Heaty Baby

@ 9 months 2 weeks 1 days

Ryan’s temperature was still a little on the higher side (36.8 – 37.1) last night. Yeah, he wasnt really having a fever but being the usual kiasu kiasi mummy, I finally brought Ryan to see the paed last night.

The paed checked everything, nose, eyes, ears, head, hands, toe, fingers, all all all. Found nothing wrong. My heart aches when I saw paed used a stick thing to push Ryan’s tongue down to check on his throat. Ryan went “Oek Oek Oek” (the puke sound) and used his hands to push the paed’s hand away. We have to use force to keep Ryan still. Then he went “Wah-Wah-Wah” (but no tears) and as soon as paed removed the stick, Ryan straightened his back, twisted left and right trying his futile luck to break free. My poor baby. Think he was trying to get away from the paed. His eyes by then were all red due to the Wah-Wah-Wah earlier.

Paed couldn’t find anything wrong with Ryan. Then paed asked me one question. How bad was Ryan’s fever. I said err.. highest was 37.3C. He gave me a funny smiley face and said “You shouldn’t worry. That’s not FEVER”. Kekekeke… Behind his smiley face I can read his mind *This mummy so silly stupid.. really tak han mo yeh cho*. Sorry lor.. but better be safe than sorry.

Anyways.. paed did advise us to give more water to Ryan after seeing his red and cracked lips. (chinese say YIT HEI). Erm, easier to say than done. Ryan hates drinking plain water. He will take a few sip before he pushed the bottle away. That’s how extreme he could go against plain water. But when he sees me preparing juice (his fav prune and apple) he will snatch the bottle from me before I’m even done twisting the cover.

I am in dilemma. What drinks besides plain water I can offer to a fussy heaty 9 months old baby? They say barlee without sugar… anything else ar? Pray help.. anyone can share with me some good advise?

This morning while chit chatting with auntie, so happened the topic of honey was brought up. I said never ever feed Ryan with honey. She went.. “Oh, really” “Cannot meh”. At the back of my mind I was like “WTF, why she sounded so blur and like san yau si (guilty look)” Of course she said she did not feed Ryan with honey but I seriously hope she’s telling the truth… sigh.

Cheeky Little Baby

@ 9 months 1 week 6 days
Our baby likes to do this lately.. do what? Squint his eyes lor.
Pics taken 28 Jan 2007

Ryan eyeing something here…

Obviously hiding that ‘something’ behind his back

Yeah.. he’s playing with the mosquito patch that fell off his clothes

Don’t worry.. he never got the chance to taste it. Mummy said NO NO NO.. and this is the face he showed us. See below~~

My beloved cutey little baby

Hair Pulling Day (Part 2)

@ 9 months 1 week 6 days

Ryan slept at 10.30pm on Saturday night. At about 3.30am, he woke up briefly and dozed off again after milk. So, not too bad la.. At 7.30am, he woke up again and went back to ZZzz-land after milk. Being super restless and tired by then, all three of us ZZzz together gether and only woke up at 9.30am.

We decided to stay home on Sunday (ie no Kai Kai) as we were still recuperating and adapting ourselves to spill of yesterday’s exhaustion. Ryan had a mild raised of temperature actually (37.1C). Aarggh.. I should have known it. It is so unusual for Ryan to be such a fussy and cranky baby. However, I just couldn’t make up what caused the temperature raise. Ryan already has 8 teeth and don’t think it’s due to that. Well, the only possible conclusion I could decipher was on his allergic as he had these tiny rashes like spots on his abdomen and patches on joints from the day earlier. Poor baby.

At night I gave Ryan some medication and he fell asleep by 9.30pm. However, Ryan woke up at 1.00am with blink blink eyes. Certainly doesn’t look like he’ll go back to sleep anytime soon. So, being the ever-ready 24×7 mummy, I played with Ryan and at 2.30am Ryan started rubbing his eyes, sign for his readiness to go to bed again. OMG. I was really exhausted by then. By 3.00am (I think), we were all in Zzzz-land already.

Ryan did not sleep well throughout the night. He went E E Eh Eh every hour or so with his eyes closed (Phew~ I was relief). I was at the verge of losing my temper (you know la, lack of sleep sure a bit ‘cho’) but I tried not to lose it knowing my baby is probably still feeling uncomfortable somewhere and fussed for our attention. So, tucked him, sayang sayang and continue to pat pat lor..

Both hubs and I didn’t really get any good sleep but that’s okay. Importantly our baby is okay.

Update: I checked with Auntie and true enough Ryan had tofu on Friday. Arrgh.. ban ban ban. No tofu for the next many months.

