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While Mommy was away

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months

Hubby was away in Macau for a conference from 21st – 23rd March and I decided to tag along. This time, also for the first time, we travel without the kids. :P

It was a short but enjoyable 3D/2N escape. I sure miss the boys a lot but knowing they are in the good hands under my in laws’ care, I was at ease throughout my trip. :D

After I came home, Loida told me Ryan wrote something on his diary. I was so busy over the weekend I only managed to flip through it this morning. This is what I saw…


Awww… *sweet*

Penang Getaway

This is another backdated post.

We went for another impromptu trip to Penang recently. We chose Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Feringgi after reading its positive reviews on Tripadvisor. It turns out to be a wise choice. Perfect for the kids.

Penang, 13th – 16th December 2011.

We departed from home at about 11am. We reached the hotel at about 4pm. In between we made one stop. Albeit the non stop chattering, the boys were generally well behaved throughout the journey. :)

**Pics around the hotel**



Our room faces the pool and the sea. What’s more to ask.

Room and corridor



P1140895 P1140896
Camwhoring in the room….

Lil B brought so much laughter in the room doing all these funny stunts.

** That evening we drove to Gurney Drive for our dinner. We reached the famouse Gurney roundabout 20 minutes later and the boys had their maiden visit to the local food stalls. The place was packed. Luckily we were early and we managed to sat ourselves down effortlessly. Lil B was easier to manage. Ordered Char Kuey Teow for him and he was full after nibbling food from our plate. Ryan, on the other hand was such a fussy pot. Thank goodness we found a ‘tai chow’ stall and ordered fried rice for him.




We don’t really enjoyed our meal there. It was hot and there were too many people. Not to mention the long queue at each of the stall and the food was below our expectation. That was our first and last time at Gurney Drive throughout our stay in Penang.

After dinner we went for a stroll at Gurney Plaza. We spent a lot of time inside Toys r Us because the big monkey wanted to buy a toy. We don’t really have an agenda so we went ahead with Ryan’s request.

After spending moolah at the toys shop, both boys are ready to go back to the hotel. We called it a day.

Day 2
The boys were really excited. Both woke up early in hope they could go check out the pool right away but I told them they can only go after breakfast.

Breakfast @ The Star Diners. Taken on our last day in Penang.


** At the Pool**






Ryan spent hours and hours on these slides. He could literally sleep there. He had so much fun.

Hotel staff and kids dancing to the YMCA song. Ryan participated for a short while (1 minute) and declared he’s out of it.

The beach. Ryan preferred the pool than the beach so we didn’t really enjoyed the beach but there were some interesting activities there such as para sailing and poney rides.


That night we were ambitious. Hubs called his staff who is a Penangnite for food recommendation. He gave us a few names and we ventured out. We spent half an hour on the road indecisive where we should head for dinner. We passed the restaurants recommeneded, alas non meet our expectation. So we detour and went to i-Dragon, Gurney Plaza for dinner. Speaking of adventurous. LOL.

Activities at the beach.

Not bad. At least the Prince finished one big plate of fried rice

Day 3
The weather was melting hot. After spending 5-6 hours at the pool yesterday, we really needed a break from the sun. We suggested a few places to Ryan and he chose Kek Lok Si Temple *Temple of Supreme Bliss) @ Ayer Itam as our destination because he wants to see turtles.


I don’t think we were supposed to write anything since each color has its representation. I didn’t know and wrote down a whole list of wishes. :P

The sacred pond. I remember the turtles used to be huge in sizes now they looked sad, pathetic and H U N G R Y. Kesian…

Feeding the turtles

Inside the incline lift to go up the hill to see the Goddess of Mercy


In the afternoon, we wandered around the hotel. Boys complained the weather was too hot and demanded ice cream. After searching hi and lo, we found Haagen Daz ice cream at the Hard Rock shop.

RM15 per mini size cup. Daylight robbery!

In the evening, more water play for Ryan. Lil B wasn’t as keen. So we hung out at the kids club instead.


