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Blog of The Day

I was surprised to see MamaBok’s message that my blog is PPP‘s featured “Blog of the Day” for 26 May 2007. Of course I’m thrilled … just not sure how it happened at the first place. Hmm.. think it was a random fluke shot. Anyways, would like to thank PPP for the linky.. If you’re reading this and am new to my blog, I hope you’ll come back ya. For my baby Ryan’s existing supporters, welcome back. :D

PPP Response to PayPal Problem – Part 2

Following up from my previous post on the same subject. This is another update email from PPP (Again.. I’m impressed with their follow up. Thumbs up)…

In regards to your issue with not being able to receive our funds from PayPal, we have been in contact with our PayPal Representative who is unaware that people are having any issues. Of course, we are well aware that these issues do exist. Our Representative has asked us for the following information in order for her to research the problem:

PPP user name
Full name (as listed on PayPal)
Phone #
PayPal email address
mailing address
Post title and submit date of each post for which they have not received payment.

Please fill out the above information and reply to this email as soon as possible. A faster response on your end will only expedite this process. Thank you!!


Luke Mattern
Blog Analysis, Advertiser Assistance, Friend
PayPerPost, PayPerPost, Inc.

I was really dumfounded and taken by surprise with the response from Paypal claiming they were unaware of the existence of payment problem. Errm…I myself have written to them once and they replied asked me to be patient wor… Strange strange…

Anyways, those who are still having problem accepting payment from PayPal, please do raise a ticket with PPP so they could help you resolve your prob ya. All the best!!

** Update 25 May 07: Paypal problem resolved!!! Yoohoo….

PPP’s Response on PayPal Problem

I don’t have that many funds pending in the PayPal account, nevertheless it’s still hard earned money ma (Wahseh!! like real.. kekekeke.. also need to crack brain juice to come up with unique post leh). Anyways, I have written to PPP yesterday and they responded to my ticket on the same day. Here goes PPP’s reply. (Must give them credit. Very efficient indeed this time…)


Hello, thank you for contacting us. Yes, we do have the ability to resend unclaimed funds, so this will not be an issue. We are in contact with PayPal as well about this problem. I will keep this ticket open and let you know any updates that I receive. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them here. Thank you! Luke