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Singapore Trip Part 2

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After spending 3 nights in the apartment, we checked into Festive Hotel for a night’s stay. The hotel’s loft bed was the main reason why we chose it as opposed to Hard Rock which received more positive reviews.  Ryan has been bugging us to get him a double deck bed but knowing him, it’s just another one of his short stint desires. So the hotel’s loft bed was perfect to give him a taste of it.


Checked into the room around noon time. Finding a parking in the hotel was torturous. They really need to buck up to imrpove the signage. We ended up with the valet parking.


We requested a pool / theme park view. Not bad.



My helper ended up sleeping on the loft bed. The steps were very steep and I personally don't think it's suitable for young kids. Ryan refused to sleep there at night. He even cried when we 'forced' him to climb up the steps. Anyway, just before we checked out, he proudly announced and showed us he was able to go up the bed all by himself. But when we asked him if he still want a double deck bed? Well, no prize for guessing it right, :P


The first highlight we bumped into not long after we entered the park. Ryan bite his tongue and took a pic with the scary monster (that’s what he called Mr Frankenstein)


Lil B fascinated by the weird looking ‘duck’. lol


Daddy and Ryan went for this ride while Loida, me and Darren waited for them outside. We waited for more than 30 minutes inside their gift shop. Darren fell asleep in the sleep. Power nap. He was re-energised and able to stay awake for the remaining of our walk.


I had a shock when I saw how drenched they were after the hydraulic ride above. Daddy chose not to buy the rain coat as he said that defeat the purpose of the ride. Nah…. men! He ended up forking out $14 for a new shirt for Ryan.


Another highlight at the Universal Studio Singapore – Waterworld


Again, Daddy chose to seat at the ‘wet area’. Lil B and I decided to move to the back row. But luckily the rangers were wise enough to not ‘target’ the kids. Phew..


The world tallest duelling roller coaster closed for renovation.


Kungfu Panda! Ryan spotting a new shirt here.


No kids would miss this shop



Ryan asked us me to take a pic of him with the M&M’s figurines. Yes, he did buy a M&M plush toy too. His favourite used to be the M&M (biscuits – blue packaging and choco – brown packaging). But few weeks ago, he had his first bite of M&M peanuts and he proclaimed ‘I LOVE IT’.


Night view from our room. Not bad…


In order for Didi to have a peaceful nap, we dragged Ryan out to wander around the area






Daddy said this pic is another classic highlighting how much they both look alike. Cish…


At the hotel entrance waiting for the valet to come back with our car



Silly boy. He cried because I put Didi on his car seat first. Somehow he has this idea if he gets in first, he has more time to play with Didi without mommy ‘complaining’ in the middle seat.


That’s my boy. He cry easily but stops effortlessly too. All he ask for is ‘Mommy, I want you to sayang’.


Lil B oblivious to his kor kor’s antics

We were in Singapore, twice.


Ryan @ 4 years 10 months 5 days

Lil B @ 1 year 4 weeks 2 days

Our trip to Singapore inconjunction with Lil B’s birthday had been pre planned 2 months ahead. However, sometime in early January when hubs was informed of his 5 days training in Singapore, we decided to tag along.

Trip 1: 11 – 15th January 2011 (Tuesday – Saturday)


Daddy had gone for his training a day earlier than us. All four of us (Two kids, Loida and myself) boarded Tiger Airways to Singapore.



First time on a plane. He was manageable on our way to Singapore as he wasn't too sleepy. Alas, on our way back to KL, he was extremely cranky prior take off. After the plane took off, we brought him to the pantry area and managed to get him to nap. Phew...



Always an effort to get them to cooperate for a decent pic.



Inconjunction with the Year of Rabbit, there was an exhibition on various types of bunnies and hares. Check out the gigantic size of the hare.



That's my foot. The hare is 5 times longer. Huge!



Lil B, refused to cooperate for picture here



We were at Ryan's usual hang out place, Suntec City. So surreal. Daddy's office was here so we used to come here almost everyday to feed the Kois.


Trip 2: 20th – 24th Jan 2011


This time we came by car. The two kiddos and hubby crashed on the bed (master room) the moment we checked into Thong Sia Apartment (hubby's company apartment). The building, which is located right opposite Paragon is an old building but like any other buildings in Singapore, they are well maintained and as good as new. The unit is newly and tastefully renovated with 3 rooms. Ample space for the kids to roam around. The caretaker told us the unit is now worth S$4 million. I'm not surprised.



Chiling on the sofa.



We went to Marina Bay Sands on the 2nd night. Can you see the 3D effect of a human kneeling on four? We didn't see it then. We only noticed when we were browsing thru the pictures.



At one of our favourite restaurants, Forture near Holland.



We had another simple celebration with Darren on his actual birthdate, 22nd Jan 2011. We bought a simple heart shaped cake for Darren from The Bread Talk.



Father and son occupied by their respective gadget on hand.



