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Puzzle Time

Lil B @ 1 year 10 months 2 weeks 3 days

Lil B’s favourite past time now..

Assembling puzzles. And I must say he’s pretty good at it.


I’m impressed he could assemble this 26 pieces ABC puzzle too. Lil B has improve lots on his fine motor skills.



His collection of puzzles.

And when he gets bored after completing the puzzles again and again for numerous times, we moved him on to another level.




Lil B can put together the set of puzzles meant for 2.5 and 3 years old (sets of 3-6 pieces) with minimal guidance now. Very proud of him.




Lil B , the little cruiser

@ 9 months 1 week 3 days

Lil b is now able to mobilise himself around the house (under supervision of course) pretty well. He could speed crawl, he could pull himself up and cruise, and on many occasion he would stand unsupported for a few seconds before he dropped on his bum and laughed over the stunt he had just performed.

We used to put him in the play pen when we need to have toilet break, etc. This is the face we get…


Monkey face


So we decided to dig out the play yard we bought last time and let him roam around a bigger space.


Acting hero. Seconds before drop on his bum bum

Trick and Treat

@ 4 years 6 months 2 weeks 1 day

Hubs was away for 3 days to Manila for a business trip. He came home on the Thursday but since he has another business meeting on Friday, we literally only have Saturday of family bonding before he goes off on Sunday to Beijing for another business trip. So when we were invited to attend a colleague’s surprise birthday party the wifey had planned, we literally dragged ourselves out of the house. It proved to be a decision wise made. When we got to his colleague’s neighborhood, we saw many children all dressed in Halloween costume walking from house to house for Trick and Treat. Ryan had never been exposed to such experience. So it was a good opportunity for him to get involved.

Kids hiding to give birthday boy a surprise


We, obviously did not dress up for the occasion. Nevertheless, it never dampens the little one’s mood. Ryan joined the crowd and was brought along by Z’s helper together with a few other kids to collect treats from house to house. He was a little shy at first but soon warmed up especially when his bag started loading up with more and more candies.

So much effort put on the Halloween Trick and Treat deco. Kids had to perform the limbo walk trick here.


Little Ah Pek – obviously did not dress for the occasion


Candies in the bag


‘Partners’ in crime that night


Part of the candy treats

Pressie from Daddy

@ 41 months

Ryan first laid eyes on this husky dog on skates many months ago at Build a Bear. I did not buy as I find it too expensive for a plush animal like this. Few weeks ago, we saw the same dog again from a different Build A Bear outlet in United Square. This time Ryan was very adamant to bring it home. I know he likes the dog very much but his interest is always short lived and the dog is simply over priced. After much pursuasion he agreed to come back another day to get it believing it was really a ‘non buying day’ and they would not sell the dog to him (our agreement that nobody could buy anything on a non buying day). Before we left, he told the salesgirl to write his name on the dog so nobody could buy it except him.

That whole evening and at night, Ryan continued talking about the dog non stop until Daddy gave in and promised we would go take a look at it tomorrow (Saturday).

Saturday came and there was literally no peace from morning until afternoon. Ryan’s persistently begging for us to go check out the dog fearing the dog may have been purchased by someone else. Finally we gave in to his unwavering harrassing and went to United Square in the afternoon.

While Ryan was showing Daddy his dog, I sneaked into Esprit. How pathetic, that 10 minutes or so were the only peaceful shopping time I could get nowadays eversince Ryan become my official shadow few weeks ago. When I came out, Loida gave me first hand news saying ‘sir said buy the dog’. I wasn’t too surprised hearing that knowing Daddy hardly say no to this Daddy’s boy. He wouldn’t agree to go if he had no intention of getting it for Ryan. Hehe…

The husky dog that he couldn’t get his eyes off


There were bears, wolves, but he chose the same husky dog.


The process of stuffing the dog with polyester fiber


While the dog was being stitched, Daddy and son were busy choosing the sound to go with the dog. We wanted the dog sound unfortunately they ran out of stock. Looks like we have to go back another round for it in a few weeks’ time.


Listening attentively to instructions on how to give his dog a good fluffy spa.


After the spa (scrubbing off fiber off the dog surface) it was time to choose for the shoes and skates. Ryan was disappointed he can’t get the sandal which looks like his old pair of Crocs for his dog. We need a pair of sneakers to go with the skates. We ended with a blue pair of skechers sneakers.


Clothing range. So many to choose from but the pair Ryan wanted was out of stock.


Time for the birth certificate. Ryan thinking hard for a name. At the end, he chose ‘CLIFFORD’. Hahah.. speaking of originality.


Putting the finishing touches on the dog (how can it be complete without a name on the dog tag).


Payment .. payment…. $120 a hole in the pocket