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Nose Bleed

Darren @ 3 years 10 months


My household had been free from kid screaming nose bleed for awhile. Unfortunately not anymore.

Lil B started having nose bleed since couple months back. It’s not something that happens regularly on him but when it does,  it bothers him, quite badly.

When Ryan was younger, he too had the same issue. Doctor said it could be due to sensitive blood vessel and it was common in children. After years of experience in managing Ryan’s nose bleed episodes, I can confidently self proclaimed myself an expert in handling and stopping nose bleed. Well, not until I met this fussy toddler who freaks out at the sight of blood.

Long story short,  Ryan was always calm when it happened. He followed through my instructions and never once threw a fuss. Perhaps he was too scared to budge but somehow I remembered him being much easy to handle than his lil brother.

So unlike kor kor, this lil cheeky monster is very difficult to manage.

An hour ago at about 7pm, we ran into the same drama. He was on his ipad when he suddenly screamed (on top of his lungs) nose bleed!!. I turned around and sure enough there was really quite a lot of bright red blood oozing out from his right nostril. I summoned Ryan to get me the ice pack while I attempt to stop the bleeding on the screaming baby’s tiny nostril. While I was busying myself with pinching his nostril and cleaning him up, he on the other hand was very uncooperative. Instead of staying calm and still, he kept himself busy, busy by ensuring his brain cells will continue to send messages to each of his body parts to continue challenging his mommy throughout the ordeal. Thankfully it didn’t take long to stop. After a few mins of pinching his nose,  the bleeding stopped. Lil B was soon back to his old self, tapping on his beloved idiot pad.



Scaring the lil monster with his own blood.


See the muka. Geram or not? Lol..

Ryukendo Fansi

Lil B @ 2 years 11 months

Like his brother, Darren is into superheroes at this age. We have invested 4 figures on Ultraman and Monsters for Ryan, in hope our investment will go down to Darren. While the latter still plays with the toys, lately he is more interested in this programme on TV call Ryukendo. Good thing they don’t sell these toys here, or so I hope.


Very focused here watching Ryukendo on TV



Studio Shoot

Ryan @ 6 years 2 months
Lil B @ 2 years 5 months

I bought a studio shoot deal with Creative Visual Studio for RM150 from Groupon. It comes with 2 hours shoot, 1 20 pages Photobook and 4 pcs of 4R prints. Ryan had his first studio shoot when he was about 2 so it’s only fair Darren get his share now. ❤☺


The above pic was taken back in 2008 when Ryan was about 2+ years old. How time flies. He was so cute then, still with the baby fats! (ok, he’s still cute now but in a handsome way 😜😝)

So the day came. Both boys were in cheery mood so the session went really smooth.


Lil B was really easy to shoot. He was cooperative and able to take instructions. Even the photographer, Feeq commented how easy it was to shoot Darren. We were just glad it’s all over with.

We were given the full 192 shots taken in the span of 30 minutes. there were some good and bad shots.

This is one of the good ones.



I want a phone

Ryan @ 5 years 8 months



We have an old phone lying around the house. Out of the blue Ryan declared he is now the proud owner of the phone. Tonight he willingly gave me RM8.80 from his savings so I could get him a phone number (Hotlinks prepaid pack). Lately he’s into this ‘adult’ mode. He’s been observing what us, the adults do and possess. Eg. He no longer wants to use his kiddy bowl, he wants adult plate, adult cutleries. Few days back, he asked me if he could get a credit card. Then yesterday he asked me what age he could learn how to drive. He told me he wants to save enough money to buy a Proton. His dream cars are the Porsche, Lamborghini, Pagani Zonda but he knows he can’t afford, neither does his parents. So he settled with a Proton. (the most affordable car one can own I told him :P). Eversince he has been very calculative with his money. Not easy to squeeze money out from him. Reminds me how he innocently announced he will not celebrate Darren’s birthday after I told him to buy Didi a present. He was evidently upset. Told us he doesn’t like birthday celebration because it’s a waste of money. Told us on Darren’s birthday he will wake up early, wish Didi Happy Birthday and just watch TV. No presents. Basically no one could touch his money, in his own words ‘hard earned money’ (because we pay him when he does housework. To him, that is real hard work). Hahaha… So I guess for him to part with RM8.80 from his hard earned money speaks how desperate he is to be apart of this ‘adult’ world.., to own something each of us adult owns, yes? The crave for independence sure starts early.

My adult wannabe first born.. Love you lots <3 .