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Sibling Fight

Ryan @ 5 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days
Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 2 weeks 3 days

Lil B is one feisty baby. It’s not the first time the two brothers fight. The fights are usually related to snatching toys from one another. Despite being really upset, Ryan has always been very forgiving. More often than not, he will give in to the little brother eventually. Ryan simply dotes on his brother.

This evening, lil B strikes again.

After homework, Ryan was lying on the bed playing iPad. Despite having 3 iPads in the house, the little fella insist on the one Ryan was holding. I scolded him and left it as it is. Lil one was teary eyed.

Suddenly, BANG! I heard a loud thud. The next thing I saw, Ryan was wailing. Lil B stood at the corner freeze and looking stunt. The little fella actually threw a HotWheel car at Ryan and hit his forehead.

I was boiling mad. I reprimanded lil B again for his actions. At this point, I have two crying babies. Both want my attention, both need my tender loving care.

Luckily Ryan wasn’t badly hurt. After awhile, both boys calmed down and moved on.

Part 2

After dinner, I showered the two boys. I was preparing their PJs when Ryan complained of Didi scratching him. Not suspecting anything, I brushed his pleas away. Shortly later, I saw Ryan rolling on the floor crying again. This time he was really angry, he kicked Darren back (thank goodness it wasn’t hard). Again, I have two crying babies in the room. Faint!

Poor kor kor. His ‘injuries’ looks bad considering they came from a 1.5 year old toddler. Definitely Terrible 2 in the making.

Later I told Ryan I will send Lil B to a naughty school. The latter will only be back during the weekends. Ryan was visibly worried upon hearing that. Despite being still mad at his little brother, he begged not to send his Didi. He allowed me to send Didi to a naughty corner instead.


The beginning of Terrible Two

Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 6 days

Lil B getting more and more manja lately and has been shedding crocodile tears the moment we raise our voice. Unlike Ryan who cry out loud, this little fella likes to show us his purged lips before the whole ‘Wah Wah Wah…’ drama starts.

Here’s an example, I raised my voice asking him not to distract while I check on Ryan’s Enopi homework. He kept pulling the worksheet regardless my warnings. He has such stubborn genes he just refused to give in and kept shoving books to my face so I could read them to him. I normally obliged, but I needed a break too after reading him like gazzilion books since morning.

So my patience ran thin after my umpteen sweet talking. I looked him in his eyes and gave him a good lecture. Expectedly, he returned me with this….




In the end. I had to put aside the worksheet and spend the next good one hour pacifying him with lotsa dedicated love, attention and of course more books. 😭😭

Terrible 2 signs….

@ 24 months 2 days

I was really upset with Ryan since the last few days. He has been misbehaving big time. Every single thing would easily tickles his dancing bone (jumping). It doesn’t bother him whether he was on the ground, bed, chair, table, our body or whatsoever. He has mastered the skill of jumping so much so that he can jump and spread his leg at the same time. So when he land, he’ll land with a V sign. *slaphead*

I was particularly disappointed with Ryan yesterday when he again acted like a loose monkey during the Shichida class. Really don’t understand why he likes to jump so much – or as he calls it ‘dancing’. He so called danced on the chair, on my lap for countless times – he jumped during flash cards, phonics, story and of course songs time. Despite my every effort to restrain him, it proved futile. My nagging for him to stop fell on deaf ears. I do not want to raise my voice in class so I just kept low but my blood was sure boiling hot shooting up my head. I was so glad when the sayonara song was sang – which marks the end of the class. Arrghhh….

For the whole day yesterday I was in hot pan mode. I really do not want to spank him so I hide myself in the room most of the time and I told him mommy is upset with his behaviour and will not speak with him. Not sure if he understands the severity of my words. But when I closed the door behind him, there goes.. the wailing, screaming, knocking, kicking, banging… etc etc. I just turned on a deaf ear too as I really want to teach him a lesson. Sotong of course being the usual mediator asked Ryan to apologise. Ryan continued to cry for a moment, kept saying ‘awie mommy.. awie mommy…“ and I finally opened the door when he started making puke sound. OK la.. so pitiful to see a red faced baby crying with tears, mucous all over the face begging for forgiveness.

Please please… is this the start of a terrible 2?

An addition to his Thomas and friends collection. Thank you Malaika’s Mommy