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8th Wedding Anniversary

9th January 2013 marked our 8th wedding anniversary. This year also marks 21 years hubs and I have known each other. Gosh, speaking of time flies.

Eversince Ryan started school, my daily day to day task includes coaching him on his homework. His school is known to be the academic no nonsense school so like it or no, we have to adjust to this new routine of ours.

Ryan was scheduled to have his first spelling test the next day so I had to run through the list with him for the final time before I could leave the house.


At about 6pm, I finally managed to ‘escape’ (Darren threw a big fuss knowing I’m going out without him). Hubs and I met at The Gardens and we had Japanese. Nothing really special just some couple time without the kids around.




After dinner, we had our favorite Moo Cow for dessert. 3rd in the span of 8 days.


I always have mine original flavour with digestive biscuits. Hubs like it with oatmeal/choc chip. Ryan’s favorite is always strawberry toppings while Darren, mmm he’s pretty indecisive. Sometimes he’ll pick oreo crumbs, at times choc chips but he’s also fine with digestive biscuit. Very fickle minded boy. 😂

First day of 2013

Ryan @ 6 years 8 months
Lil B @ 2 years 11 months

We decided to bring the boys to The Gardens today because we were hoping to get the Philips LED table light for Ryan. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it in the whole Mid Valley not The Gardens. The closest match we found was a LED table light from Xtra Furniture shop which has a jaw dropping price tag of RM1600. Mad.

After much disappointment however, we brought the kids for another yogurt treat. This time at our favorite Moo Cow. Their yogurt taste delish. Way better than Tutti Frutti.

In the evening I asked hubby to accompany me to pasar malam (night market). Since Ryan is starting school tomorrow we forbade him from going. We brought lil B instead. It turns out to be a fruitful outing for him.


He had been holding on to Ryan’s Adidas watch all day. No other watches we have at home could replace it. Not until he laid his eyes on this bright yellow Angry Bird watch.

Last day of 2012

Ryan @ 6 years 8 months
Lil B @ 2 years 11 months

In the morning, brought the boys to have their mugshot taken for our upcoming trip in March. After having their pictures taken, we went for McDonalds. Not exactly a healthy option, but the kids enjoyed it. Ryan alone had 8 pieces of nuggets.


Hubby came home early from work today. After dinner, we brought the kids to Tutti Frutti for some yummilicious yogurt (though we prefers Moo Cow’s)


It’s close to midnight. 2012 had been a good year. Lets hope for a happy and peaceful 2013 for everyone. Happy New Year! Bye 2012. Hello 2013.

Ryan’s 6th Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months

We went to Ben’s, Publika for an early birthday lunch with PoPo, AhYee and his partner in crime cuz, Wei Wei on 15 April 2012.

Food was acceptable (no biggie tho) but crowd was horrendous. Perhaps due to it was a Sunday. So service was predictably below par too. We were literally ushered to leave immediately we finished our meal. Bad! 👎👎

One and only pic I took of the occasion. Shame on me!!! 👎👎