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Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011

Yes. We joined the crowd and were there this afternoon.




The big hall


The checkout counters


The hungry boy… 


My loots. Damage: RM130 only!!!! Could have been more if Ryan did not tag along. He was tired and hungry since we went straight after school. I will most likely go again … without kids of course.

edit to add on 13 Oct 2011 (Thurs)

Went to the BBW fair again this morning and spent another RM144 on 25 books, mostly children. I’m happy mom.



Total 47 books for RM272.00. Average less than RM6 each. It’s a steal!


Hot Bed Therapy @ Ecoparadise

My MIL raved about the ecoparadise’s hot bed therapy (rejuvenation anti oxidant therapy) awhile back. So when Groupon offered the deal at RM40 for 4 sessions, I simply could not resist especially so after I read about its anti aging benefits.

We chose the Frasier Business Centre for our sessions.


This dimly lit room has 4 “beds” with room temperature showing 45C. We were given two towels and a tumbler of plain water. The bigger piece of towel is for us to lay it on the darker tiles where we are supposed to lie flat on our back. Feel free to switch position ie to each sides. We were to place the smaller towel on the head rest. Remain on lying position for 45 minutes. If you are adventurous, you can lie down on the floor without the towel. It really depends on your own threshold. I prefer with the towel.


After being “baked” for 45 minutes, we adjourned to the waiting lounge to cool / normalise our body temperature before proceed for shower.




Cold enzyme drink for each of us after our shower. To my pleasant surprise, it tasted pretty good. I’ve tasted worse. Yums…


Normal rate


Conclusion after 4 sessions of anti oxidant rejuvenation therapy:
- Hubby said it helps relieve his muscles aches
- we both felt good after a good session of sweating out
- I do not see any evident benefits on myself apart from a feel good session (psychological I think)

So will we be back? Probably yes, but not at their full published rate. I’ll wait for their next deal. :D


Father and sons

Ryan @ 5 years 5 months 2 weeks 5 days
Lil B @ 1 year 8 months 1 week 6 days

My maid commented how much the 3 父子 look alike from the back. She said they even share the same style of walking. Not that I am in denial, though I am tad jealous non my offsprings resembles me but I seriously have not paid much attention to it.


Ryan totally dotes on his Didi. He loves to hold his Didi’s hand whenever possible. So sweet…

Ultraman Mini Exhibition

@ 4 years 6 months 4 days

Ryan fell ill on the 14th Oct (Thursday) with a fever. His fever was very high that night, 39.xC and when his temp did not subside after sponging him and Neurofen, I had no choice but to administer suppository at around 10pm. He cried and said it was painful. My poor boy. Luckily at this age, he’s more understanding and he knows it’s something we had to do to make him feel better. I consoled him saying if he gets better, I’ll bring him to The Mines for Ultraman mini exhibition.

On Friday, his fever kinda went away after another dose of Neurofen.  He kept checking on the time and asked me to get ready. He was really looking forward to the session. He’s been a fan since he was 2. So I brought him to The Mines as promised to see his superhero.

It was a 3 day event. Friday was media and VIP launch. No, we were not the VIP so that was as close as we could get to the stage. The boy in pic was a TV presenter. Lucky him. We could join the meet and greet session on Sat/Sun for some pictures but I decided not to tell Ryan about it anticipating the Q will be mad


Ryan with Ultraman signature pose. He insist of wearing an Ultraman shirt that Auntie Jane bought for him from HK


Checking out the goodies to add to his gigantic collection


I had to tell him all the Monsters’ name on each of the poster. He could name and remember all the Ultraman in and out of his collection