One of the rooms in the 3 room apartment. MIL and Loida slept here.



Kitchen. I wouldn't mind staying here for another 3 nights frankly. LOL.




End of Part 1…

Singapore Formula 1 Night Race

@ 41 months 2 weeks 6 days

Hubby has been a F1 fan for more than a decade; since Aryton Senna days. For me.. I don’t follow each and every race  as much as I used compared to when I was in my Uni years. Now I only keep abreast with the general F1 news.

Hubby bought the tickets many months in advance to enjoy the early bird discount ($248 pp). This year we decided to get the grandstand tickets as opposed to the walk about tickets which we opted for last year. It was simply too tiring walking around without a fixed spot to sit. I was telling hubby it was a decision wisely made, otherwise I doubt I would be able to keep up his pace walking around with my current condition.

Ryan knew about the impending F1 race weeks ahead the actual day as we passed by the route every morning when we send hubs to work. He would tell us he wants to bring along his camera (our old Canon IXUS 50D is Ryan’s possession now). You should see how excited he was just by looking at the prep work (fences, seats, lightings) the organiser put up. We wished we could bring Ryan along but kids below 7 years old were strongly discouraged to attend due to the loud noise. We dare not take the risk. :( Hopefully we could bring him along to Sepang’s race next year, at least the track is much further from the seats/spectators.

Day 1 – 25th Sept. I decided not to go for the practise session as I felt heavy hearted leaving Ryan at home alone with my helper 3 days in a row. With a spare ticket on hand, Hubs invited his friend ‘Machine’ who was more than pleased to go with him. Normally Ryan would watch the race with Daddy but tonight he watched the live telecast on TV with Mommy. He asked so many questions about the sport (what team, what they were doing, what was this and that, etc) to which Daddy proudly proclaimed Ryan’s interest on motorsports is definitely from his genes. I have no doubt about that.  

Day 2 – 26th Sept. I felt extremely heavy hearted the whole day anticipating Ryan would be very upset when he learned we had left him behind for the race. Just before we leave home, I quickly got him ready for bed - sponged him and brushed his teeth. He was in the play room with Loida when hubs and I sneaked out. It has been a while since hubs and I had to sneak out. Ryan had been a darling, waving goodbye to us when we were going out for a long time until recently – a couple weeks back to be exact. I could only assume it’s because of the little person in me. Mmm….

The qualifying race is at 10pm but we sneaked out earlier at about 8.00pm anticipating the bad traffic. We reached Suntec at around 8.30pm. So we took a quick bite at Cartel’s Cafe @ Marina Square.  I had their award winning St Louis Pork Ribs and hubs ordered Cartel’s Pan Fried Macaroni. Yummy!!

At about 10.30pm, Loida texted me – “Ryan cried a lot and just slept”. Oh dear.. poor boy. Slept at 10.30pm!! That was kinda late.  :(

The qualifying session lasted about an hour. It ended at 11.15pm. There were people everywhere. So many F1 enthusiasts. I guess the night race is a real big catch and this year there were many supporting races and shows. After the qualifying, we walked a distance until we reached the Suntec Convention Centre to hail a cab. We were lucky. There was no queue and we reached home around 11.40pm.

Loida told me Ryan refused to sleep. He cried so much and demanded Harry-Boat-Harry stories (it’s actually 3 different bed time stories which I would tell Ryan every night. First is about Harry visiting the zoo/animal kingdom, followed by Mickey and Minnie on boat ride and lastly a story of Harry again – can be any storyline) but poor Loida had no idea what stories were they. It doesn’t helped Ryan only wanted the 3 stories and no others.


Day 3 – 27th Sept. Ryan woke up demanding us to tell him where we went last night. We told him we went for the race. He seemed to understand that he is too young to attend but can’t denied he was still visibly upset. Poor boy.

We had to leave before 6.30pm for the 8pm race. I had intentionally allowed Ryan to skip his nap today so he could sleep early. I briefly told Loida about the stories in hope tonight will be a smoother night for both of them.

We had our dinner at Crystal Jade. At about 8.30pm, Loida texted me. I was so relieved to read that Ryan did not fuss as much and he was asleep after the stories. Phew. I found out the next morning Ryan slept after 1 Harry story. When I asked Ryan about it, he said it was because ‘kakak”s story was not nice. Hahahaha……

The race ended around 11.00pm. Overall it was a boring race, hahaha at least for me. F1 is really a TV sport. Being on-site is really for the feel and atmosphere. You could only see the car zoomed passed in split mili seconds.

Safety car – I think it was during Heidfeld (BMW) and Sutil (Force India) impact

The race organisation was really poor too. We were literally shoulder to shoulder on our way out. It doesn’t helped with the very limited exit points. Thumbs down to the organiser!

The next day, to make it up for Ryan, I brought him to pick Daddy after work.

