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I want a phone

Ryan @ 5 years 8 months



We have an old phone lying around the house. Out of the blue Ryan declared he is now the proud owner of the phone. Tonight he willingly gave me RM8.80 from his savings so I could get him a phone number (Hotlinks prepaid pack). Lately he’s into this ‘adult’ mode. He’s been observing what us, the adults do and possess. Eg. He no longer wants to use his kiddy bowl, he wants adult plate, adult cutleries. Few days back, he asked me if he could get a credit card. Then yesterday he asked me what age he could learn how to drive. He told me he wants to save enough money to buy a Proton. His dream cars are the Porsche, Lamborghini, Pagani Zonda but he knows he can’t afford, neither does his parents. So he settled with a Proton. (the most affordable car one can own I told him :P). Eversince he has been very calculative with his money. Not easy to squeeze money out from him. Reminds me how he innocently announced he will not celebrate Darren’s birthday after I told him to buy Didi a present. He was evidently upset. Told us he doesn’t like birthday celebration because it’s a waste of money. Told us on Darren’s birthday he will wake up early, wish Didi Happy Birthday and just watch TV. No presents. Basically no one could touch his money, in his own words ‘hard earned money’ (because we pay him when he does housework. To him, that is real hard work). Hahaha… So I guess for him to part with RM8.80 from his hard earned money speaks how desperate he is to be apart of this ‘adult’ world.., to own something each of us adult owns, yes? The crave for independence sure starts early.

My adult wannabe first born.. Love you lots <3 .

Counting down to Christmas

Ryan @ 5 years 7 months
Lil B @ 1 year 10 months

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. However, after much pleading from Ryan, I bought him a 4ft Christmas tree last year. We participated in the celebration by putting Christmas presents under the tree. Even Mama, YehYeh joined in the fun and bought presents for their grandchildren. Ryan was thrilled to the max of course. Darren on the other hand was still blur then.

This year, the tree is up early. I dug out two presents from the stack of new toys I have bought the boys from time to time. I wrapped them up nicely and left them under the tree. When Ryan came down the next morning, he was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. He kept asking what’s in for him. 23 more days before he could get the answer though.


Ryan’s latest craze

@ 4 years 11 months 6 days

Lately this little boy of mine is into cycling. Since he has outgrown his 2 years old bike which we bought for him from Kiddy Palace (SIN), we bought him a new one from Carrefour 2 weeks ago after his swimming lesson. The bike cost us RM295.00. I didn’t know kiddy’s bike is so expensive nowadays. Anyway, his wish is his Daddy’s command. So a bike he got… Btw, he chose the color (yellow).


That’s my boy. Showing off his new bike and his new watch (we got him a watch so he’ll be more aware of the time/schedule). He wore the watch day and night 24/7, even to sleep. 2 weeks later, the watch is sitting at a corner. When I asked him how come he’s not wearing his watch anymore, he said “so that we don’t waste water and soap washing it if it’s dirty“. >-o-o< So his evening routine now includes cycling and lately he’s added badminton into his favourite sports now especially after I bought him 2 new rackets recently. ((he will cycle/plays the badminton with YehYeh/Kakak, while Lil B and I go for our evening stroll). The rackets are actually gifts for his achievement in completing “A card” level @ BaoBei. Each level has about 80 – 100 chinese words (He knows more Mandarin words than his parents). He’s finally into “B card” now. I bought the rackets at a discounted RM5.90 each from Mydin. Good buy eh.. I don’t feel a slight heartache at all when I see him drag or drop the racket on the floor. Hehehe….

Bob the Builder

@ 4 years 4 months 5 days

Mini Cooper (My Dear)

I saw a cute battery operated mini cooper at the 6th Parenthood Expo at Mid Valley @ MyDear’s booth. It was going on a sale price of RM510 (UP. RM599). I was pressuring Ryan to get this but the little fella had his eyes on another beauty instead. No amount of psyching, pestering nor bribing could sway his mind. Hubs said we should just let him make the decision since he’s the one driving it. So this is what we got for him…













We got it at RM375 (UP.439.00). I’m more inclined to go with the car which also comes with a remote control but Ryan has always been a fan of heavy machineries so I’m not surprised him choosing over the car.


Mommy: Ryan, why you chose the bulldozer over the car. I thought you like mini cooper?

Ryan: But I like the bulldozer.

Mommy: Why? It’s not fun…

Ryan: It’s fun Mommy. We can go to the beach with this.

Mommy: o-o-o (beach???)

I also bought some new tops for the boys. I particularly like this McQueen t shirt I bought for Ryan @ RM49.90. It’s not exactly a bargain but I’m a sucker of cute goodies. See the top right McQueen patch? It will blink the moment it detects movements, How cool is that eh…


Surprise Gift for Ryan

@ 4 years 2 months 1 week

We decided to get Ryan his very own laptop.

Before he left for school yesterday, I told him I will give him a surprise when he comes home from school. So when he came home, he dashed up to my room and asked me about it. He was evidently excited and kept searching around the room not knowing I had left it in the play room.

Gotcha. Found it!

Lucky boy


Yet to warm up to his new toy …….
He said he wanted to go buy a mouse NOW (coincidentally his mouse spoiled on the same day after Loida washed it under running water due to pile of ants on the mouse. So smart right). Nevermind. When Daddy found out, Daddy got him a new Microsoft mouse in his favourite green color that very same night


We bookmarked all the Disney games and learning sites for him so he knows how to operate and get into the sites all by himself. Seen here playing Handy Manny games. No choice, he had to use the touchpad until the new one arrives when Daddy’s back.


I asked him if he knows who gave him the gift. He screamed in delight “Daddy”!!!!!!!!!! Then he insisted he must draw a thank you card for his beloved generous Daddy.


Awwww… how sweet. *I gave him a helping hand with the colouring of the pink heart. The rest were not my credit*
This boy sure knows how to ‘kiwi’ the Daddy.

Ryan actually asked if we bought him the laptop so he wouldn’t be using Daddy or Mommy’s :P. Well , partly yes.