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Food Republic @ Pavillion

Ryan @ 5 years 6 months 3 weeks
Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 2 weeks 1 day

Yesterday after Darren’s Shichida class, we brought the boys to Food Republic at Pavillion for lunch. It was the boys’ first time in a food court in KL.

We cam- a bit while Daddy was away ordering his food.









Yoohoo.. Daddy’s at the back.


The pic is blurred but I like the boys monkeying in front of the camera.


We survived first day at Shichida

@ 1 year 8 months 2 weeks 3 days

Yesterday my lil B attended his first Shichida lesson at Wisma Lim Foo Yong. Daddy and kor kor also tagged along to rally their support for DiDi. 

We are no stranger to the Shichida Method. Ryan had been a Shichida graduate after attending the classes for 2 + years in Shichida Singapore. He was 18 months when he started. Therefore inevitably steeping foot into the premise on the 12th floor does bring back some memories. Miss all the Shichida mommies cum newfound buddies (Gina-Ashley, Jean-Verlynne, Tricia:Isaiah, Angiel: Kieran and Ciney:Marianne).




The Shichida centre at Lim Foo Yong looked small and tired compared to their Singapore centre. Good thing they have a big aquarium at the waiting area to occupy the kids.

Lil B behaved considerably well in the class. Occasionally he stood near the door hinting he wants out but nothing too disruptive. In fact, he was pretty cooperative in most of the activities especially flash cards. I am taking this in my credit for the home activities we have been doing together at home. 

Good job Darren. I’m hoping another good day next week.

After Shichida, we drove to Pavillion to meet Daddy and kor kor at Starbucks. Had our lunch at Dragon-I. Yums.. Love their XO Sauce fried carrot cake.





Shicida Term End (farewell) Party

@ 41 months 2 days

Yesterday (17 Sept 09) marked the last day of Shichida class for Ryan and 3 other classmates (Marianne, Kieran and Ashley). After 2 years of attending the weekly class at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, we finally called it quit to make way for other plans.

We all each bought a gift for the gift exchange session. Ryan, as excited as ever, ransacked my bag the moment we walked into class searching for the gift we brought along and insisted to pass it his friend. What an impatient boy. I had to remind him we will only have the session AFTER class.

After class, Teacher Hui Min joined us. She was the kids’ sinseh for a year before Teacher CT took over after Hui Min was ‘promoted’ to join their kindergarten programme.

The kids gonna miss each other sooooo much!


Taken after class. Ryan with his trademark stare - holding on tight to the pressie we brought along to class….
(L-R:  Ciney & Marianne / Me & Ryan / Gina & Ashley / Jean & Verlynne / Tricia & Isaiah / Teacher HuiMin / Teacher CT

Finally got his pressie (from Ashley through draw lots)


Linking Memory

@ 41 months

Ryan completed Shichida’s Brain Olympic Challenge successfully 2 weeks ago. The challenge was aimed to assess a child based on various activities such Intuition Power, Intuitive Image Memory, High Speed Memorisation, High Speed Auto Processing, General Class Perforance, Linking Memory Character Development (eg Photo Memory, Instant Memory, etc) during the course of 12 weeks with the exception of Linking memory which was assessed on week 10.

As part of the assessment, the child is required to link all 40 unrelated cards in the correct order, under 3 minutes. I started practising with Ryan 3 days prior the actual day. I’m so proud he managed to complete everything despite having limited home practise.


During home practise. His best try was 45 cards under 3 minutes.

Terrible 2 signs….

@ 24 months 2 days

I was really upset with Ryan since the last few days. He has been misbehaving big time. Every single thing would easily tickles his dancing bone (jumping). It doesn’t bother him whether he was on the ground, bed, chair, table, our body or whatsoever. He has mastered the skill of jumping so much so that he can jump and spread his leg at the same time. So when he land, he’ll land with a V sign. *slaphead*

I was particularly disappointed with Ryan yesterday when he again acted like a loose monkey during the Shichida class. Really don’t understand why he likes to jump so much – or as he calls it ‘dancing’. He so called danced on the chair, on my lap for countless times – he jumped during flash cards, phonics, story and of course songs time. Despite my every effort to restrain him, it proved futile. My nagging for him to stop fell on deaf ears. I do not want to raise my voice in class so I just kept low but my blood was sure boiling hot shooting up my head. I was so glad when the sayonara song was sang – which marks the end of the class. Arrghhh….

For the whole day yesterday I was in hot pan mode. I really do not want to spank him so I hide myself in the room most of the time and I told him mommy is upset with his behaviour and will not speak with him. Not sure if he understands the severity of my words. But when I closed the door behind him, there goes.. the wailing, screaming, knocking, kicking, banging… etc etc. I just turned on a deaf ear too as I really want to teach him a lesson. Sotong of course being the usual mediator asked Ryan to apologise. Ryan continued to cry for a moment, kept saying ‘awie mommy.. awie mommy…“ and I finally opened the door when he started making puke sound. OK la.. so pitiful to see a red faced baby crying with tears, mucous all over the face begging for forgiveness.

Please please… is this the start of a terrible 2?

An addition to his Thomas and friends collection. Thank you Malaika’s Mommy