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Back to the workforce?

Aaahhh…. Aaahhh… I have been out of the workforce for 4 months, going into 5 months now. It wasn’t smooth sailing at first as I had such a hard time coping and blending into this new SAHM lifestyle. Hey.. SAHM is not really ‘tai-tai’ lifestyle!!! It comes with heavy responsibility!

Anyway, last week I received a call from a head hunter in KL. Apparently he has this job opportunity for me. Told him about my situation and that I am residing in Singapore now bla bla bla. Period. However, just when I thought I had put an end to it, this headhunter called me back couple days ago and told me company ‘T’ is very keen and is willing to take me in to work in their HQ in Singapore. (I still have not gone for interview but I worked closely with this company when I was with my previous co. So I guess they sort of know me and my credentials. Cehhh..) The package – *drum roll* a hard to resist 6 digit figure a year!!!! I have till tomorrow to think about it. Money is definitely good and very very very tempting but what about my son? Hmm.. I can’t leave him with ‘sotong’ (maid) for sure and I also mmm fong sum to leave him in a child care when he’s such a clinging tot at this stage. How how??? *headache*