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I’m Feeling Better

@ 16 months 3 weeks 4 days

Thank you all for the support. A week has passed and I’m feeling much better. I no longer stresses myself for a 3 dish 1 soup meal for hubs and I’m also learning to keep one eye close when I see strands of hair, papers, threads on the floor, away from the guilt of leaving the house unkept. Everything is well taken care of now. Hubs will take his dinner in the office as he works late (cannot expect him to starve and only eat dinner at 11pm), and cleaner lady will come ‘fix’ my house once or twice a week for 4 hours each ($12 per hour). So my focus is entirely on my little monster’s needs and my own tummy’s fillings. I really appreciate all the advise given as it gave me insights to take things at a slower pace and not expect too much from my little self. The beauty of blogging. Muakss to you all!!
Some pics to share as usual~~

Walking with both eyes closed

Flexi Baby

An Attempt at Self Feeding

OMG.. The Mess

Stacking spree these days

I cooked again for the 2nd time yesterday. This time Fried Meehoon. Just a simple dish yet it took me two hours to accomplish that. Paiseh. I sucks when it comes to cooking and housechores. But I feel really good cos hubs and Ryan loves it. Not bad for a first timer heh… :P

Aspiring singer. Bought him a new toy at Metro Paragon this afternoon

OK.. got to go serve my master dinner. Unsalted butter salmon porridge (with pumpkin and cauliflower) for tonight’s dinner. Yummy~~

What Happens After The Party

@ 1 year 1 month 5 days
19 May, Saturday
We went to The Curve after the party. Ryan’s patience finally wore thin and he was evidently restless on his stroller. So we had our dinner at speed and rushes home. As expected our poor boy fell asleep on the way home. We got home around 7.30pm; all three of us just fell flat and crashed on bed. By the time we woke up, it was 10pm. Sei for lor… 10pm!!!! Ryan would typically stay up for 5-6 hours in the evening before he calls it a day. Time time really jialat. So dah dah dah.. we watched TV together-gether, played with him, ate snacks dah dah dah again and at 1.00am, finally the little fella showed signs of sleepiness and subsequently fell asleep while having his milk. What a loooooong night. Tired lor!!!!

20 May, Sunday
Ryan usually wakes up at 8am, but on this day he woke up at 10am. All three of us woke up at 10am. Just tooooo tired. Really getting old. Well, the consequences of that on Ryan was another odd hour’s nap at 1pm and 7pm subsequently during our way back from MV for dinner. My hands felt so heavy when I have to wake Ryan up at 7.30pm knowing he must be super tired but we do not wish another late night and certainly cannot afford to wake up at 10am the next morning. Well thank gawd we woke up the lil fella cos even that he actually only fell sleepy at 12midnight!!! His energy level definitely way surpassed his mom and dad’s. Gosh!!!

*** I’ve always wanted to prepare mac-cheese for Ryan so today I decided I want to get myself busy la with the food experiment using the recipe that this hot mama shared with me. Dee-dee-daa-daa a good 30 mins in the kitchen until the whole house was filled with the smell of cheese (kekeke.. MIL has a phobia of cheese so imagine when she came home and smell of it. Sorry ya…). So here goes, first spoon to Ryan.. he munched munched then OEK!!. Okay,nevermind, try again. He gave a hesitant look but opened his mouth anyway. Then OEK OEK!! This time jialat. Oek until the whole clothes was stained with cheese and macaronis. Hmm… I think he doesn’t like the cheese (I actually gave him half a slice, maybe too much for his first try). Sigh.. okay la.. The End of my food experiement. Went back to kitchen and prepared good old cereal. (Frankly I tried the mac-cheese myself, I also feel like OEK — jus too cheesy I think for such small portion) **slap head**
The look of it also mummy wanna ‘Oek-Oek’. Heehee..

21 May, Monday
This morning, literally dragged the little fella out of bed. He just can’t open his eyes. Check out the picss…(Pray pray, his body clock will go back to normal today)

Blur Face with his Burger King Balloon from the Party

Cheeky Face with Dragon Ball Hair

Potato Porridge

@ 9 months 2 weeks 2 days

Ryan’s body is still a bit heng-heng-tei (warm).. hehee.. yeah yeah, no fever but warmer than his usual lor. So, I decided to make him something different today – potato porridge.

I must say I am a hopeless housewife, mummy. I actually sms-ed MalaikaMummy asked her what type of potato I should buy to make potato porridge. I actually got confused between those sweet potato and those normal potato. So stupid right but no joke.. I am that blur when it comes to this. Arrghh.. since she replied late I bought both. That was last night.

After all the hoo-hoo-haa-haa (I added both to the porridge) I was all ready to feed and Ryan was all ready to eat. First feed.. Ryan showed funny face. Thinking the porridge could be too dry, I added some water. Second feed, Ryan “Oek” (puke sound). Patted him and gave him some plain water (as usual he only managed a few sips of it). Third feed “Oek” again. Fourth “Oek” again again.. Okay la, put aside. I don’t have my camera handy to take a shot of Ryan. He showed such a pitiful face as if this mummy just fed him poison. Adoi~~~

Poor baby. Either it’s the funny taste, too dry, no appetite, erm wrong potato etc etc reasonings, excuses went thru my mind.

In the end, fed Ryan rice cereal mixed pureed apple. I seriously need more cooking lessons!!! “Kow Meng Ar” (Help me)….

Ryan enjoying his yummy-licious foot

Pic taken: 21 Jan 07