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Studio Shoot

Ryan @ 6 years 2 months
Lil B @ 2 years 5 months

I bought a studio shoot deal with Creative Visual Studio for RM150 from Groupon. It comes with 2 hours shoot, 1 20 pages Photobook and 4 pcs of 4R prints. Ryan had his first studio shoot when he was about 2 so it’s only fair Darren get his share now. ❤☺


The above pic was taken back in 2008 when Ryan was about 2+ years old. How time flies. He was so cute then, still with the baby fats! (ok, he’s still cute now but in a handsome way 😜😝)

So the day came. Both boys were in cheery mood so the session went really smooth.


Lil B was really easy to shoot. He was cooperative and able to take instructions. Even the photographer, Feeq commented how easy it was to shoot Darren. We were just glad it’s all over with.

We were given the full 192 shots taken in the span of 30 minutes. there were some good and bad shots.

This is one of the good ones.



Now What??

24 months 3 weeks 2 days

Ryan was down with a fever again yesterday afternoon. Though mild (37.7C), that was sufficient enough for me to raise the alarm bell. I mean, how could he be sick again? On and off fever for the last 13 days is not normal. Last night I barely sleep so to monitor his temperature. Just before he slept I administered suppository to break his fever (38.4C) and also in hope for him to have a good night sleep. Luckily it worked. He was tossing about but temp remained under control (< 38C).  Not surprisingly I barely sleep considering I’m always a Mat Worried. I was so determined I must must must bring him go see a paed the first thing in the morning.

This morning Ryan woke up with no fever but I insisted to bring him to the paed at Paragon Medical, highly recommended by my cuz. To my much relief, after a thorough check he confirmed Ryan is down with a middle ear infection. Well, not that it is any good news but at least it’s nothing too serious. No wonder I’ve seen him scratching his ears quite a number of times. Poor baby. So many infections in the last 2 weeks, throat, flu, cough, teething, throat again then now ear infection. Sigh. Poor Ryan had been through so much in the last 2 weeks. He has never been sick for such a long period of time before. His appetite is average but milk intake is normal (phew) and of course still active as ever.

I wanted to find out more on multi vits, immune booster supplements for Ryan but looks like this doc strongly discourages young toddlers being dependant on it. We had a long chat as he was trying to find out more of our family medical background for better diagnosis. He suspect Ryan may have gotten Daddy’s bad genes (tonsilitis, near ashmatic history). He explained kids with underlined sensitive nose tends to get sick easier esp. throat infection/ear infection. Pitiful. 

Ryan’s on another course of Augmentin antibiotics. This time for 7 days. Paed consultation is very expensive in Singapore. We paid SGD$200 for this visit. I hope it’s well worth and Ryan will get better SOON. Have to go get another pack of Vitagen now. I wanna cry.


Pics taken after paed’s visit. Poor boy. Already so skinny, now skinnier. To cheer up the lil fella, he received a surprise gift from this korkor.
Thank you so much. The gift sure brought a little smile back on his face.


It’s Bacterial Throat Infection Afterall….

@ 15 months 2 weeks

So glad we brought Ryan to the paed yesterday. It turns out his fever has no connection with his flu vaccine. He’s actually down with a bacterial throat infection. Was prescribed Augmentin (antibiotics) and suppositories for fever and pain.

Saturday, 28 Jul
11.00pm – Thermoscan reading showed 38.8C again. Inserted suppository. Ryan rolled and whined all night.. Neither hubs nor me had any good sleep.

Sunday, 29 Jul
3.00am – Wailed for no apparent reason. Ryan’s reading remained consistentlyt at 38.5C. Inserted another suppository.
9.00am – Ryan woke up and started behaving oddly. He was cranky and cannot let mommy out of sight.
11.00am – Brought Ryan to the paed. Diagnosed throat infection and was prescribed medication.
1.00pm – Force fed Augmentin (4ml). Poor baby wailed his lungs out.
2.45pm – Woke up after 1 hour nap.
4.30pm – We laid on bed watching Baby Bright after sponging Ryan. I felt his hands and feet were very cold and poor boy shivered. I quickly turned off the aircon and hugged him for warmth.
– Ryan’s temp peaked at 39.8C. I almost went berserk. Quickly inserted the Venon suppository. Quickly sponged Ryan with wet towel.
6.30pm – The medicine kicked in. He was able to play a bit.
9.00pm – Tucked Ryan in after another round of sponging and suppository.
11.30pm – Nightmare began. Ryan wailed for no reason. After a while of soothing he dozes off.
12.30am – Wailed again. This time no soothing could bring him back to sleep. He decided he wants to be awake.
1.30am – Still awake
2.30am – Still awake
3.30am – Dozed off
4.30am – Wailed again
5.30am – Wailed again
7.15am – Woke up

We literally did not get any sleep last night but thankfully Ryan’s temp remained below 38C. That is the most important. I really don’t mind not sleeping at all. I just want to see Ryan back to his normal self.

Today, 30 Jul
Sent Ryan to nanny this morning. When I told nanny of Ryan’s ordeal, she said this to me:

Nanny: Poor boy. ‘Keh Lian’. He got infected by ‘fei mui’. Fei mui (chubby baby girl) is the other baby cared by nanny.
Me: (Kek sei. Arrgghh… !!!!)

Pic taken last night.

Anti Flu Vaccine

@15 months, 1 week, 2 days

We decided to opt for the anti flu vaccine so brought Ryan to the paed last night. Unlike last month Ryan behaved tremendously well this time. He longer make faces, neither was he afraid when the stethoscope landed on his tummy. He even exchanged acknowledgement with the paed by nodding his head when the latter asked “how are you Ryan”. So cute….

We laid him on the couch and when the needdle was injected, he cracked a short ‘Aaahhhh’ but was easily pacified. Phew~~~

Overall, Ryan’s weight still maintained at the 75 percentile but dropped a little from last month’s. He’s at 10.6kg, 83cm length, 48cm head circumference. Poor baby.

Ryan’s Immunisation Schedule

I posted on Ryan’s Hep A vaccine earlier. Some mommies asked me how come Hep. A is not listed on their schedule. I guess different paed would have different interpretation of the need of which vacine is compulsory and which is good to have. Below is Ryan’s immunisation list which I’ve been following. Hope it serves a good reference for all….

BCG – @ birth
Hep. B – 1st dose @ birth; 2nd dose @ 1 month; 3rd dose @ 6 months
Triple Antigen + Polio + Hib – 1st dose @ 2 months; 2nd dose @ 3 months’ 3rd dose @ 4 months
Pneumoccoccal – 1st dose @ 2 months; 2nd dose @ 4 months; 3rd dose @ 6 months
MMR – @ 1 year
Chicken Pox – @ 13 months
Hep. A – 1st dose @ 14 months; 2nd dose @ 20 months
Anti Flu – 15 months (repeat yearly)
Booster Triple Antigen + Polio + Hib – @ 18 months
Anti Meningoccocus – Over 2 years
MMR Booster – 4 years
Booster Triple Antigen + Polio + Hep B – @ 6 years
Booster Triple Antigen + Polio + Hep A – @ 12 years
BCG – @ 12 years