For dinner, we were too lazy to drive. We ended up at Star Diners again, the same place we had our daily breakfast. Food was so so. Nothing to shout about. I guess one can judge by looking at the number of tables occupied in the restaurant.

We were one of the two tables occupied in the restaurant. :P

Day 4

We checked out after breakfast. On our way towards the Penang bridge, we took a detour to the Snake Temple.

After we took the pic with the snake (RM30 each), Ryan declared he want a picture solo with the snake. I tried to dissuade him but he was adamant.

P1150143 P1150144

My brave boy!

Didi want his share of the creepy crawler.

We reached home about 5pm that day. Traffic was a little congested but we had a fabulous time in Penang. If only the traffic in the city was more kind.

*** the end ***

Phuket, Thailand (Part 3)

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2

Day 4, 29 July 2011 (Friday)

Day 4 on this beautiful island was yet another sun bright day. Unfortunately all of us were too tired and drained from yesterday’s pool session. Hubby and I were sun burnt! The kids are fine though. I guess we were too busy splashing sun block on the kiddos we left out ourselves.

So on this day, we decided to take it slow. After breakfast, we brought the kids to the kids club.




The room’s a bit small in my opinion but decently stocked with coloring, toys materials. Importantly it’s CLEAN.


The week’s activities all planned out. Make your pick.








The outdoor play area.


After spending a short while in the Penguin Club, we decided to go back to our room to freshen up for lunch and to also plan for our next activity. We called up the concierge and booked a car to the Pearl Factory since Ryan is into gems collection eversince he picked up a magazine with a free stone. We were thrilled when we were informed transport to Pearl factory is complimentary by their agent.

The trip to the various Pearl factories were a complete waste of time. They were commercialised. Their objective was really to push you to buy the jewelleries. Well, we should have known better that there is no free lunch in this world. Free transport?

We negotiated with the driver for him to bring us to the Sports Premium outlets  instead. We agreed to pay him THB700. We gave him THB1000 and got him to keep the change. He was a happy man.

The detour to the premium outlet proved to be a wise decision. Eventhough there weren’t many brands and the place was kinda deserted, we still manage to shop a bit especially at Levi’s & Addidas, and the boys too managed to add up more goodies to their collection.


The boys’ favourite store at the premium outlet.

We had planned for the FantaSea show that night. So dinner was in the hotel again. We wanted to go back to Wang Warin but they were closed. We ended up at Tonson Bar overlooking the beach and pool.


It’s so easy with Darren. He eats everything.


It’s more challenging with Ryan as he’s more selective about what goes into the mouth. Well, at least colouring keeps him entertained here.


Part of the view from Tonson Bar.


After dinner, we (only MIL, Hubby, Ryan and me) went for Fantasea show. The show is not cheap. The standard ticket is THB1500 each but we opted for the gold seats so we paid an additional THB250 each to guarantee ourselves good view of the show.


The entrance to Fantasea. It’s like a mini themed park inside. Pretty interesting. Of course the highlight of our visit is the ‘Fantasy of a Kingdom’ show. Unfortunately we were not allowed camera inside the theatre so no pictures but I would say it’s not bad. A bit on the expensive side but worth a visit.


The show was about 1.5 hours long. We reached the hotel close to 12midnight due to the distant (it’s about 45 min ride from our hotel). We all conked out within minutes after our shower.

Day 5, 30 July 2011 (Saturday)

Our flight was at 10.30am which means we had to leave the hotel by 7.30pm (it takes about 45mins to get to the airport). After a long night last night, we dreaded ourselves to get up. Thank goodness we had ordered for breakfast room service. That would have burn our pocket for they charges THB500 per pax.  However due to the issues we had in the room, the hotel was kind enough to waive the charges. The portion  was really generous. We all left the hotel with a smile and a stomach full of food. :D



Phuket, Thailand (Part 2)

continued from here

Day 3, 28 July 2011 (Thursday)

We had a pleasant sleep the night before. As usual, the boys were early risers. Wish they could sleep in later especially during the holidays. Unfortunately their biological alarm is set regardless where they are. They woke up about 6am + local time (which is 7am + Msia time). Anyway, we woke up to a day filled with clear blue skies. We couldn’t be happier. The weather couldn’t be more perfect.

