Potato Porridge

@ 9 months 2 weeks 2 days

Ryan’s body is still a bit heng-heng-tei (warm).. hehee.. yeah yeah, no fever but warmer than his usual lor. So, I decided to make him something different today – potato porridge.

I must say I am a hopeless housewife, mummy. I actually sms-ed MalaikaMummy asked her what type of potato I should buy to make potato porridge. I actually got confused between those sweet potato and those normal potato. So stupid right but no joke.. I am that blur when it comes to this. Arrghh.. since she replied late I bought both. That was last night.

After all the hoo-hoo-haa-haa (I added both to the porridge) I was all ready to feed and Ryan was all ready to eat. First feed.. Ryan showed funny face. Thinking the porridge could be too dry, I added some water. Second feed, Ryan “Oek” (puke sound). Patted him and gave him some plain water (as usual he only managed a few sips of it). Third feed “Oek” again. Fourth “Oek” again again.. Okay la, put aside. I don’t have my camera handy to take a shot of Ryan. He showed such a pitiful face as if this mummy just fed him poison. Adoi~~~

Poor baby. Either it’s the funny taste, too dry, no appetite, erm wrong potato etc etc reasonings, excuses went thru my mind.

In the end, fed Ryan rice cereal mixed pureed apple. I seriously need more cooking lessons!!! “Kow Meng Ar” (Help me)….

Ryan enjoying his yummy-licious foot

Pic taken: 21 Jan 07