Hair Pulling Day

9 months 1 week 4 days

The title of this post speaks it all. Why? Why? Why? Check out my diary today..

Last night~~
Ryan actually slept quite late, around 11.30pm. Why? Bcos Daddy said wanna spend some time bond with Ryan wor..

6.30am – Ryan woke up and demanded attention from Daddy (Yeah, think he likes Daddy more cos he likes to roll himself next to Daddy, sleep together-gether on the same pillow, head to head, side by side, his hand on Daddy etc etc). So, this morn, no exception. He was awake and of course Daddy was soundly asleep. Ryan rolled over and slap Daddy on face. Ouch! Daddy blink blink and continue to Zzz. Since I was awake, I jaga the little monster lor..

7.30am – Finally went back to ZZz-land

8.30am – Ryan woke up. This time kili-kulu wanted to play… Daddy brought Ryan for a quick walk while I prepare bath for Ryan.

10.00am – Ryan took 1.5 hours nap. Phew.. but I was so ‘cien’. Didn’t take the opportunity to sleep. What I did? Catch up on some blogs lor..That’s why hubs said I ‘chisin’, ‘choongtok’ (poison) already.

1.00pm – Reached The Curve. For the first time Ryan wailed like a mad baby refusing the stroller. He straightened his body, attempted to slide down the tiny gap at the bottom of the seat. What a scene. Ryan has never fussed nor show any sign of stroller rejection before. Arrgh.. So, no choice we took turns carrying him all around until my right hand went numb that I demanded home-home-home. Several attempts to put Ryan down on stroller just went futile. Don’t mention sit, he even refused to stand on the stroller.

4.00pm – Ryan got so tired that he dozed off on my arms in the car. Usually when we reached home, Ryan would be awake due to the various distractions what not. Today guess he was too tired that he didn’t even move an inch from car to our room 3 floors up the stairs. By then, my hand was seriously numb- *no feel*. Ryan napped for 2 hours.

In the evening we went Bangsar Village (new wing) – newly opened ma. Heehee..but big disappointment la.. nothing much. Most of the shops were not opened yet. So, we crossed back to the old wing for Basil Thai Food. Anyways, back to stroller nightmare story. This time we used force. Ryan was wailing aloud, starightened his body, twist here twist there (no joke, we looked like some cruel ah pa, ah ma ..). I can sensed many eyes were on us. Anyhow that seemed to worked. Once we strapped Ryan up and on the move, Ryan stopped crying. Phew~~ but when we slowed down or stopped, the show begins again. Arrg… stresszz stresszzzzzzzzzzzz…

The whole day Ryan was very very cranky. His sleeping habit went haywired. He refused his stroller. He was clingy wanted to be carried all the time…Arrgg… could it be allergic cos I saw some tiny rashes like spots on his body. I was almost at breaking point.. maybe because I was tired myself, didn’t have enough sleep the night before.

10.15pm – Ryan went to Zzz-land after milk, without fuss. Phew~~~

See, hair pulling or not?

I’ve Been Tagged Again

WaWaWah, happy happy. Thanks to DesperateMummy for having me in mind. I still remember when we first got tagged by Sasha, we were discussing over MSN how to reply leh… Being the newbie blogger mummy in town, it is thru supporters alike that keeps me continue to blog blog blog….Muaks muaks. Big thank you to all those who spend time reading my etcetera etcetera ‘kusi’ (story) about Ryan – my little ‘kulingchingkwai’ BB.

So here goes… Malaysian Bloggers Meme

Actually I have sooooooooo many favs blogs that I read daily so unfair unfair to limit to 5 only leh. Hmm.. so I’m just gonna categorise into 4 mains. Don’t mind ya DesperateMummy. :)

1) JeffOooi – Like many others I find the local dailies getting more and more interesting uninteresting. If you get what I mean. So, Jeff’s site in an eye opener I hardly miss to get myself updated flavour of the current *happenings* in town.

2) Shoppingsales – Erm, this one count ar? Err, the link speaks it all. Think I dont have to explain why it is my fav site hor.. :P

3) My friends’ blog – I don’t have that many friends who blog. Of those who are as ethusiastic as me I make sure I visit their blog to render motivation – malaika, angelamelie, vixie, makawala etc- kambahteh.. “ga yau”. :)

4) All the blogger parent’s (daddy/mummy) site – soooooooo many la DesperateMummy, Sasha, Mom2Ashley, Shannon, Annie, etc etc etc….All my favourites. Easily I have at least 20 links on my feeds. Being a new mummy I try to catch up with their posting everyday for parenting insights.

Erm, Erm, who I wanna tag?? Think by time reach me most would have been tagged already. So, I’m gonna give some of my personal friends a miss. *Wink-wink*