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Over the weekend

@ 22 months 3 weeks 6 days

Last Sunday we went for Disney on Ice, Mickey & Minnie Amazing Journey. This time we managed to get good tickets to the show; 4th row from the ice ring because I’ve learned my lesson from the last show and booked the tickets as early as January this time.

The show also features Disney characters such as Lilo & Stitch, Lion King, 101 Dalmations, Peter Pan and Little Mermaid; all alien to Ryan. He only knows Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. So when they came on, he was really excited.

Overall, I think the show was not as entertaining as the Mickey Mouse Live show back in November07. Nonetheless, Ryan enjoyed it (I think). Though he has not seen the other cartoons, he behaved and watched intently throughout the 2 hours, amazed and mesmerised by the skating and hanging by the wire performances by the characters. 

I brought along my long neglected Canon Ixus50 to the show. Conclusion, I miss ya. Oh, So handy. Hehee…


Skinny Baby

@ 22 months 2 weeks 6 days

My cousin WahWah sent me some pictures of Ryan last night. The pictures were shot last year during the chinese new year. Ryan was barely 9 months old then. This is how the chubby pie looked like then….

CNY07: So bulat right? He he… 


CNY08: My skinny cat (@ 22 months) taken with PorPor (maternal grandma)

When I look at the pictures, I noticed Ryan likes to bite his lips. I wonder why. Then I browse and browse and I found the answer at last….










It’s in the gene………..

Ha ha… just for laughs.

Have a good weekend ahead everyone!

Over the weekend

@ 22 months 2 weeks 4 days

We went to the zoo on Sunday. Weather was good and again it was splendid time well spent at the zoo.

On the way to the zoo


One of the rare occassions I could be in front of camera nowadays. Terra.. still as fair as ever.. no sign of turning yellow yet. Hehe..


Noticed the familar faces?


Tarzan and Jane?

That same afternoon we also decided to bring Ryan for another hair cut. I find Ryan’s hair still acceptable la. The front was a little long but still okay. Hubs on the other hand insisted we should bring him for a trim. Too messy apparently.

At the salon, as usual, daddy would have his hair cut first while my responsibility is to calm little fella and making sure he’s comfortable while in the salon. Brought along some toys just in case. This time he picked Thomas and Percy. In between, he twisted 4 balls from the vending machine at a nearby 7 eleven. Here they are…(with one missing sibling. Cant locate the 4th one)

…the forgotten cats (Ryan doesn’t even notice their existence eventho I’ve left it on top of the TV for days)

Just like the last time, I carried Ryan throughout the process. He still wailed out loud but the degree of it was not as bad as the last time. Infact this time round he was far more managable. He’s done a very good job! His hair fell all over our faces, our clothes, but it’s all worth it. When we got home, we headed straight to the shower and pom pom together. Hahahaha… choy! Daddy jealous or not??? Blehhhhh…..

Hair cut: Back view


The best front view shot I could get. Btw.. if you like the shirt he’s wearing, you will find them at BABYnWEAR. I’ll be uploading the new collection soon. Stay tuned ya. :D


Clingy Baby

@ 22 months 1 week 5 days

All the prayers and well wishes worked. Thank you so much! Ryan is all good and dandy since last Saturday. He was down with high fever for 2 days. The 2nd day (Thursday) his fever shot up to record high of 39.5C. His cheeks were all blushed and he was seriously burning hot on the forehead. He was all moody and tired all the time. That same evening, Ryan walked into the room with his ‘green’ (name of his fav bolster) and said ‘baby oi-oi mum-mum milk‘. I looked at the time, it was only 7.30pm!! Poor baby. Shortly after his milk, he dozed off. It was also one of the rare occassions whereby I wasn’t happy when he sleeps early.

I really hate it when Ryan falls sick. It’s not that I do not believe ‘kids fall sick to build up their immune’, I do , I stood by by that notion. But Ryan is so difficult with medicine that it’s always a huge struggle when it comes to medication time. I seriously have not seen a more stubborn and difficult baby than Ryan. He was so traumatised the moment he saw me with the syringe. Anyways, the following day I decided to dilute his antibiotics with his yogurt drink, after many failed attempts with milk, Ribena, juices. Miraculously, it worked. Phew~

By Friday his temperature went down to below 39C. Not ideal but at least not alarming. The gap between the next suppository was bigger too; from 4 hours to 6-7 hours. It was definitely a good indication.

Saturday morning, his temp went down further to between 37.4c – 37.8c. I was so much more relieved. He was eating much less but at least he was back to his usual self, jumping, running, ransacking the whole house. My baby is back………

I would have updated his progress earlier if not for Ryan being so so so clingy and unreasonable since his sick episode. I know he’s probably not 100% well since he’s still eating poorly. He even rejected his daily apply puree. Luckily he still wants his milk, else I would have another hair pulling problem to solve.

