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The After Effect of Toilet Trained….

@ 28 months 3 days

When you have a 2 year old who just got toilet trained, these will happen:

We were in KL couple weeks back for a short vacation. During one of our outings at Mid Valley, Ryan screamed out he wants to ‘shee shee’. It was the first time he wants to pee outside home eversince he was toilet trained mainly because of the long hours we spent out. Knowing what to expect from the toilets I told him to pee into his diaper (bad mommy). Poor boy must had been so confused. Kept repeating he wants to pee. Okay. Fine. No choice. It was a horrendous experience. With no prior experience, mommy ’kelam kabut’ inside the cubicle. If handling an irritated toddler who was holding his bladder wasn’t bad enough, to make matter worse, there was no toilet paper inside the cubicle (gawd.. I should have known.. what’s new with our public toilets right). Ryan’s pandora bag was with the maid outside. I panicked. Quickly ransacked my own bag and found a pack of precious tissue. Tell you, the feeling was as if I found a pack of gold. Cut the long disgusting story short - there goes Ryan’s ‘first’ public toilet experience.

Second experience, it was worse! We were at the Subang T3 Airport (yes.. that still-around-rundown-airport’?). Mommy was better prepared this time but the state of the toilet was beyond I could imagine. I spare you the details. ‘Oek’ (Puke)!!!

The third time, probably the most traumatic for Ryan. We were on the road from KL – SG when his nature calls again (always so wrong timing!) and the next stop was like 5km away. He was screaming and wailing in the car begging us to bring him to the loo. I asked him to pee into his diaper but to no avail. Poor boy was so upset that his tears kepy rolling down his cheek. So pitiful. 

After a few mins, it was obvious he already peed but he was so distress that he continued to cry insisting he wants to ‘shee-shee’ until we reach the Pagoh stop. Sure enough, when we were in the toilet, his diaper was already soiled…. Not giving up, Ryan still insist to use the WC and happily said ‘no more’ when nothing comes out. Maybe that helps him feel better (err.. less guilty?)*poor boy* .

After the few stints at the public toilet, I was so determined to get hold of the potty topper that I saw @ Mothercare the other day. It’s a bit pricey but it’s godsend! Makes the whole process so much easier.

Hubs said it’s a waste of money. In his opinion, using the Dettol sanitiser and a few layers of tissue lace on top of the seat works just as fine. But a child cannot hold his bladder that long….and this boy of mine is always so fussy. Always insist of taking off his pants, and shoes before he could relieve himself.  Speed is crucial here. So in the end.. i bought it nevertheless. This is the potty topper I bought….  


Nicely packed!

Adhesive strips at the back of each of the topper

*Oh.. Dora for illustration purposes only. Hahaha…*

A short summary of his 28 months updates:
** Calls me mom / mommy interchangeably.
** Loves computer games and activities. His favourite sites (Disney, Thomas, Nick Junior). Just moment ago, he taught me how to play Dora Tressure Hunt game.
** Potty Trained (almost…) Ryan still wears diaper at night but at times will wake me up middle of the night when he wants to pee (HELP!!)
** Started scouting around for playschool for his enrolment next year.
** Still nap once a day for 1.5 – 3 hours a day. Bed time is around 9 – 10pm.
** Able to speak a few Mandarin words. His comprehension of the language also improves.
** His confidence in water builds up a lot. More independent and able to float confidently now (with floaters on of coz). Also able to make a few kicks in the water.
** Introduced naughty room/corner. When he misbehaves, I’ll threaten to bring him to the naughty room. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Try luck. He also has a happy room which is the room with most of his toys. Often when I summon him to the naughty room, he will walk towards the two rooms (side by side) then stop in front of one of them and say ‘how about this room?‘ (pointing to the happy room).
** Loves his baby (actually it’s a bear) and mini stroller a lot these few weeks. Everywhere he goes he wants to bring them along.. when we go out, in the house, sleep, pee, poo, everything! At night before turning in, he would say ’goodnight, I love you‘ to his ‘baby’ before giving it a kiss. So loving….
** I hate it when he doesn’t get enough sleep because for some reason when that happens, he will become restless and act out of his mind. He’s not agitated, not angry. Instead he will start his ‘fighting’ spree. Sotong is usually his victim, sometimes mommy and daddy are not spared. He will start to kick and kick, wriggle up and down, roll on the floor, use both his hands to slap your arms left and right and scream ‘YAH – HWAH – YAH (sound effect)’ – no more Ultraman for him! 


Taken @ the zoo two weeks ago. Don’t you just love that ziraffe top!
Happy 28 months!!

This is me….

