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First Bday Pressie

@ 23 months 1 week 5 days

Tee-tee, Tee-tee…. (intercom rang)

I took a look and it was the postman. There was a parcel for Ryan, he said.

I told Ryan that he’s got mail. The lil fella was sooo excited that he quickly pulled me to the door and we both waited anxiously for the postman to reach our doorstep.


I opened the door and collected the parcel…. Ryan was so excited. He snatched the parcel from me and quickly escaped to the sofa. It was the first time he received such a big parcel.

Eeee.. geram. Must open!! He was so anxious and literally tearing the parcel apart….

Oooo… Thomas Ball!!!! I like!

Ooo.. ooo ….. Thomas Magnetic Puzzle!!!! I like I like!

and yes… it’s from Jayden kor kor! Thank you sooooooooooo much!! Ryan loves it (esp the ball!!!). My initial plan to hide the Thomas puzzle till his actual birthday also went futile. Ryan kept bugging me asking for it – ‘meiyo Thomas puzzle…meiyo’. I gave in…. else he’ll go on and on and on…about it all day. Hahaha… super cheong hei (canto: persistent)


@ 23 months 1 week 2 days

Ryan came running to me with tissue and the following ensued:

Ryan: Mommy, mommy, dirty (giggling)
Mommy: What’s dirty?
Ryan: Mommy pants dirty (start wiping the back of my pants)
Mommy: Huh???

I turned but cannot see anything. I took out my pants and I saw this:

Aiyooo… mommy is sure a messy cat. Muahahaah…. those were chocolate stains. Now, don’t I feel guilty being caught red handed gobbling down chocolate bars? OK.. OK.. I have to clock more hours at the gym. Ho fei ar.. (very fat)

@ 23 months…

Height: 86/87cm
Weight: 12kg

- Found out by chance Ryan could actually understand me when I speak Mandarin with him. Nowadays I make an effort to speak Mandarin to him during shower. Not sure why I chose shower time but I gather that’s the only time with little distrations, the time I actually remember.

- Showed his T2 signs. He lost his temper a few times; throwing and kicking his toys away out of frustrations when they don’t worked his way due to his own impatience.

- Getting more and more difficult to get him to sleep at night. It’s slightly easier to get him to nap in the afternoon though. He can stay awake up to 10 hours from the time he woke up from his nap in the afternoon. Even as he was dozing off, he’ll say things like ‘go play toys‘ with both his eyes shut.

- Figured a way to get him to try new food. I borrowed a book call ‘Felix Getting Better’ from the JG library. It’s about a cat who falls sick and his visitation to Doctor Duck. The book had seen been returned. Nonetheless the story stays. I’ve been repeating the story every night as one of his bedtime stories. The story is originally about a sick cat visiting the doc due to fever but I tweaked it a bit to teach Ryan a moral lesson everytime at the end of it. I’ll say Felix fall sick because he never listened to mommy. Felix fall sick because he was jumping around, because he was selfish, because of etc etc (just make up the stories). Best moral that worked really well by far is about Felix getting sick because he doesn’t want to eat his food. Hahaha.. that’s my trick to get the little scardy cat to try new food. I’ll say “Felix, yippee yippe strawberry” (a name I gave to the medicine) and automatically he’ll cheekily open his mouth. Probably scared silly I’ll feed him medicine if he doesn’t listen. :P

- Getting easier to get him to brush his teeth too. I do it twice a day. Initially he hated it because he dislike toothpaste. Now he’ll ask for toothpaste whenever he sees his toothbrush. The trick? I taught him to spit the paste out on his feet. I’ll brush his teeth and when it’s spitting time he’ll spit right on. Best part is when he missed. I’ll say.. ‘Oh, you missed the target, brush your teeth and spit again’. Occassionally I missed the morning brush when he woke up (morning is usually very rush cos I have to send hubs to work), so I’ll do it during shower. He loves it so much cos that’s when he can spit the paste on his belly, feet, hand, his bath toys etc.

- When he sees the toys he likes. He’ll bring it to me (yes.. mommy, not Daddy or sotong) and say “mommy, buy toys, go pay“. When I ignored him, sotong will teach him and he’ll say ‘pleassseeee‘. I admit. I always end up giving in to his request unless it’s really something I don’t see much value in it (which is unlikely). That explains why the house is full of his toys now. One thing I observed, Ryan only ask us to buy the toys he really likes. There were a few times when I asked him if he wants to buy the toy he was holding/playing then at the shop. He’ll tell me “no need” and put it down obediently when it’s time to leave. So now at least I know he don’t simply ask for toys to buy; surely daddy’s gene which is good. Don’t be like his mommy, so boros (malay: big spender).

- He loves to dance. When we go JG class (playschool), he’ll get so excited when it comes to songs related activities cos that’s when he can in his definition dance. His kinda dancing is unlike those shake your bum bum kinda dance. His definition of dance equals to ‘jumping’ up and down. He is sure a happy kid for being able to jump and roll with permission. Whenever he was asked, what did you do in class, he’ll reply happily ‘dance, dance‘ without hesitation.

- Very difficult to distract him nowadays. When he was younger, his determination and memory was pretty short termed. Now he remembers and his stubborn traits (I think from me… hehehe.. hubs always complained I’m too stubborn) are definitely showing. The other night I had to drag him into room to sleep. He woke up 1.30pm from his nap, at 10pm he still wants to play and refused to budge when I warn him it’s sleep time. I tried all tricks to get him to bed the peaceful way but he took it for granted. So I ended up with a teary todd in bed. Between sobs, this stubborn boy still wants to go out of the room. I told him to finish his milk then we can go play. I was hoping he’ll doze off during milk time. I was wrong. Half way he said “Done. Go out play play“. There was at least 3oz of milk left in the bottle. Then I said there was a big bug, daddy will catch the bug then we can go out. The bug part is half true (a small instead of big bug) but daddy part is a whitelie. That managed to settle him down. He continued his milk and slowly dozes to Zzz-land. The next morning he woke up, he said “Daddy meiyo catch bug“.. because he saw daddy sleeping right next to him. Aaah…that’s my son.

Happy 23 months baby….

Loves his block book esp this particular one about antonyms