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Busy Busy Busy

@ 43 months 2 weeks 2 days
BB2 @ (31 weeks 4 days)

Woohoo.. time flies. We have been in KL (for good) for slightly more than a month (we flew in on 28th Oct after spending 2 nights at Concorde Hotel in Singapore). Everything seem to have settled down into routine. We have completed all the unpacking and hubs too, got himself back into working life in KL (started his new job on the 2nd Nov). The month of Oct was literally jam packed with activities; the uprooting, packing and revisiting places (Night Safari, East Coast Park, Science Centre, Snow City, Pasir Ris Kids Kampong for Longkang Fishing, Sentosa – Insect Kingdom and Butterfly Park etc) that Ryan likes took up all our time. 

Hubs’s last day of work was 15th Oct. The mad rush and limited time meant we did not get any holiday abroad which we had hoped for. :( 

Back in KL. The first week was tough as neither hubs or me have gotten our ‘wheels’. FIL was hubs’ chauffeur for a week and after I got my car (11th Nov), I took over the chauffeuring task. That lasted another few days. Hubs collected his gem on 14th Nov. Driving in KL drained my brain juice. There’s a huge difference between driving in Singapore and in KL. Not to mention the traffic congestion around the clock. Phew.

Meanwhile, Ryan is adapting very well. Occassionally he tells us he misses his friends and teachers in Singapore but that’s about it. Kids are definitely more adaptable. I think he is enjoying the bigger space, the extra attention showered on him, and the freedom of not having to go to school and play all day at home.

We have registered Ryan with Seri Soka Kindergarten few months ago after knowing we would be back for good. We visited the school after our return for the so called assessment which the school required before the child is officially accepted into the school. Ryan was not very cooperative. The moment we told him we were visiting his ‘future’ school, he gave us the cold shoulder. He told us he doesn’t like KL school (he doesn’t even know how the school looks like then), he said he doesn’t like his KL friends, eventhough he has no indication who are they). At the school, we spent some time speaking with the person in charge while Ryan enjoyed his dose of playground. We were then brought around the school. Ryan was evidently less resistable and more open upon seeing the art work displayed outside the school’s classrooms. It’s not going to be an easy transition I know. I  just hope things would work out better than my expectation if we really do decide to go with this school. Till then, we will continue our search for an alternative; not because Seri Soka is not good. It just that we are exploring the private and international Primary schools around the area and it only make sense to send Ryan to the kindy offered by the school. Search in progress…..

It’s the school holiday here and it’ll be at least another month before he starts school. BB2 will be arriving soon and I really want to take the opportunity to spend more time with Ryan so I did not sign him up any holiday programmes. I DIY a stack of new phonic cards for Ryan. He has completed the 3 letter words ending ‘an, ap, at, am’. He progressed very well and we’ll be moving on to ‘as, ag, ax, ab’ and will follow up with the consonants.

He’s now into Wii and is addicted to playing games on hubs’ iphone. Months back, we thought of buying him a PSP but looking at the level of his addiction, we brushed the thought aside.

As for me.. I’m doing well. Visited my ob-gyn on the 21st Oct for my 2 weeks overdue 7th month checkup. It was an uneventful visit. BB2 was at 30 weeks by date however he recorded a gestational size of 32 weeks + 4 days and 1.9kg with head down position. I stepped on the scale and it showed 61.5kg. Another 3.5kg gain in 6 weeks. No wonder my tummy grew so much bigger in the last few weeks. I really do look like a walking whale now.

Side track. We went for On Hong Concert on 7th Nov (hubs’ birthday) at Genting Arena of Stars. It wasn’t a fantastic concert (duration was short and they really don’t have that many songs that I like) but they did sing some good 90s songs that I appreciated. So it was not bad. Not sure about hubs *evil* but at least I was entertained. That was pretty much how we celebrated his birthday.

In the background, the 20ft lorry the mover had arranged to transport our furnitures from SG – KL. We accumulated more than 40 boxes of ‘goods’ in our 2 years plus in SG.



The Little Big Club Live Concert

@ 38 months 2 weeks 

I’m back!!!!! After a looooooooong blog hiatus. Thank you all for your messages. I’m still alive though not quite kicking. No, I was not ill or whatsoever, just that… so many things happened and I had been procrastinating the updates.  More to come… :D


We brought Ryan for The Little Big Club Live Concert at the Singapore Expo on the Sunday of 7th June. I had booked the tickets like a month earlier, which I usually does, so to reserve the best seats.

A week after I made my booking, the organiser announced a 10% discount for all Toys R Us card members. Bummer! Speaking of early birds benefits. Well, the concert better be good.

We reached the Expo around 4.30pm. This was the second time we went to the Expo for a concert. The first time was Thomas and Friends concert back in Nov08. I’ve always prefer the Singapore Indoor Stadium, where parking is usually more a bliss and much nearer from our place.

Before the start of show

Immediately after we got in the hall, I went straight to the booster seat counter. I was shocked to see people squeezing, pushing, screaming at the staff for a piece of it. There was no Q and I could see the booster seats are running out. We definitely need one for Ryan so I had no choice but to squeeze myself into the chaos. Luckily I didnt have to ‘wrestle’ for long. Another staff saw me and I quickly made eye contact with her and pointed to Ryan indicating he needs a booster seat. That’s how we got ours. Hate it! Totally no system.

We got into the concert hall and I must say I was not awed. To say the least I was very disappointed with the props. This is by far the worst stage we have seen of all the concerts we have been since we got here 2 years ago.

Inside the hall

When the show started, there were no surprises we were being let down. The stage was no more than three small LCD screen on the sides and center stage, a band, and a few mascots donning costunes from shows like Bob The Builder, Fireman Sam, Barney, etc, running around on stage, supposedly dancing and singing the theme songs with the band. I was not thrilled. $180 for such a show is really a ripped off as compared to Mickey Mouse Live, Disney on Ice, etc concerts we have been to previously. Pingu, being one of Ryan’s favourite only came on stage for barely a minute. Ryan was so sad when the little penguin left the stage and never came back on.

Disappointing stage – with only a band, 2 small screens at the side and a slightly bigger screen in the center

Personally, I will not recommend this show to anyone but I’m glad that at least when I asked Ryan towards the end of the show if he enjoyed himself, he happily said ‘Yes, I like the show. I want to watch again’. OK la.. at least he found joy but for the amount of money, I am not so sure if it’s worth it.

The ending which was also the highlight of the show when all the characters came out. :(