After breakfast, we quickly hit the beach. We couldn’t really swim in the sea as you can see how rough the waves were. Nevertheless the beach session couldn’t be more perfect. Despite sweating buckets under Mr Golden Sun’s fiery glare, the occasional breath of cool windy air seems to play its magic to re-energise us back to full bar. Perfect combo.


My handsome lil B


Acting uneasy on sand, despite with shoes on…


See those shadows.. that was exactly how scorchy hot it was on that day. Are we complaining? NOOOOOOOO……….




Even the Ultramans got a taste of sun sea and beach


My FIL.. on his ‘tanning bed’. The weather was so calm he actually fell asleep on the chair and woke up with a tanned face. :P






Always the Mr Cool Guy…






At one point the beach was closed… why? See the next pic.


Beach was closed due to strong waves. Grggghhhh……


After spending hours on the beach, we proeeded to the pool. The pool water was a little cold but that did not deter the boys from having a swell of a time.





Finally we called it a day after spending hours and hours at the beach/pool. We went back to our room to freshen up before going out to Patong for dinner. Tonight we picked Joe Louis Thai Restaurant, a Thai puppet themed restaurant for dinner.

After filling our stomachs, we shopped a bit inside the mall buying souvenirs etc. Tip. Souvenirs sold inside the mall (kiosks) are actually much cheaper than what you have to pay elsewhere including airport. So if you wish to shop for souvenirs, shop and buy what you need here. Don’t bother getting them at the airport.


More pics to be uploaded soon… Part 3 in my next post.



Phuket, Thailand (Part 1)


Ryan @ 5 years 3 months

Lil B @ 1 year 6 months

After months of procrastination, we took an impromptu trip to Phuket, Thailand. It was like finally…. we could declare ourselves a H O L I D A Y.

The trip was planned for 26th – 30th July (Tues – Sat). We brought along our helper and invited my two in laws to tag along. A total of 5 adults and 2 young children. It was really a whole ‘kampong’ trip. It was a little chaotic to manage so many people especially so we were in a foreign country, nevertheless we had a swell of a time. The extra pair of hands and eyes made things so much easier especially with the young boys.


We were here, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort


Day 1, 26th July 2011 (Tuesday)

Our flight was scheduled for 5.30pm. Good thing Thailand is one hour behind Malaysia so we gain 1 hour. We reached the hotel at 8pm, 45 minutes after we were picked up by the hotel cars from the airport. We reached the hotel at about 8pm. Our tummies were all growling. After checking in, we wasted no time and dashed to the hotel’s Thai restaurant Wang Warin for a sumptuous dinner.

The assistance rendered at the hotel counter at the airport was swift. We were swept off our feet to the hotel limousines in no time.


I was very pleased they fulfilled my request for a baby car seat. The hotel truly deserved a thumbs up for this.


Hotel Lobby.


Welcome drinks and flower lei for everyone during hotel check in. It was nice but we were too tired to appreciate.


Dinner @ Wang Warin. Good thing is, kids eat for free! Yay!


After dinner, we all went back to our rooms and called it a day.

One of our rooms. No big deal. Despite being in a renovated room, I still think the design was tad dated for my liking.


Day 2, 27 July 2011 (Wednesday)

We woke up with a sky full of gloomy clouds. Definitely not a good start when we’re in this little island expecting some sun, sea and sand. Anyhow we presevered. After breakfast, we went back to our rooms, got ourselves changed and headed straight to the beach.

