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How we celebrated Valentine’s Day 2011

Eversince our courting days, we would join the crazy buzz to celebrate Valentine’s Day, 14 Feb 2011. Well, to be honest, hubby is more of a realistic man. He is like many others who deemed the day as just like any other day. So why contribute to the retailers’ pocket right.  Truth to be told, to some certain extent, I too feel the occasion is over blown with too much hype but what the heck. I do like the idea knowing hubs wouldn’t mind spending the time, effort and moolah just to make his wife happy and extra special on this day. Blek.. Spending money is always therapeutic I guess.

14Feb11 – Massive jam along Jalan Sultan Ismail, so camwhore a bit here.


So near yet so far


Finally…..arrived at Zipangu. We wanted to book for Lafite but they were fully booked since January!!!


Their Valentine’s Day menu… which we didn’t order because we don’t really fancy their selection.


Moet & Chandon to go with our meal. Wanted to order their Macallan 12 but since we have bottles at home, we decided to go for their champagne.


The day is not complete without the perfect pic, right… :D


 We took our own sweet time to eat, chit chat while sipping icy cold champagne. We got home at about 11pm and both kids were already asleep. Bliss.

For the record. No, I didn’t manage to get hubs any gift but he did get me a ring which is supposed to be my 6th year Anniversary + Valentine’s gift. :D



Happy Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day


CNY and Valentine’s card hand made by Ryan (assisted by teachers of course). Now I totally know how one feels when receiving something hand made by our own kid. Sooooooooo sooooooo ’lum‘.

That day, hubby and I sneaked out for some ‘pat toh’ time. We went for Sincere private sale at Suntec. Just when we thought economy is bad, we were greeted by a long queue outside the showroom. For a split moment, I thought of leaving but the kiasu effect sunked in. We joined the Q.

After 10 minutes we joined the crowd inside. Brands like Cartier, Franck Muller, Bvlgari, and some Italians brands were going at 50% – 80%. I saw a nice Bvlgari watch that I quite like. It was going at $3000 after discount but it was a boy’s size. The girl’s size are all sold out. It was not easy to get close to the display glasses. Singaporeans really does have higher disposable income than most Malaysians. One lady was calling out to her friend happily after paying for a $8k Franck Muller watch as if she had just striked lottery (canto: chap to po). Then I overheard a bunch of uncles demanding the salesgirl to show them Franck Muller watches with at least $50k price tag. They wanted nothing but only the big items. I guess they have ‘high maintenance tai-tais’ to ‘feed’. Blehh… 

Since I can’t get the Bvlgari, I went over to the Franck Muller counter. I was really hoping to get a steal buy from at least the Long Island collection but arrghh.. we came too late. 3rd day into the sale, most of the value items are gone. Then I saw one from the Chrono collection. I absolutely love it but even after the 80% knock off, it will still burn a big hole in hub’s the pocket. I chose to return the watch to the salesgirl and never turned back. We left the showroom empty handed. :(

Cantik or not? *picture from FranckMuller*

After spending an hour in the showroom, our tummies were rambling. We went to Bakerzin for a very unromantic lunch. Hahaha.. I ordered chicken curry and hubs had pasta.

We stopped by Toys R Us before heading home. Bought a plastic dart game for Ryan. Something for the little boy on the Valentine’s Day.

Plastic dart toy. If you see this, word of advise is, don’t buy. It doesn’t quite worked as it supposed to. Complete waste of money. Now it’s hanging on the wall like a picture frame.

*Updated. Few days later, hubs went for a business trip to Jakarta. He bought us belated Valentine’s day pressie. Ryan got a green dinasour and Mac Truck and wifey gets another SKII Miracle Water. Thanks B. Wifey is sorry she did not get anything for hubs because wifey is unemployed now… but it’s the ‘lurve’ that counts right… :D