Here, some of the unreasonable requests the little clingy baby had insisted: 

* I sit next to him all the time
* I play cars, blocks, trains with him
* I hold his hand all the time, all around the house, even when we’re only sitting or sleeping next to each other
* I  sit and watch him drink his milk, while he watches the TV
* I do nothing (I cannot read my book, browse, watch tv, msn, read the papers, magazine, on the phone etc) and just be with him
* I held my hand out for him to spit out his food
* I hold his hand when we’re out shopping, groceries etc
* I must eat the biscuits he feed me
* I drink his milk from his bottle

and to top the list,  he even insisted I hold his hand while I was driving home after dropping hubs at his office yesterday morning(don’t worry.. I didn’t fulfil his wish on this. As a result I reached home with a headache having endured 20 mins of pitiful cries from Ryan. Now I know this fella has got really big lungs to be able to cry so long and so loud for such long time!)

Actually I am not really complaining about his clinginess.  Just rant it out a bit. Boleh ar? Those who knows me or follow my blog from the early days would know I wouldn’t second thought of giving up anything just to have Ryan favours me more (those days I had this impression that he likes everyone in the house except mommy… so heartbreaking). Now, perhaps it’s because I’m 24/7 with him, this extreme obsession of his seems a little too taxing to handle. At times I do feel a little suffocated – not too much, just that tiny little bit. Blekkk…

Oopss.. I hope by me saying this won’t make Ryan thinks I’m such an awful mommy. I still love you to pieces ya, baby….

After bubble session at the park yesterday


My two boys, taken last Sunday


Ryan with a throat infection

@ 22 months 5 days

Like any normal days we will go usually go somewhere in the afternoon – yesterday we went to United Square mall. I’ve always loved the place as 70% of the shops sell baby related products. That aside yesterday’s mission was actually to help this mommy to check out some stuff. Mission ‘unaccomplished‘ because not long after we reached there, we were shocked to find Ryan’s forehead was hot. So quickly we rushed home.

At home, his temp showed 38.4C! I quickly administered suppository (250mg). I know it will take at least half hour for the med to take effect but I was in another shock when his temp flared up to 39.2C in the next 10 mins. I quickly undressed and sponged him. 45 mins later, his temp went down to 38.7C. I was relieved but still worry. I decided to bring him to the doc (GP across my house… he’s by far the best doc I’ve seen so far in Singapore. Way more attentive and pleasant than those specialist I’ve brought Ryan to see in the last few months. His clinic is so unbelivably clean and tidy too. He will be regular doc now on)

Predictably Ryan cried his lungs out as soon as we stepped foot in the clinic. Doc tried to calm him down by offering sweets and stickers to distract him. Though he was still crying pitifully he was able to respond to doc by taking 3 sweets and picking a chicken little sticker from the doc’s collection. Oh boy oh boy…..

Ryan was diagnosed with a throat infection. I was really upset as I suspect it was good old daddy the mr. culprit again. He is the only sick cat in the household with flu and cough – no throat infection tho.

Ryan was prescribed a course of antibiotics for 5 days, fever oral medication and suppositories. Ironically back in KL, we actually got 2 types of suppositories, 125mg and 250mg; the latter for temp above 39C (emergency use). Here Ryan was prescribed suppositories of 125mg and only to be administered if temp raised above 38.5C, any other time oral medication should be taken. I guess doctors here are more careful (kiasi?? :P)

Ryan was okay last night. Force fed the antibiotics and by around 8.30pm he said this to me to my surprise “Mommy, baby go oi oi”. Usually it’s quite difficult to get him to sleep at night but last night was a breeze. Anyway I administered the normal suppository (125mg) before he dozes off so to relieve him from pain and fever so to sleep better. I really don’t want to force fed any other medicine to traumatise the poor kiddo further. My poor baby.

I didn’t sleep well the whole night. Which mommy would when their kid is sick right.. sigh. I knew Ryan’s medication will go off after 4 -6 hours. True enough at 2.30am, Ryan woke up. His temp read 38.4C. For him to sleep better I administered another 125mg suppository. He whined a little when I inserted the tube but was okay right after the process. Poor baby, kena cucuk so many times in the butt today.

Anyways, he stayed awake from then until about 4am plus.. (after his 3rd milk.. a total of ata least 15oz of milk in the last 2 hours of so). He wasn’t crying but was talking non stop. When he doesn’t get a respond he will call out to me and I would have to answer him to keep him quiet.

This morning he woke up with a temp of 38.2C. Force fed antibiotics and administered suppository. We decided to keep him at home today; ponteng class. As MalaikaMommy puts it, Ryan will miss his expensive Shichida class today……..  :(

While watching Dora Explorer this morning… still cheery thank goodness

As I was updating his blog, he said this…. “Mommy, baby oi oi mum mum milk”. I got to go…………