@ 27 months 3 weeks 1 day

All the while, Ryan’s drawing makes no resemblance of any kind. They are all circles, lines, dot-dotss, and some other funny shapes figures. Biasa la.. kids this age. They all looked the same to me although he would tell us this is daddy, mommy, kakak, cat, Thomas, etc etc…  

Then last night he caught me by a huge surprise. He was drawing  on a piece of art paper on the table next to me when he suddenly screamed  out ‘Mommy, mommy, see!!‘. I was actually just next to him and yet he had to scream. Kids.. gosh they get excited so easily. I took a glance and got a shock myself and ‘WOW’! Short of screaming.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Finally it’s something meaningful. I asked Ryan on purpose what did he draw. He replied “This (is) mommy, the same, got eyes, got mouth“. Well, it’s no picture perfect, no Pablo Picasso material. His drawing showed me with no hair, no ears, no hands and legs, obviously na-ked too with airport bodyshape (text me if you do not know what’s airport bodyshape :P )  but then again, it’s PRICELESS because it is a drawing of me from my ‘jui ngoi’ (beloved). So mighty cute!

Later.. I asked Ryan to draw a picture of Daddy. He scribbled here and there refused to cooperate; obviously ‘kembang’ (on cloud nine) from the compliments I gave him earlier. Well, sorry Daddy. Looks like your son cannot remember how you look like. So no drawing of you.

Instead, he drew this………

 Ryan said this is Peacock (we saw four big ones when we were on vacation last week) but I think it looks more like a snail


@ 27 months 2 weeks 6 days

Ryan was due for another haircut; something I dreaded each time the time comes. Yesterday seemed like a bright sunny day. So we decided to bring him in to the salon. At home, I started prepping him for the occasion; telling him he’ll be a handsome boy, bribing him with this and that.

Ryan was very reluctant to get out of the house knowing well the destination we were heading to. After much pacifying, he agreed with the condition we go to the playground first. Fine. After about 10 mins at the playground, he willingly walk with me to the salon. Phew…

I was anticipating the same old drama during the haircut. I prepped him again with all the small talks about the everything under the sky. Finally it was his turn. I asked him again if it’s ok for uncle to trim his hair, surprisngly he said ‘yes’. Wah Wah Wah??? Happy.. quickly asked the hairdressor to start.


*mommy seen happily giggling away*



*drum roll*













my handsome boy :D


His latest addiction….

@ 27 months 2 weeks 2 days

online Disney games. Every time he sees us in front of our computer, that’s it. He knows he can get his hands on the Disney online games. At first he was contented by us maneuvering the game by guiding his hand. Not anymore eversince he knows how to use the mouse. 

His current favourite includes Thomas puzzle, Barney hits the box, Pingu fish game, Memory matching game, Barney cake decorations, Pictures painting and drawing.

…. and just when I thought I could have the laptop by myself because it doesn’t have a mouse plugged in…

…. looks like the touchpad works just fine for him. :D

Little Mischievous

@ 27 months 5 days

Daddy was fixing a 3D Nemo puzzle when he realised 1 piece was missing. So Ryan was tasked to look for it because he was the last person seen messing with the puzzle. After a while of effort, he ran to the kitchen and asked kakak to come out for rescue.

Knowing kakak wouldn’t have a slightest clue where is the missing piece, I told Ryan

Mommy: Kakak won’t know where is it
Ryan: Kakak find Nemo
Kakak: *searching under the table* Kakak don’t know. Kakak cannot find

Kakak went back to the kitchen. After a while Daddy found the missing piece. “Yay, Daddy found”. Ryan who was still looking hi and lo for it under the table, stood up, walked towards Daddy and snatched it away from Daddy’s hand.

We could tell from his gesture he was about to throw the piece under the table. Before we could screamed out for him to stop, he made the throw. We were furious and puzzled at the same time not knowing why he acted the way he did. He wasn’t crying or whining whatever. Infact he was smiling all along. So we figured he probably thought that was funny…

…. but what happened next really sent us baffling.

Ryan ran to the kitchen again to get his kakak out.

Ryan: Kakak find Nemo *bend down and point to the nemo piece*
Kakak: Wow.. Ryan, you found! Smart boy! *Kakak obviously oblivious of what happened earlier gave me the look that says she was very impressed with Ryan*
Ryan: Good job! *clap in approval* (how thick face right. :P)

Till now, we couldn’t decipher Ryan’s actual motive for what he did.. whether it was to tease kakak or merely to gain the compliment…. Whichever it is… we were surely taken by surprise…. -o_o-

How about other parents? Does your kid behave as such?  :D

@ 27 months

Height: 90cm Weight: 13kg  

- Diaperless at home most of the time, except during nap and bedtime (though they are dry most of the time after nap/ the next morning)
- Started wearing briefs. They are soooooo ultra cute :P
- Able to take off his own pants, pull up diaper and briefs
- Seems to be able to understand a little bit of Cantonese and Mandarin now (when we ask him questions in Cantonese/Mandarin, he is able to answer…in English ^o-o^)

Pictures taken during Singapore Flyer ride.