@ breakfast


Enjoying his breakkie


The hotel is clean, albeit a little dated. IMHO it doesn’t deserved the 5 stars rating. I would probably give it a 4 mainly for its impeccable services. We had some issues with the rooms and the hotel staff were prompt in their attention and I could see they were genuinely making efforts to please to ensure us a comfortable stay. Not forgetting their private pristine beach. That was really a plus, plus point. It was clean and the sand was really fine. Despite located 10 minutes away from Patong, the strategic location of the hotel away from the hussle bustle of Patong, truly made it a favourable option if you wish to stay near Patong yet do not want to be right smack in the hussle bustle of the city.

Glimpse of the hotel here and there….

Darren posed in front of Wang Warin, the place we had dinner the night before.


Rows of shops in the hotel which neither I stepped foot in during our 5D/4N stay.


The hotel has huge swimming pool which is really a plus point. I really dislike those overcrowded hotel.


See those rain filled clouds?



Another side of the hotel







Free try for those who want to have a taste of scuba diving…Speaking of which, is there anyone who wants to buy my old diving suit, mint condition, like new.. :D


Other activities to keep guest occupied throughout their stay.


At the beach…..


We didn’t really get much sun on the first day, yet that did not fail our day. The boys (especially Ryan) had a blast at the beach running around under cool windy sky.




Baby Valentine – resident elephant at the resort.


P1130679 patch tool click and drag

Ryan trying to perfect his golfing skills. :P


Just when we were enjoying ourselves, light showers hit us. The kids were thrilled because they get to experience hiding under the hut away from the rain. Normally I would freak out because that just means the kids are going to get wet ie S.I.C.K but that day I let them go. Secretly, I thought it was pretty fun too.

That evening, we decided to give hotel food a miss. We ventured out to Patong area in the late afternoon, which took us less than 10 minutes drive @ THB500. There were 5 adults and 2 kiddos so the fare was pretty reasonable.


Jungceylon Mall – a pretty decent shopping mall with Robinson as its main anchor. Just when we thought we will not find anything interesting inside a shopping mall in Patong, Ryan got himself two Ultraman sourvenirs home (Ultraman Legend and Ultraman Leo)


We took a stroll along Patong street. The sun was out, a total opposite of what we experienced at the beach in the morning. The locals said during the rainy season (Jul-Now) it is pretty norm to get intervals of short showers followed by scorching sun throughout the day. Fortunately it was pretty windy after showers so it was a pretty pleasant walk. Well, at least the little boys were not complaining.


Daddy’s boy


Hubby and I stayed in this Patong Bay Garden Resort hotel about 10 years ago. It was a pretty decent hotel back then but it’s in such a sorry state now. Look at how run down it is. Ironically though they still look pretty promising on the web. Grgghhh… speaking of web lies.




The street was full of peddlars and fast foward 10 years later from the last time hubs and I were there, it still look the same. I read on the guide, while they mean no harm, generally the locals like to touch and be friendly with young kids, toddlers per se. Well, that’s quite true. Wherever I go, Darren is sure a big hit. I hear people calling out ‘Hi’ and ‘Hellos’ at Darren, not so much at Ryan though as the latter, well I supposed is not so much a toddler anymore. :P

For dinner, we chose MK Restaurant located at the Jungceylon. They serve Thai and Chinese cuisine, mainly hot pot varieties. However, we opts for ala-carte. Food wise was so so. Not expensive, not promosing either. Will we go back again? Probably not…


Insist he wants to buy these shells.. The shells are still inside a plastic bag as I type this post 2 months post our trip.


There was a 4D cinema on the top floor of Jungceylon. Ryan loved it so much we ended paying THB200 * 2 person * 3 rounds of shows. First time he watched it with Daddy, second time on our third day with Mommy, and he tried one last time on the same day with Ma Ma. He still want more (there were a total of 6 shows) but we figured it’s such a waste of money for a mere 5 minutes thril. Yes, each ‘show’ , more like a clip lasted 5 minutes only. There goes THB200.


When we got back to our rooms at night, we were greeted by a napkin elephant in each of our room. Cute.. but they don’t last long. Within minutes, they were ‘dismembered’… :P

After a long day, that night, we all slept like babies…. :D


to be continued….