He saw this pair of shoes and fell in love with it right away. I thought they were ugly…

Having fun at the indoor playground @ Marina Square

His latest craze is Bob the Builder

Looking extremely auntie and pregnant here @ 22 weeks 2 days


Visit to Ion Orchard

@ 41 months 6 days

MIL and Cousin Jasmine was in town for a short visit during the Hari Raya break. There was really no Hari Raya celebration feel in Singapore, which is by no surprise for the Muslims being a minority in this country. We only get 1 day public holiday. :( Don’t we miss Malaysia’s  holidayssssssssss…..

We went to the latest shopping addition along Orchard Road – Ion Orchard and did all the touristy thing. We snapped pictures, shopped like there’s no tomorrow (not us, MIL and Jasmine)..

Mommy with Ryan and little bun @ 21 weeks

Ryan had wanted a chrono watch (he loves my Swatch) but they don’t have kid’s size (fortunately.. :P)


Coach station @ Corpthorne Orchid Hotel – sending MIL and Jasmine off


3 generations


I have to giving up asking Ryan to smile in front of camera


It took me a fair bit of effort cherring Ryan up. He usually gets teary eyed bidding farewells. Phew……


First Dental Visit

@ 40 months, 1 week 1 day

We brought Ryan to his first dentist visit last Saturday. It was an uneventful session. Phew. Prior that day, I had done a few role play sessions with him and showed him pictures found from the clinic’s website. So I’m guessing that helped put him at ease throughout that whole session.

It is a paediatric dentist so the whole place was decorated and pooled with toys and books. Ryan was not shy to make himself at home the moment we stepped in.



After about 15 minutes’s wait, it was Ryan’s turn. I wasn’t sure abbout Ryan but I swear my heart was pounding fast. We were seated down at a corner of the room and dentist started off with some Q and A. He also asked a few questions directed at Ryan to make him feel apart of the session -  whether he brushes his teeth, what color is his toothbrush, what’s his fav food, so forth. To my delight, the two could actually communicate, quite sensibly too. Hubs and I, even the nurses couldn’t stop smiling at some of Ryan’s answers.

He also showed Ryan a mock up teeth and made him count. 20 is the number. The whole Q&A session yielded one main concern and it’s about Ryan’s die hard habit of going to bed with milk in bottle. The dentist explained to Ryan the consequences of it and encourages him to drink from cup. I couldn’t helped but to chuckle when I saw the expression on Ryan’s face when the dentist showed us a picture of teeth cavity. He was nodding his head looking worried and kept pointing and asking questions (why there’s black thing on the teeth, why got holes…. ) during the whole explanation.

After breaking the ice, it was time for the real ‘show’. Ryan was asked to lie down on hubs and the overhead TV with Thomas and Friends show was turned on. Ryan was given the mouth mirror. For a few minutes, he was tasked to help the dentist with it around the mouth. Ryan was sure proud.


After checking, it was found Ryan would need a filling on one tooth (bottom right) and it is highly attributed to the milk intake before bed. Grrrr… Luckily Ryan brushes his teeth at least once a day (night is mandatory, daytime – occassionally depending on his mood and time). I cannot imagine otherwise. He will probably need 20 fillings today. For a child that doesn’t take anything after his last brush, apparently the morning brush is deemed not so important.   

Dentist does not encouraged tooth filling on first visit, so we will schedule another day for that purpose. Soon after, another lady dentist took over the session for scaling and polishing. She was so good and patient. She explained and allowed Ryan to touch and feel some of the tools on his finger before her using them on his teeth. While scaling his teeth, dentist noticed Ryan easily tenses up when she touched his rear gum hence explains why he likes to bite the toothbrush when I brush his molars. She taught and encourages me to do more gum exercise for Ryan by inserting my fingers (thumb and index) to massage the gum.  


The whole session took about 45 minutes. It was slightly longer than we expected because there were a lot of interaction throughout the session to make Ryan feel comfortable; mostly on non teeth related topics such as which school he goes to, why he gel his hair (no.. we don’t normally doll him up except on special occassion. That day was because we were going for his classmate’s birthday party), any girlfriends (he raised his hand and showed 5 when he was asked the question), etc.. It was really funny listening to the answers Ryan gave – eg how he elaborated to the dentist about mommy being the one who teaches him at home, daddy is the fixer because daddy fixed the lights, etc and him being the cleaner. My boy… has truly grown up.



As a reward for his wonderful performance, Ryan could choose a toy from the magix box. He chose a spiderman toy. He was sure beaming from ear to ear. I asked if he enjoyed the session and would like to come again. He said ‘YES’!  Yay….

… we left the place feeling proud and happy. The $132 paid sure hurts the wallet but it’s worth it seeing that bright little smile on Ryan’s face.


That night onwards, I try to make Ryan drink his milk from his cup. It was a futile effort. Bedtime, he needs his bottle before he’s willing to hit the sack.  Otherwise tons of excuses that he couldn’t sleep, this and that.  So what I did, after his last milk, I made him drink some water to at least rinse off the residue. Hopefully that helps extend the life of his baby teeth.