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The Curious Little Boy….

@ 29 months 3 weeks

Ryan is a very curious boy.  He likes to ask questions on the things he sees, the people he meets, infact, anything that come across as unusual to him he will ask. It’s pretty draining to the people around him as we have to answer his umpteen questions else he will ask the same question again and again until we finally respond.

Some of Ryan’s questions I could recall since morning. Some of the questions he actually asked me every day without fail.

“Mommy, where are we going?” (on our way to send hubs to work)

“Mommy, where’s water fountain?” (the condo mgmt had switched off the fountain)

“Mommy, remember the water tanker?” (we saw a water tanker near OG, Chinatown couple weeks back on our way home after dropping hubs at work)

“Mommy, where the water go?” (referring to waterfall)

“Got a lot of buildings. Why buildings not moving?”

“Where’s the digger?” (sometimes we could see digger on our way to hubs’ office)

“Why this taxi is red and white and black, this taxi is blue?” (referring to the two different taxis from two different companies he saw)

“What’s this mommy?” (when he saw the dumbbell under the table)

“Why no hot water?” (it’s quite cloudy today and it took awhile for the water heater to heat up)

“Why mermaid no legs?” (when I was reading Mermaid story to him this morning)

“Why shark got stucked?” (also part of Mermaid story)

“Why daddy angry?” (also referring to the King in Mermaid story)

“Mommy, why cannot?” (when the computer he was using hang therefore he can’t continue his Thomas matching game)

“Why got aeroplane sound, cannot see aeroplane here?” (we heard airplanes zooming passed our area but obviously we missed it)

“Remember this mommy?” (he saw a familiar scene on Disney Mickey Mouse cartoon similar to a game he played on computer)

“What’s next mommy?” (when his fav cartoon ended)

“What’s this mommy?” (I was eating egg tart)

“Mommy, Island Sodor, remember YuenJou go Pangkor Island?” (while watching Thomas)

“Why this train no eyebrow, that one got?” (I don’t know which train he was referring to)

“Why so difficult. Must drink lots of water then easy?” (hahahahaahahaha… when he was doing his big business just now!)

“What’s this mommy? What’s cockroach doing here? What’s Tarzan? Where are they going? What this? Why that?” (while watching Archies on TV) 

And lots of others, why(s), what(s), where(s) which I can’t recall all now………If we go out in the afternoon (which we didn’t today), the more questions Ryan will pop. In a day, easily 30 different questions from him. I am proud that he has a inquisitive mind but sometimes it’s also mind draining as he likes to ask questions which he already knew the answer. When I teased him with a wrong answer, he will laugh, tell me the right answer and ask “why Mommy don’t know??” *slaphead*.

@ Fidgets


Bought this ages ago when he was still having phobia visiting the doc. He has since grown out of the fear. Yippee!!


Ryan and two of his Shichida friends (Marianne Dora in pink and Verlynne)


Monkey face again