and gorgeous.

Ryan and classmates with Mrs Goh and Liang laotsi


Last Friday I went to fetch Ryan from school as usual. However, unlike any other day, that day I was greeted by a smiley tot running out of the classroom after spotting me, holding a handmade CNY card and wished me “????”.. and yes.. that was my boy. It was indeed special. That certainly made my day. :D

Last but never the least, here’s wishing all of you a Blessed and Happy Ox-picious Year too.

????, everyone :D


Counting down to Chinese New Year

@ 21 months 1 week 6 days

We’re leaving for KL this Saturday and will be back the following Sunday. Yes, we’ll be celebrating the chinese new year back in our home sweet home.  Am sooooo looking forward to the trip and I’m already compiling a long list of To-Dos in KL. Yay!

Over the weekend besides a revisit to the zoo, I have finally gotten my hands on the Nikon D40x kit. Yippee.. I’ve taken a fair bit of random indoor pics and it is sure one tricky effort to get the shutter and aperture combination right. Am still working on it…  Those that I have bugged for tipsi (tips), thanks and bear with me ya….. Have not taken any outdoor shots, somehow the weather and timing does not allowed the past 2 days. Hopefully can get some good shots during Ryan’s picnic session at the botanical tomorrow. 

Till then, here’s to wish everyone who is celebrating the new year a VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and also a great HOLIDAY for all my non chinese readers …..